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A Royal Experience: Ranbanka Palace Jodhpur Review

A Royal Experience: Ranbanka Palace Jodhpur Review

Have you ever dreamt of living a royal life in a Royal Palace? Well, I have definitely had this dream and it did come true. My 2 night 3 days trip to Ranbanka Palace, Jodhpur was that dream coming true. Living among the Royals in a beautiful palace and feeling like royalty through the Jodhana experience was an experience in itself.

IMG_20181020_160709IMG_201810250 IMG_20181022_182020 IMG_201810240

Ranbanka Palace is a beautiful heritage property in the heart of Jodhpur which is certified by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. This palace was made in 1927 by Maharajadhiraj Sir Ajit Singh Ji from the royal family of Jodhpur which is now being owned and operated by R.K Karan Vijay Singh who is his direct descendant. When you enter Ranbanka Palace you will notice and feel the presence of Jodhpur’s authenticity. You can call Ranbanka Palace a ‘Mini Jodhpur’ itself!

IMG_201810233 IMG_201810227 IMG_20181022_182223_1

The Palace has stunning mantelpieces, armchairs and hunting trophies all around its corridors. The strong architecture of the palace portrays the colonial influences of its time. I get to enjoy the history, the royal luxury, and the flavours of Jodhpur, the culture, all under one roof.

IMG_201810205 IMG_20181020_160718 IMG_20181020_160631

This beautiful heritage property has 90 rooms divided into Deluxe, Club, and Suites spread across the Palace, the Jodhana Courtyard, and the Royale Apartments. The palace also has a swimming pool, shopping experience inside the palace, spa, yoga, banquets, and all basic concierge services. The property also organizes safaris and city or village tours with expert guides and historians.

IMG_20181022 IMG_20181020 IMG_20181021

The first day when I checked in, they provided me the club double room in Jodhana Wing and then the next day they upgraded me to the suite. The club double room was pretty huge in size with a small living area, bedroom area, and decent size washroom and outside balcony. The Suite was huge which has one dining area, bedroom, living room, washroom, and a huge outside balcony.

IMG_20181021_161855 IMG_20181021_161940_1 IMG_20181022_103656 IMG_20181022_104918

As we booked ourselves the Jodhana Experience, we get to experience the in-room shopping with some of Jodhpur’s best artisans including joothi makers, bangle craftsmen, tie and dye artists and earthen-ware potters. I bought a lot of leather product for me and for gifting others from there. Also, we get to enjoy the family recipes from the royal kitchens and are served homemade namkeens, pickles, and chutneys. We also went for the local sightseeing where we went to Mehrangarh Fort and Museum and Umaid Bhawan Palace.

IMG_20181021_101117 00100 IMG_2018102550

We all agree that music is a very important part of Rajasthan and I love how beautifully the palace uses its folk music. While we were enjoying our breakfast, live sarangi music was being played and in the evening we get to experience the live performance by the local folk singers. This is Ranbanka’s everyday music ritual and I was truly impressed by it. The food is super delicious and their Royal Thali straight from their Pachranga Restaurant is to die for especially the Laal Maas and the Mirchi ke Tipore. If you are in Jodhpur, you should definitely try the Royal Thali whether you are staying at Ranbanka Palace or not. The staff of the hotel is very courteous and prompt.

IMG_20181022_182919 IMG_20181020_202707 IMG_201810243

I totally love the time of my stay at Ranbanka Palace and will love to go back and stay with them again. I recommend this property to those who love luxury with peace. This is one of my favourite hotels in Jodhpur so far.


Thank you so much for reading the review. I hope you like it. For booking Ranbanaka Palace, Please log on to:

Hotel Review: Mussoorie Gateway Resort

Hotel Review: Mussoorie Gateway Resort

Hi Everyone,

Some posts are long due, and I have to finish writing them and share with you guys pretty soon.  This is one of those travel posts that I have been thinking of doing from really long. If you follow me on YouTube you know that I have done a video on my last trip to Mussoorie and this post is based on the review of the property where we stayed.

