Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

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Recently Denver has launched their unisex beer shampoo and invited us to get the first experience, by organizing a hair wash and styling session at the Affinity Salon. Denver is a well known brand in men’s deodorant and personal care space, but now Denver has entered the shampoo and hair care space with Beer Shampoo. This is not only a men’s product, but women can equally enjoy this shampoo


Denver clams that Denver Beer Shampoo is designed to fit into any scalp and conveniently turns bathing into an easy one-step process of cleansing and conditioning with a blend of naturally derived ingredients while also helping conserve water at the same time. With this new product Denver is promoting the idea of conditioning without a conditioner. Denver Beer shampoo is available in single-use sachets of 7 ml priced at Rs 5 and 100ml & 200ml bottles priced at Rs. 75 & 160 respectively.



Saurabh Gupta, CMO, Denver India says,“We used a consumer insight on beer as being good for hair to come up with a winning formula for a beer shampoo. Relying on our in-house R&D, we incorporated beer therapy into this simple-to-use shampoo which also has excellent conditioning properties. We are confident of the fact that we have a winner in Denver Beer Shampoo since it’s a great product, attractively packaged at a competitive price point. The retail trade has also so far been very receptive and sales are encouraging”.

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I normally use conditioner after using shampoo and then leave in serum. When I went for my experience of the Denver Beer Shampoo they washed my hairs with only the Denver Beer Shampoo and then blow dried and styled it. The shampoo actually made my hairs soft and that too without any conditioner. It made my hairs so silky that my hairs even cannot hold the styling for long that they made. I have colored hair and I wish that they come up with a beer shampoo with color protection soon. However, I’m still using the beer shampoo to wash my hair without the conditioner and I like how nice it feels.


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