Christmas Gift: Nude Trench & Printed Bag

Christmas Gift: Nude Trench & Printed Bag

Hi Everyone!

I was so excited to show you this look and talk about the trench coat I’m wearing here. This is probably my favorite piece in my closet currently. I always have a love for trench coats but I never had a proper trench coat in my life which I can proudly flaunt. I recently got this beautiful piece from and I absolutely love it. I assembled this whole look around the trench coat and it came out so perfect.

Winter brings lots of happiness like the weather, the pairing options in clothes and of course Christmas. This coat came to me as a Christmas gift because I was so thrilled to wear it as soon as I ordered it. It was a treat to me! The trench coat fitted me so well and the fall of the coat was amazing. I’m a big fan of SheIn and I had a lot of garments from them but this will be my personal favorite. I’m sure you will see me wearing this beautiful piece more often now. We have also uploaded a lookbook video showing you all of my all four looks from Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 18 with the fashion week craziness. You can check the video on our youtube channel now ( here).

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Thank you so much for reading!


Trench Coat: (Here)

Dress: HouseofRuda (Here)

Bag: MangoPepal (Here)

Sunglasses: Celine

Shoes: Clarks

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