IMG_20181007_103332IMG_20181005_134803maap hjsn

If you are looking for a hotel in Mussoorie but you want the hotel to be pocket-friendly, very near to Mall Road with amazing scenic beauty, then you should definitely book the Mussoorie Gateway Resort. It’s a small hotel with comfortable rooms and independent balconies which has great scenic views. The hotel has rooms divided into two floors – the ground and the first floor. The ground floor has independent small porch areas to sit outside and the first floor rooms have balconies overlooking the Doon Valley. The food was decent with a not much-elaborated menu.

IMG_20181005_134857 IMG_20181005_134811 IMG_20181005_135100 IMG_20181005_135154IMG_20181005_150331

The hotel has one Reception area, two dining areas – one is an open garden and the other one is closed with parking facilities. You can see all of this in my below Vlog which we have created while we were there at Mussoorie. You will also get in the room – a television, a wardrobe to keep your belongings, tea coffee maker, a work desk, etc. The staff is courteous and they will help you but sometimes you have to remind them and ask for your food.

IMG_20181005_134939 IMG_20181005_135031 IMG_20181005_135002 IMG_20181006_132059

We stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days. We used to ask for hotel’s car to leave us at the library side of Mall Road and then we used to walk back to the hotel. The walk from the Mall Road is not so far from the hotel and we used to love the walks while we were there. I love that this hotel is budget-friendly and it gives you all the basic amenities that you need for a comfortable stay. The view and the locality of this hotel are outstanding. As it is away from Mall Road it also gives you that peace and ease that you look for when you are on a vacation. We had a great time staying at this hotel.

IMG_20181006_142757 IMG_20181006_150227 IMG_20181006_151525

Check out the video blog of our Mussoorie travel here:

For Booking, please visit:


A Fun trip to Corbett: Hotel Review – Bijrani Jungle Camp

A Fun trip to Corbett: Hotel Review – Bijrani Jungle Camp

Hi Everyone!

Nature is something which inspires me. For me, a perfect holiday will be where there are greenery and serenity and what’s best than taking a trip to a forest reserve. In North India, Jim Corbett is very famous for its beauty and wildlife.We were thinking of taking a weekend getaway vacation for really long and this time we choose to go to Jim Corbett. This was my second visit to this place and I was so excited to check out some new properties there. We planned for 2 Nights 3 days trip in which we booked two different properties to stay. The first one was Bijrani Jungle Camp (Himalayan Cove) where we stayed for the first night. While we were staying there, we also did the Corbett jungle safari at the Bijrani range. MVIMG_20171107_155910We did this trip in the second week of November. We started our journey around 4 a.m. in the morning and because of really bad smoke that day, it took us more than 9 hours to reach our hotel. We are also coming up with a travel video blog where I have vblogged and showed the awful weather where it was all smoke and we can’t even see the roads. Somehow we managed to reach the hotel and upon reaching, we realized that our jeep for jungle safari was already waiting for us. We quickly got ready and left for our jungle safari. Our jungle safari was for 3 hours. We didn’t saw any Tiger but I really love the peacefulness and the serenity of the place. We saw a lot of different other animals like peacock, six different kinds of deer, wild cock, and elephant. The jungle safari time was a blissful moment for me and I would like to do that again in some other range.00100sPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20171107151331913_COVERTalking about the Bijrani Jungle Camp (Himalayan Cove), it is situated on the bank of Kosi River just opposite to Bijrani zone of Corbett National Park. It is a Decent Hotel with a vast area which includes 17 independent cottages, restaurant, activity area, a huge lawn, and reception. It was very peaceful and quiet and at night you can also you hear a lot of animal voices. The rooms were basic with 1 bathroom attached. The room does not include any AC but they have desert coolers installed. There is room service also available in this hotel. With the room tariff, your meals are included. Breakfast does not include a very vast variety of food but you will get the basic things which you required for a breakfast like Omelette, toast, tea, coffee, jam, butter, Paratha, etc. The hotel staff is very courteous and we love the food as well. The highlight of our stay was when we saw 2 foxes roaming around the hotel at night. The stay was good and comfortable. Maker:S,Date:2017-9-26,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E:YUntitled-1 I will also be doing another hotel review on the 2nd hotel that we stayed from our Corbett trip. So stay tuned for that and thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the review. 

