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#JustEMI and upgrade your wardrobe this festive season with Bajaj Finserv

#JustEMI and upgrade your wardrobe this festive season with Bajaj Finserv

With the festive season upon us, the time is ripe for revamping our entire wardrobe with some gorgeous ethnic pieces. After all, the social calendar is soon going to be brimming with invites to card parties, Diwali get-togethers and a million other parties where we’d definitely want to look our desi best! From stunning anarkalis to beautiful saris, the festive season is the best time to flaunt our ethnic looks. Here are a few ethnic looks to pull off at every festive occasion.

The Evergreen Anarkali

One of the safest and perhaps the most appealing of the list, the Anarkali is perfect for all festive occasions. The market is flooded with stunning Anarkalis in different patterns and fabrics. Not only are these silhouettes incredibly appealing, but they are also flattering for all body types.

The A-Line Skirt

If you’re someone who prefers Indo-Western outfits, the A-Line Maxi skirt can be your go-to ethnic piece this festive season. Pair it with a tank top, a blouse or a t-shirt and throw on some jhumkas to sport a stunning look at your next event.

Also see, 5 things to buy on EMI for your make-over :

The Classic Sari

While this is a no-brainer, many people feel reluctant to wear saris as they can be uncomfortable or difficult to carry. However, the market is filled with pre-draped sarees these days, which are not just easy to pull off but look exquisite as well.

The Elegant Lehengas

If you want to go all out with your desi looks, this one’s for you. Lehengas are perfect for almost all festive occasions and can look great on all body types if they’re styled well. Light fabrics like net and chiffon are being used to make some of the most elegant lehengas this season and have also caught the limelight in some of the major fashion events this year.

While these outfits can be a treat to the eyes, they can also be a burden to the pocket.

To add to the Diwali festive cheer and help fulfill your shopping list, Bajaj Finserv’s #JustEMI wali Sparkling Diwali campaign is exactly what you have been looking out for! This month-long extravaganza features more than 1000+ spectacular offers, discounts and cashbacks when you shop online or at any of the 90,000+ Bajaj Finserv partner stores across the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start shopping using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card. With this card, you can #JustEMI and indulge in some retail binging from your favourite brands without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Fight Postpartum Depression with Prega News

Fight Postpartum Depression with Prega News

Hi Everyone!

An independent woman looks smart and sharp which we all try to show and portray to the world. It is actually tough to handle home and our professional life at the same time. The world takes a woman responsibility as a part of her duties but to balance everything, it sometimes takes a toll on us especially if you are a new mom and you have a kid back at home to take care of. It is very easy to fall into depression and stress.


It is likely to feel that you are lacking in your professional carrier because you have an added responsibility back at home which is now your priority. When you are a new mom it is overwhelming to balance out things and woman in that stage often goes through Postpartum Depression (PPD). Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a condition that is associated with childbirth. Studies suggest that postpartum depression can start anytime during the first year of having a baby.

Prega News who is the leader brand available in the market has come up and extended a hand of support to all mothers suffering from postpartum depression. There are many women who do not even know that they are suffering from PPD. Prega news ( has created a website where you can know if you are suffering from PPD and how can we get help. They also created this beautiful video to make you understand how difficult it is to deal with Postpartum Depression (PPD).


Prega News is the brand of Mankind Pharma, which is the fastest growing company. Let’s join hands and help each other with Prega News to make every woman aware of the Postpartum Depression (PPD) and how can we help if someone of our own is suffering from it.

REIMAGINE INDIA with VISA Cards #reimagineindia

REIMAGINE INDIA with VISA Cards #reimagineindia

Hi Everyone!

The hot topic currently is how we can better our country and what the ruling party is doing to create a perfect country. We need to understand that to create a perfect nation, every one of us should take responsibility. We are young and can change the way we have been living. We should all do our bit to help come one step closer to create a great India. All we need to do is think differently and take that small step.

Our family is a Hindu religious family. Whenever we have any religious program at our home, we make sure that we do not use loudspeaker so that no one gets disturbed. Noise pollution is a very normal thing which we do rather than think about others. There may be kids who have their exams and want to study, there might be old age or newly born babies who cannot take noise pollution. We should always keep in mind that there are other people who might get disturbed because of us.


Being a blogger, I have to travel a lot. Sometimes I travel through public transport, where I have to take the metro train for my commute. I have seen a lot of times in a jam-packed metro station that a train comes and people get crazy to enter the train without letting the other people get out of the coach. Because of this many people get hurt. We are educated people and we all know the rules of Metro. You should stand before the yellow line and where the footsteps are marked. I always follow the rule no matter if I have to leave one or two trains but hurting someone just to reach somewhere 5 minutes early is inhumane.


