Cute Nightwear: Cat Print Shorts and Puppy Slippers

Cute Nightwear: Cat Print Shorts and Puppy Slippers

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I recently got to know about a website called This brand got my notice by their unique name. Their philosophy about their brand is “Bewakoof is a perspective. The Society thinks that individuals are bewakoof, Individuals think that the society is. Yet, they so beautifully co-exist. Having said that, according to us, a Bewakoof believes in doing things he loves no matter what the society thinks. This passion led to the creation of this company and now this company is creating things that it loves.” I liked the way they described themselves and I started to explore their products.  :)
They have huge collection of Pyjamas, T-shirts and boxers which you can wear as your nightwear and that too in affordable prices starting from Rs. 300. Prints are in fashion right now and they have very unique and quirky prints starting with cycles to cats in their products. They also have a large collection for guys clothing starting from T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Pyjamas, Boxers and Polos.
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To give my nightwear a comfortable and cozy feel, I wore my puppy slippers with it. Is not this cute that cats and dogs living in your house together! I personally love this clothes and I think they are perfect for a good night.

Thank you so much for reading!

T-Shirt and Boxer: (Here) and (Here)
Slippers and Scraf: Janpath Market

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