Hotel Review: Two Chimneys at Gethiya, Nainital

Hotel Review: Two Chimneys at Gethiya, Nainital

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever been to a place where clouds pass through you and you are so close to nature that you do not want to step out of your hotel? Well, we have encountered a place like this known as Two Chimneys which is in Gethiya, Nainital. It is a luxury boutique home stay in the lap of a beautiful hill side. Two Chimneys is about 6 hours drive from Delhi ( 285 km) and our road trip to Gethiya was pleasant as the highways were excellent. The drive towards Two Chimneys is very simple if you are using Google Maps. It will show the direction towards the hotel through the shortest possible route.




We left for Two Chimneys around 5 am to avoid the office traffic at Delhi border. We reached the hotel around 11.30 am in which we took one pit stop for our breakfast at the MacDonald’s at Gajraula. As we reached way early than the check in time, we have been asked to wait while the hotel offered us refreshments. The manager of the hotel Ms. Manju is a very warm and friendly person. She asked us if our journey was good and if we need another room till our room is getting ready for us to relax.




The first look to me of the hotel was spacious, warm interior which will give you a feel like home, calm and close to nature. The room in which we stayed was Deodar Suite which has one room with double bed, a small lounge area with another single bed, one huge washroom and an atique with another double bed. The hotel has eight rooms and one ridge bungalow, a beautiful swimming pool, one living room, reading room, game room and a huge park to sit outside with benches and table chairs. 





I totally love the feel of the hotel and how beautifully the hotel has been made. This place is a century old home and was built in 1890 by the wife of a British army officer. When she died in the 1940s, she left the house to her faithful retainer. It was from his descendants that the current owners bought the house in 1999. They then converted the charming cottage into this beautiful living space which is now known as Two Chimneys.





The moment I enter the gates of Two Chimneys, the silence, the serenity of nature caught my notice. The whole place gives you a British feeling as the place is created from the ruins of an English cottage. The breakfast is included with every room you will book with this hotel. The menu is not very lavish and you will get three to four dishes as the main course with one dessert. You can also order room service or sit and eat outside as per your wish. The staff is very helpful and courteous.



If you are lucky you also might see leopard roaming around at night but I will suggest to be always alert and keep your distance. You will also see various different birds, Monkey and Gray Langurs which are very common in that place. We stayed there for two nights and we wanted to stay more. It is a must visited place and I will be definitely going to stay with Two Chimneys again.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the review.

I will give this hotel a Five Star Rating. 

Hotel Review: One Partridge Hill at Mukteshwar

Hotel Review: One Partridge Hill at Mukteshwar

Hi Everyone!

If you guys follow me on social media especially Facebook then you might know that I took a pledge to travel to Nainital and we finalized the trip as well. Well, this post is on the review of the property where we stayed at Mukteshwar, Nainital.


During our visit to Mukteshwar, we stayed at a boutique luxury homestay and the name of the property is One Partridge Hill. The drive from Delhi took us around eight hours to reach the property in which we took one breakfast and few washroom breaks. The way towards the property is a little confusing if you are traveling with the help of google maps, thus it is advisable to get the location details from the property itself.