We are the generation of new thinking and we can change and help people Reimagine India in a new and fresh way. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and take a step ahead in rediscovering India. We can start from really small things like transforming public space into something new and interesting or let’s open the streets for everyone from kids to old age people. Why do we need gym or fitness centre when we can get fit anywhere or let’s change the way we celebrate our festivals and make it more eco-friendly and joyful. VISA has taken this initiative and is asking us to think with the help of this video and to understand how beautifully you can change for a better future.

Think about how we can change so much around us if we all consider these small things and change our lifestyle a little to make a better nation and be a better human being. I’m giving my share to Reimagine India. I request everyone to come and join this cause to Reimagine India and share your story with us.

HAiROOTZ Eva: Solution to the HairFall

HAiROOTZ Eva: Solution to the HairFall

We all know that to look great, your hair plays a very important role. There are various reasons for hair fall. Let’s learn about the reasons which actually make your hair to fall:

Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle: If you are eating all wrong, not taking your eight-hour sleep, stress or any health issue can be a reason of your hair fall.

Pollution: We all know that with every passing year, pollution is also increasing. It does not only affect your skin but also affect your hair. Because of the pollution, the hair gets damaged and hair fall starts.

Sun and changing weather: Sun damage can make your hair discolored, rough and lifeless and changing weather can cause dandruff which leads to hair fall.  


Chemicals: We use shampoo to clean our hair and make it look fresh. The shampoo that is used to keep hair clean and free from dandruff attacks normally contains sulphate which in turn makes hair fall worse.  

Not only men, women also suffer from baldness now and this leads to depression and lack of confidence. There are many oils, medicines, shampoos, chemicals in the market which assures you that it will stop the hair fall. Some works for you but hair fall actually never stops and it keeps happening back after few weeks. It is very important to give your body important nutrients which are used to maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Two such nutrients are grape seed extract and biotin. Let us know the importance of these two ingredients:

Benefits of Grape Seed Extract: It helps stimulates the hormones in the human body which result to fight hair fall. Increases the blood circulation and oxygen in the hair follicle and your hair root strengthens with the passage of time. It works as a wonderful antioxidant that promotes anti-ageing benefits. Grape Seed Extract also protects hair cells from damage caused by oxidation, which helps in allowing your tresses to stand firm and last longer before they fall off.

Benefits of Biotin: Biotin strengthens hair roots by breaking down fats and amino acids as per the body’s requirement which reduces the breakage of hair & prevents split-ends. It increases the elasticity of hair which minimizes hair breakage and helps strengthen and thicken hair. Biotin also encourages the growth of hair and skin cells.


Now, that we know what causes hair fall and what can save it, do you know how you can intake Grape Seed extract and Biotin to keep your hair healthy? Well, Dr. Reddy’s HAiROOTZ Eva is a solution to that! HAiROOTZ soflets contain a wealth of essential minerals and vitamins such as selenium, iron, and zinc on the one hand and biotin, folic acid and calcium pantothenate on the other. It is available in the form of easy to swallow soflets that are water soluble and are easy to digest. Once the gelatinous shell is dissolved the nutrients inside it are absorbed by the circulatory system and transported to the scalp. For the results to be visible, you must take one HAiROOTZ soflet once a day for a minimum of three to four months. It will provide your hair with the nutrition and you will see that your hair has become much shinier and healthier than before.


We cannot change the weather, pollution or chemicals but we can use HAiROOTZ soflets to fight back these common hair problems, especially hair fall.

Click on the link to get the product! Also, HAiROOTZ Eva is running a contest on their Facebook page. To participate in the same login here:

A NEXA IGNIS Test Drive Experience

A NEXA IGNIS Test Drive Experience

Hi Everyone!

I love driving my car, it’s a Premium Urban Compact, powerful performance cuts around small corners with no sweat. But I have never tried my hands on an automatic transmission car ever, not until now. I had an opportunity to attend NEXA IGNIS test drive event where you get to drive their automatic variant. IGNIS organized the event in The Great India Mall in Noida where you go and have a test drive of the car in a very innovative way.


They were running a game where there are two people playing against each other. All you have to do is you have to drive your IGNIS front and back. Simple right? But it was not that simple! Through a virtual screen, which was installed in front, you have to play a game of ping pong ball where you have to hit the ball with the car by going front and back competing with your rival. This was an amazing new way of test driving where you can test the car’s pickup, gear shifting, and performance. I also enrolled myself for this game and decided to play it with my husband.

IMG-20170617-WA0018 IMG-20170617-WA0021

I always want to try ‘AGS (Automatic Gear Shift)’ and this was the right opportunity but the problem was I don’t know how to drive one, then again I thought how hard can that be. So I got through with all the formalities like you do before taking a test drive. Finally! I walk towards the car in the game alley which looked spectacular in electric red colour and Jet Black alloy wheels, did I tell you that I have a “thing” for Premium Urban Compact cars. Yeah!, Same “thing” happened looking at this one. So I took the test drive on the diesel variant, took it for a spin around quick short and long corners also checked on the pickup speed of the car too.


