Feel the Magic Wire with Triumph

Feel the Magic Wire with Triumph

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Have you ever thought, what makes a great and comfortable outfit, which look smart and effortless? Well, the answer is the under garments! We normally do not talk about this topic and always feel shy of discussing what should we wear underneath to get the right fit and be comfortable. I think it is very important to educate ourselves with this knowledge and know what is best for your body.


There are lots of brands who manufacture amazing under garments and recently Triumph launched their new range of ‘Magic Wire’ designs in their Bra collection. We all know wired bras, whichgive support and structure, butsometimes you cannot feel like wearing those. For the extra comfort and feel, Triumph launched their Magic Wire range, which comes with a flexible silicone wire instead of a stiff metal one which gives the feeling of being wireless and it gives the support of a wired bra. Triumph is a company empowering self-confidence in every woman with their innovative thinking.

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The Magic Wire range is an ultimate combination of support and comfort together. Now there  will be no metal wire going to irriate with uncomfortable fitting. This range is designed to be soft and flexible and it blends with your body perfectly making it free to move.

Feel the Magic Wire with Triumph

Magic Wire’s ingenious new cup design features a soft, flexible built-in silicon wirewhich will fit well and they are perfect to wear with any T-shirt. I’m sure if you will try it once, you will fall in love with the Magic Wire range. It does come in Six colours, 3 in smooth all over solid colours and 3 with 3d lace detailsand each one of them look super chic. The range includes two key styles – an all-over smooth option for total invisibility under extremely close-fit tops and dresses and a more decorative 3D lace style, which is totally irresistible with a cute front bow motif and vibrant, edgy style. Triumph kept innovating for the past 130 years to provide us the sensuous, authentic lingerie that radiates feminine beauty.


Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with the core brands Triumph® and sloggi®.


So the next time you will walk into a store in your lingerie shopping, do not forget to check out the ‘Magic Wire’ range by Triumph. You will defiantly feel more confident and light wearing the Magic Wire.

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