IMG_0246-1 IMG_0230-1 bed close up-1

The first look of the property to me was cozy, luxurious and near to nature. The owner of the property was also there during our stay. She explained that the property is created keeping the mother nature in mind. The property is equipped with rainwater harvesting system and solar panel system keeping the environment resources in mind. The property has been decorated with bird theme which is the specialty of the place and you can see many beautiful birds around. The property also has some strong house rules which they expect the guests should follow during the stay, which is mentioned below:



chair and foot rest-1

The property has 4 rooms for the guests and only one room has a television in it. We booked two rooms at the property, the one was an attic room and the other one below the same. The rooms were quite spacious with huge washrooms and we also had a private terrace because of the attic room. The back side of the property has forest area and a way towards an old temple. I would advise that if you are visiting this place and planning to trek the forest area, you should go in a group and in the day time. There are wild animals and dense forest area around the property. Here’s a detailed Vlog about our whole trip:


bed carpet-1

bath owl-1

outdoor crop-1

The property does not allow you to eat in the rooms but you can have your drinks and meals downstairs or in their garden area. The meals are included in the room tariff and you will get the ‘Ghar ka Khana’ from their kitchen. The first day, after we arrived, we had lunch in which we had yellow dal, kadhai paneer, chappati, mutton biriyani, mix veg raita, salad, gulab jamun. In dinner, we had garlic bread, cutlets, non-veg kabab, shahi tukda.


bath decor-1


rain water harvesting-1

The nearby places to visit is the river which will take 20-25 min drive, Old Bangalow (created by British) which will take 10-15 mins walk and the old temple which will take 10 mins trekking. The place is situated with a beautiful view of the Almora city and we can also see the snow covered Himalaya chain of mountains from the balcony in a non-misty day. The crisp chilly air, the peaceful environment away from the city hassle, makes Mukteshwar and this property a must visit the place. But if you are not interested in following the above house rules, this might not be the right place for your stay as the property follows the rules quite strictly. I would recommend this place to those who love nature, bird watchers and love to spend their holiday in a peaceful atmosphere.

efw3 1


Thank you so much for reading. For bookings, please check hotels website:

Also, do check what Travellersfoodboxx has to say about this hotel with whom we shared our trip:

A Memorable Trip: Maldives

A Memorable Trip: Maldives

Hi Everyone,

Right now, I’m in a very happy mood because I’m going to share a very memorable trip details with you guys. We visited Maldives in the month of March. I know we are a little late uploading this blog post but coming back from that place then sorting our vlog and doing some more trips took all of our time. Nevertheless, I’m posting and sharing this with all of now.


After I got married, this was my first aboard trip. Earlier, we planned for this trip in February but then we decided to go there on my birthday so we froze it for March. I always wanted to go to a beach destination where it would be peace and relax. Bealieve me, Maldives is a perfect destination for it. We started our journey on 10th March night for a 4 night 5 days holiday and booked The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Resort. As we are also covering travel on our blog and channel, we decided to capture all the moments for our Vlog and pictures for our travel post. We reached Delhi International Airport and we somehow managed to grab our plane. The immigration took us so long that we were almost about to miss our flight. We traveled through Air India till Maldives International Airport i.e. Male which took around 5 hrs 30 mins. At the international airport there were two representatives from the hotel who helped us board our domestic flight till Ifuru Domestic Airport and from there we took speed boat ride to reach our resort which took us around 1 hr 30 mins more.

IMG_0685-1 IMG_1104-1 IMG_1097-1 IMG_0725-1 IMG_0746-1

When we reached the domestic airport, we have been escorted by Mr. Saiya who was our personal butler for the rest of our stay. After reaching the resort and looking at the breathtaking view of the whole island, Saiya gave us a small brief of the hotel and took us to our villa via a buggy. We booked Horizon Water Villa which was situated above the sea with an incredible view of the ocean.