So how was the experience? Was it hard to drive an AGS car? Well if you think drinking a glass of water is hard, then yeah it was hard. Are you kidding me? It was super easy and I had no idea why I kept myself from not driving an AGS. Maybe because of the old school kid in me but it’s the best solution for Delhi’s traffic. You choose either this or enroll for a knee cap replacement due to the constant clutch pedal shift during bumper to bumper traffic. In IGNIS if you release the brakes, the car automatically pick up the speed gently from 5 kph to 10 kph. You don’t have to even lift your right leg to push the accelerator. IGNIS also has a fantastic auto gear shift which gives you seamless shifting and smoother driving experience.


WOW, I want one AGS IGNIS now! It looks Premium Urban Compact on the outside and spacious on the inside, standard dual airbag, steering mounted controls, 100% touch panel control of the car stereo system with live sat-navigation. To sum it all up it’s a cool car to own, I loved the experience and I think you’ll love it too. If you’re a little skeptical then I would suggest going take a test drive and you will be sorted.

Thank you so much for reading the post. Here is the NEXA IGNIS website to know more:

Softer & Better: New Whisper Ultra Soft

Softer & Better: New Whisper Ultra Soft

We, women, go through a lot of changes in life. First, the hormones go wild and make our physical and body changes, and then we change our family when we get married which change our life. In all of that, we learn to adapt to the environment and live it to the fullest. Sometimes we are happy or sad or face our tremendous mood swings and during those five days, the trauma goes to another level. Just to make our life a little easy Whisper is continuously working on to make us feel comfortable and help us to run smoothly and conquer the world.


We all are familiarized with the brand Whisper and might have used their product once. If you ask me, I swear by their products and I think they are one of the best in the market. This time Whisper has launched the ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ that offers superior comfort that feels 2x softer on the skin while absorbing wetness hour after hour. Keeping the comfort of every woman in mind Whisper has launched this product. The brand strongly believes that for any woman to realize their full potential, first and foremost – she must be comfortable in her skin and that is so true.


As I have been using Whisper from really long time and I have also used this product and I can say that the product is really soft and super comfortable to wear. Because of its extra large size, you do not have to worry about stains. You can freely sleep or go out and have fun. Normally when you are sitting in the office for a longer period of time, your ordinary pads make you discomfort and as a result, you tend to sit in an uncomfortable position but the New Whisper Ultra Soft offers comfort that ensures girls can sit in their own unusual ways and feel comfortable. Been a fashion blogger, I have to go for shoots, events, meet people and I always wanted a sanitary napkin which can give me amazing comfort and Whisper Ultra Soft is that one product.


The product price is also very reasonable to the pocket. For a pack of 7, all you have to pay is Rs. 67 and it is available in all leading stores. Everyone should feel comfortable and especially when you have a product like this to support you during those days, why thinking again to achieve your goals.

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V-MART Launches at Noida

V-MART Launches at Noida

Today we are connected be it via TV or online and our aspirations are connected to almost similar. We want to look good, have to have latest trending fashion accessories, but it all boils down to affordability. Getting straight to the point, V-Mart brings that affordability gap to almost zero. How?

Well, for starters V-Mart is in the business of 14yrs catering T2-T3 sectors, available in 14 big States throughout India and in Union territories too. V-mart business grows over 1000cr and is targeted at middle class to lower middle class, at an affordable value compared to big brands. So how do they do it?



Take the example of Delhi when I say the word shopping you’ll picture places like Khan Market, Select City Walk, Dlf Emporio right! Well, they offer a wide range of fashion apparel and accessories but let’s not forget it comes with the affordability limit to the many middle or lower middle class where a large section of demands is never met due to hike in prices and this is where V-mart comes in. Instead of opening stores at the sites I’ve mentioned above V-Mart opens in your local market areas with an ambience like of a mall and fully air conditioner within reach out what we commonly call the common man. They have a wide range of fashion apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids of all ages and sizes, their team keeps a sharp eye on the trending fashion and makes it available for all and the best part is it’s made in India. All of the fashion apparel at V-mart is manufactured in India with the international quality.

V-mart plans to open another 30 stores in the next fiscal year and now its chairman and managing director Mr. Lalit Agarwal launches its 140th store in Noida. Bringing the best of fashion at affordable prices in a wide range for men and women and kids.

A Courage to be Green

A Courage to be Green

“In this world full of white, black and gray, it takes a higher form of courage to be green.”