IMG_0841-1 IMG_0859-1 IMG_0775-1 IMG_0772-1

IMG_0830-1 IMG_0833-1

The room was perfect for me and Saurabh with a comfortable double bed, a small lounge area inside the room, a huge washroom with one shower area, bathtub, two washbasins and all kind of toiletries. In front of our bed, there was a huge balcony with the ocean view with Jacuzzi and a way to step down to the sea for snorkeling. We have also covered our whole room tour in our Vlog Part 1:


IMG_0787-1 IMG_0802-1 IMG_0823-1 IMG_0800-1

We absolutely love our room, the unbelievable view, the whole beauty of the island and the resort. This was one of my dream destination which I was living. The first day we relaxed by chilling in our Jacuzzi while watching the sunset, walking on the beach and eating pasta at their Italian restaurant. The resort has fifteen different restaurant and bars, two swimming pools, recreation center, dive center, Spa, a boutique for your shopping, water sports, etc. In short, it was a small island but you will find all kind of necessity and luxury available.

IMG_0842-1 go191 go181 IMG_0886-1


The second day was my birthday which we spent by going for snorkeling after our breakfast. We had so much fun doing snorkeling where we covered two different islands and saw the beautiful marine life. The underwater life is so serene and beautiful that you will feel you are in another world. Upon our return, we had our three-course dinner at The Trio Restaurant and Saiya organized a beautiful birthday cake for me at the restaurant. It was the best birthday ever! 

go51 go41 go31 go11

The next day we realized that we got bad sunburn because of the snorkeling. So, we decided to enjoy our stay and to do few shoots at the resort. Our room also got upgraded from Horizon Water Villa to Horizon Sunset Water Villa. For dinner, we tried the Indian restaurant at the hotel and we love the food. The chef personally asked us how do we like our spices and he made our dishes accordingly. The fourth day we went for Kayaking and we enjoyed thoroughly. You can see all the details from second till we came back in our second part of our Vblog:



go121 go161 go81

I would personally recommend you to stay at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, if you are traveling to Maldives because the staff is very humble and helpful, the resort is exotic, amazing breakfast and lots of restaurants to choose from (Indian restaurant was our favorite), lots of water sports activities to do and most importantly its peaceful and quite.

go151 go141 go21 go71
I hope you like the post. Thank you so much for reading. 

Visit to the Queen of Hills – Hotel Pacific Review | Travel Blog

Visit to the Queen of Hills – Hotel Pacific Review | Travel Blog

Hi Everyone!

When there is summer, go to a mountain! – This is in everyone’s mind, especially Delhivallas. Our favorite weekend gateway is either a hill station in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand.  As this season the summers came pretty early and we are burning in Delhi from April, we decided that we need a short vacation and everyone decided to go to Mussoorie (of course again!).


This is not the first time that I have been traveling to Mussoorie but I have traveled several times and I have now lost count. We decided not to stay at the mall road or our usual places but to explore some place new in Mussoorie. We searched and found out a place called the Camels Back Road which is behind the mall road where we never stayed or visited. It is a very quiet with no traffic and in fact 2 degrees lower than the main Mall Road. There is a hotel in that road – Pacific Hotel, where we stayed and spent our weekend this time.




As we have started doing travel blogging on our blog and channel, we decided to review the hotel and do a vlog on our trip. On our way to the hotel, we have enjoyed the majestic view and the crisp air of Mussoorie away from the hassle and traffic of Delhi. You need to cross mall road on the way to the Camel’s Back Road. We experienced horrible traffic and pollution on the Mall Road. While we were entering our hotel at the Camel’s Back Road, we noticed that it’s in the middle of the forest with no hotels around and the calmness of the place gave us a relief that took a wise decision selecting this hotel out of all.



The Pacific Hotel, Mussoorie also has a chain in Dehradun which is 15 years old and their first property and after successfully running that property, Mussoorie property made and it started working 11 months back. The first look of the hotel to me was pretty neat and small like most of the other hotels in Mussoorie, but when we entered the hotel we realized that it has three floors with the nicely maintained decor. We booked two suites for us which have a view of the Himalayas. In the morning we actually saw snow covered the Himalayas from our room window which was a breathtaking view. I can vouch, that this hotel has one of the best views of the mountains and that was the main reason we decided to go ahead with this hotel.




The rooms have a minimalistic design with the required things which can make your stay comfortable. In the living room, you will get a Dining area, a washroom, Television, Sofa area with sofa cum bed, working area with a fantastic view of the Himalayas.  In one corner you will also get a small kitchen with a sink. In the bedroom, you will get one double bed, a washroom, a small sitting area and a small closet. The suite has ample amount of space to accommodate 3-4 person. The rooms are very spacious with comfortable beds. Looking through the large windows of our room and sipping my wine was an experience of another world.




That’s not all about the amazing facts of Pacific Hotel, Mussoorie. Actually, I’m coming towards that point which made of stay to a level up. Yes, I’m talking about the food! From Chinese to Indian, we tasted it all and I never expected to eat such lip-smacking food while I’m traveling. We opted Chinese for our Lunch, Indian for Dinner and continental for our breakfast and believe you me, they have remarkable food with great quality. Since we were glued to our rooms, the management was kind enough to serve our food in our rooms so that we can enjoy to our fullest. We went to Mall Road but we never bother to eat there because our hotel was serving such amazing food. I would highly recommend that if you guys are planning a trip to Mussoorie, then you should visit this hotel, if not for staying, at least for a meal. The staff was very polite and humble. They took care of us and provided with what we asked for. Their chef visited our room to ask if we like the food and if we need anything. 


IMG_2308-1 IMG_2475-1 IMG_2467-1

In my opinion, there are few things on which if the hotel should work it will be excellent:

  1. House Keeping – We stayed for two days but we did not get automatic housekeeping for our rooms. I agree that we did not ask for it but I feel that they should have done it on their own once a day.
  2. Kitchen items: I feel that if you are providing a kitchen space, you should also give two sets of cutleries and a fridge.


We stayed there for 2 days and our overall experience was delightful and memorable. We took small walks outside the hotel enjoying the view, the food was outstanding, the hotel staff was humble and helpful, what more do you want! Truly love the experience and would love to go back and stay with Pacific Hotel again.  For bookings, please check hotels website:

Also, do check what Travellersfoodboxx has to say about this hotel with whom we shared our trip:

Rohet Garh: A Memorable Journey | Travel Blog

Rohet Garh: A Memorable Journey | Travel Blog

Hi Everyone!

We have been recently posting a lot about Rohet Garh, which is in Jodhpur where we recently visited and stayed for two days. Rohet Garh is the ancestral home of the Rathore of the Champawat clan, was built in 1622 AD and today the royal residence is classified as one of the best heritage hotels in the country. The main attraction of the hotel is that the present Rathore family lives there at the hotel as well.

guk IMG_0458


Around 46km away from the main city of Jodhpur, it takes around 40-50 minutes to reach at Rohet Garh by road. To enter the Rohet Garh, you need to pass through the Rohet village which surrounds the entire palace and gives it a rural vibe far from the hustle of a city. The moment you enter the palace you will realize the peace and calmness of the place. When you think about Jodhpur, Rajasthan, you think of dessert, heat, sand, but the palace is situated on the banks of a lake which makes the viewing point to the next level.






When we enter the lobby(lawn) of the palace, the lush green surroundings, beautiful fountains takes your mind away and you forget that you are in Rajasthan. You can see peacocks roaming in the garden and Marwar horses in their stable, which makes this place one of its kind. The palace offers 30 different AC rooms with each room offering something different. The palace offers a swimming pool, bicycle riding (to see the nearby places), spa, library, gym and free wifi which you can connect to at the lobby and Swimming Pool area. The palace also offers some great outdoor activities such as Equestrian Program (horse-riding ), Village Safari, Royal Picnics, Bird Watching, Culinary Workshops.