The 100 Pipers team has taken the initiative, i.e. The Good Crusaders to educate people through their YouTube channel. Jahan Peston Jamas, co-founder of Bombay Hemp Company, talks about The Hemp Revolution. Hemp truly is a miracle plant. Aside from being an amazing, sustainable fiber for clothing and building material, the seeds are also helpful to provide the body with some amazing health benefits.

Jahan Peston Jamas talks about how this plant can help us find solutions to the problems faced by the agricultural sector in India. The agricultural sector in India provides employment to nearly 60% of the population, even though this sector only contributes 12%-15% of the country’s GDP. These solutions will come from innovative ideas related to natural fibers.


Hemp or Cannabis is one of the oldest cash crops known to mankind. From the fiber to the seed to the flower to the leaf to the bud of this plant have over 25,000 industrial uses. The birth place of this miracle plant is known to be Central Asia and India. As you travel through India, you will always see a species of the Cannabis plant, especially in the rural parts of India. You will be surprised to know that there is no estimate as how much of the Cannabis plant actually grows in the country. Many people consider this plant as a drug, however, we need to change our perspective of looking at things and see this as an opportunity to deliver to our consumers a sustainable product. For this to happen, the government of our country has to work hand in hand with the different sectors of the Indian economy to build a stronger foundation for the farmers.

This initiative by 100 Pipers is taken to educate the people on how to create a new sustainable ecological environment for a better future without any problems by simply making use of the crop. Jahan Peston Jamas has the vision of a hemp ecosystem, where the growth of cannabis is used for both industrial as well as medicinal purposes across this country.

Jahan Peston Jamas inspires us further by telling us when we visit our home town or travel across the country, we must ask ourselves one question- what is the one resource around me that I never valued from which I can extract a value which will actually involve working with others for the benefit of this country. Because we all one collective mission, which is to be remembered for good.

Build Your Future with AXIS Moves

Build Your Future with AXIS Moves

Future of jobs is a concern of every economy, and in India, where 70℅ of its population is within the age of 18 to 30 years a high demand of jobs and future entrepreneur is a constant battle for our economy. With the biggest democracy in the world infinite brilliant ideas spawn in countless minds around every corner here, but with the lack of opportunity those ideas remain unheard, unnamed thus forcing us in a very tedious and slow progress towards a better future. Our current prime minister understands this issue, therefore he supports projects like startup India, but alone one event can’t cater all the future changing ideas. Thankfully, we have an Axis Bank who has initiated their own startup project named THE FUTURE OF JOBS.


It is a contest for Indian Citizens in the age group of 18 to 30 years where you can pitch your dream in the form of a startup Idea to create 1 million jobs in the future. You can submit your pitch on the link below before 15 February 2017 and can stand a chance to enter the ensuing round of contests to win Rs. 25 lacs and 5 lac seedfund for your startup idea. The categories can be endless as long as they fulfill the need. All you have to do is register at and share your ideas with Axis Bank and let Axis Moves help you take it LIVE!

Screenshot_5 - Copy

So if you have an idea to change the fate of millions towards a better future, build a pitch and present you with the portfolio Axis Bank will have your back. We all know that certain someone who’s always wanted to make a difference if given a chance, so share it with your friends and family or submit your brilliant idea to build the future.


Thank you so much for reading. I hope this article will help someone fulfills their dream.

Woolen Care Secret: Its Godrej Ezee

Woolen Care Secret: Its Godrej Ezee

Hey Everyone!

Woolen are not only the requirement of winters, but they are the key to layering. They are not only expensive, but their care is also very important. These are actually investment pieces which you wear season after season, if they have been cared properly. Sometimes it gets very confusing that how you should care about your woolen pieces as there are so many instructions around.

Here are few of the steps as how you should take care of your woolens:

Do not iron it: If you are traveling and you have a fear that your woolen will get creased and you might have to iron it before wearing it, then pack your woolens by rolling them in tissue papers. This will help to prevent creasing problem as well as stretching the material. If you still want to iron it, make sure you are using a steam iron and set the temperature on wool.


When to wash: It’s very important to know when you really need to wash your woolens. Unlike other material, you can wear your woolen by not washing it frequently. If you wash it extensively, it will get the bubbling issue and we all know that how bad it looks.


How to wash: It is always good to soak your woolens for few hours in cold water with a gentle detergent before you actually go ahead and wash it which will prevent it from shrinking. When you soak the woolen fabric for a few hours, the fabric gets saturated and be in its shape.


What detergent to use: It’s very important to use the correct detergent when you are washing your woolens. In India, we all know that the best detergent to wash your woolens is Godrej EZEE Liquid detergent. It is the best detergent with no soda formula which helps keep your woolens bright and new.


If you will use any hard detergent, it will damage your woolens, fade its colour and loose its style. I use Godrej Ezee for all my woolens and I assure you that if you will use it, your woolens will be happy and stay with you for long. #EzeeCares