The rooms which we got were spacious and had a view of the garden. There are rooms overlooking the lake as well, which gives a breathtaking view. The food of the hotel was incredible, especially at dinner when they served us the Rajasthani Thali. The staff was helpful and attentive which we love about the hotel and they are really doing their best to host their guest. There is no television in the rooms, but actually, you do not need one when you are so close to nature.





We opted for village safari and we truly love the experience. We went to see black buck where we saw these amazing creatures roaming happily in the woods. It was a magnificent moment when I saw them the first time. We got to know that the Bishnoi tribe takes care of them and protects them from any harm. Then we went on to see the Bishnoi tribe where we met a Bishnoi family and how they live and their homes. I must say that they were such warm hearted people and they welcomed us to know their history and more about them. Then we went on to see the Brahmin village where they have all the basic amenities of life but still live a very simple life. They worship the mother nature and believes in taking care of it. We have done Vlog on our whole experience and here are the two videos:

Every night the hotel also organizes folk music for their guests with bonfire and snacks. Listening to the music and enjoying the scenic beauty during the night is a mesmerizing moment. You cannot feel the feeling until you personally experience it.




There are few small things which the hotel should look into to make the stay more enjoyable are:

  1. Whenever I travel and staying in a five star or a heritage hotel, I carry only my travel shoes and night heels. I do not carry bathroom slippers and I accept the hotel to give the same. Rohet Garh did not have that facility and for which we have to suffer a little.
  2. We got two rooms, one over the other and we took the top floor room while my friend stayed on the ground floor and we could clearly hear him talking when he was on a phone in the washroom which is a little weird. It would have been good if the rooms and the bathrooms are a little more sound proof.


Overall, it was a wonderful and enchanting experience. Thank you Rohet Garh for inviting us and reviewing your beautiful property. For more information check out their website: Also you can read the review post which has been done by TravellersFoodBoxx

Tijara Fort Palace – Neemrana’s New Property

Tijara Fort Palace – Neemrana’s New Property

Hi Everyone!

Most you must have known by now that I’m married and it’s going to be a month today. Normally couples go for their honeymoon right after they are married. But we decided to do something different! We decided to go for a honeymoon vacation in February but no one can stop us taking weekend trips and exploring new places, right?


Mainly we decided to go in February because we wanted to relax and then go for a vacation. Trust me, getting married made us both so tired and it took a week to settle down. But we managed to take a weekend trip to the Tijara Fort Palace, which is a Neemrana Heritage property and is only 117kkm far from Delhi. The fort is at Alwar-Biwari road and it took around 3-hour drive to reach at the fort with really scary mountain drive where there was literally no road and it was dark by the time we reach there.



In 1835 CE Balwant Singh started the construction of a Fort-Palace after the name of his mother Moosi Maharani as well as a grand Hawa Mahal. Famous architects and masons from Kabul and Delhi were engaged in its construction. Because of the premature death in 1845 CE – probably from murder, the construction remained incomplete till now when it has been leased to Neemrana Hotels to restore, complete and run it as a heritage hotel.



When we first saw the fort, the only thing which came to our mind was the word ‘Beautiful’. The fort is huge and it looked amazing at night. By the time we reached the hotel, the tea time was already over thus we waited for the dinner. We had a little snack and wine which we brought with us. There were few things which we did not like and one of them was no room service. The dinner was equally pathetic with Dal Tarka on the menu.



We were staying at the Madonna Mahal, which was actually a bit far from the main fort. You have to walk a bit to reach to Mardana and the area between both the palace and Mardana is under construction. The next day, we got up a bit late and the breakfast timing is from 8-10am. By the time we reached the restaurant, it was already 9.30am, the buffet breakfast was still going on. We were eating and then the second unfortunate thing happened. The restaurant staff started switching off the lights and one waiter just asked us if we need anything else because they are shutting down the buffet. Like seriously? You cannot ask your guests this till they are finished!  After all of this, we went to see the pool area. The pool area is still under construction and as the weather was cold and the water too, we decided not to dip in the pool.img_8761-1img_8724-1img_8723-1

We also managed to click this lookbook while we were enjoying the afternoon roaming around. I love oversized pieces and pairing them with structured bottoms. I recently bought this oversized sweatshirt from Forever21 and flaunting it with my denim shorts made the pairing cool. The look is perfect for light winters and vacation. By the night, I changed the shorts and wore jeans as the weather got colder.img_8724-1img_8673-1


The second-day dinner was a little better than the first day, but it was still not up to the mark and the behavior of the staff was not very friendly. We have been to Hill Fort Kesroli several times, which is also a Neemrana property and we did not have any sort of complaint from that place. Then the third misfortunate thing happened! After the dinner, we were roaming around and suddenly we realized that they have switched off all the lights of the pathway through which we have to go back to Mardana Mahal and most of the palace lights. Frankly, I got a little paranoid and scared that point as we saw labors working during the day time and now it’s no light on the pathway which is under construction and gosh, how will we reach back and there was no hotel staff. We almost ran towards our room with our mobile flashlights on. We really got disappointed on this that we decided not to come here again.img_8691-1img_8731-1img_8739-1img_8715-1img_8684-1

Next day at the time of the checkout, we told all our issues to the manager. He was so sweet that he patiently listen to all our issues and told us that he will immediately take action against it. He also asked us to write all our issues so that he can show it to his senior manager. He also did not charge us for the dinners saying that it will be bad on his part to take money for what we never liked. If I have to say some good points about this trip was the beauty of the fort and the manager.


So, if you guys are planning a trip and want to stay at Tijara Fort Palace, I would recommend you to postpone the same for at least 5-6 years as the fort is under construction and I hope the service and food get better after it will be fully constructed. You can visit Neemrana’s other properties as they are beautiful and I can personally vouch for Hill Fort Kesroli. Thank you so much for reading.

Travel Diary:: Trip to Nainital

Travel Diary:: Trip to Nainital

Hi Everyone!

I was planning to write this post since I came back from my Nainital’s trip and it was long due as well. It took me a good amount of time to create this post as I have to select the best pictures out of all we took during our stay. Today I have so much to share with you guys. I hope you all will love it!

As I did mention in my previous post, it was quite cold in Nainital. I went on this trip with a few of my friends. We went there in the first week of October when we had our long weekend due to a couple of festivals in India. In Delhi, the weather was quite warm that time, but when we stepped out of our car in Nainital, we had to take out our jackets to keep ourselves warm.


2 3

The day we reached Nainital, it was very foggy with super chilly winds as it rained the previous night. We enjoyed while we were driving towards our hotel. We switched off our air conditioner and enjoyed the chilling winds with music and snacks. We pre-booked our hotel rooms as it was filling in fast. We stayed at Arif Castles hotel. The rooms were pretty good with the mountain view. The food was not so good, but the service was pretty satisfying.

4 5

On the second day, we took the city tour and visited all the view points and tourist areas. It was quite crowded due to the holidays, thus, we also skipped out some places. We managed to visit the lake view, the Maggi point, Waterfall, Cave Garden, Mall Road, Lake, etc. My favorite place out of all what we saw was the lake. It was breathtaking when we took the boat ride. The view was awesome and the sound of the water was so refreshing. Our city tour ended with a small walk at the Mall Road. We were pretty exhausted at the end of the day. We ended our day with some dancing and playing Dumsharas (All time favorite time pass game).

6 7 8

We started our journey back to Delhi the next day and on the way I saw lots of monkeys and they were so cute! I personally love monkeys. I think they are very lovable animal. Saw some baby monkeys with their mommies too (Aww, so adorable!). But sadly I could not take their pictures :((

All in all it was a great trip. Had loads of fun with friends and I will look forward for these small trips in future too, and will share those memories with you in my travel diaries.

Leaving you with some more images of the trip. Thanks you so much for reading!




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