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FACES Cosmetics Stackables Glitter – Review and Swatches

FACES Cosmetics Stackables Glitter – Review and Swatches

Hi Everyone!

I recently got my hands on the FACES Cosmetics Stackables Glitter range and doing a full review of this product for you. The Glitter Stackables come in six different shades of silver, gold, white, blue, red and violet. Faces has four different ranges of Stackables available which are: wild, glitter (which I’m today reviewing), whish, zeebra.


FACES Cosmetics Stackablesare highly concentrated shimmer powders. These come in five to six different shades depending on which range you are buying. The different colour powders come in tiny jars stacked above each other.


What the brand claim:

The brand claims that you can use this powder for eyes, lips, or nails. These loose powders are mineral based powder pigments. The versatility of the product allows them to be used alone or mixed with your favourite primer for eyes, nail polish and lip gloss to create many of new shades! These customized sparkle dust towers are value for money. Available in stacks of inspired color themes to help you create the most unique and stunning look.

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Available in 4 shades:

FACES Stackables- Wild       Rs.799

FACES Stackables- Glitter     Rs.899

FACES Stackables- Whish    Rs.799

FACES Stackables- Zeebra   Rs.799

Available in all faces cosmetics outlets. You can also buy them at,,, and

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# Easy to carry and very travel friendly

# Beautiful range of colors and stacks available.

# Value for money

# True color, appears on eyes/face exactly as you see them in the jar.


Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer:: Full Product Review & Price

Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer:: Full Product Review & Price

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all will agree that sometimes hair removal becomes a pain. Going to a parlor is time-consuming, shaving is not good for skin and using hair removal creams makes your skin darker. A few months ago, I have reviewed the Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator (Here) which is an amazing product for hair removal, but we all know that Epilators hurt a little and it becomes scary to do epilation or waxing down there. I never ever like anything which hurts and irritates the skin. I got to know about the Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer and I must say this is the best product that I have invested in so far. So, here I’m reviewing it for you guys and letting you know what I feel about this after using it quite a few times now.

Product Description:

Fed up with skin irritations, nicks, and cuts? Keep your bikini line in perfect shape and enjoy flawless results with the Philips Bikini Genie trimmer. It’s the safe and easy way to trim, shape and style the hair down there. Rounded hair tips for safe, precise hair removal. 4mm length trimming comb. Mini shaver head. Use after shortening hairs with the trimmer. Ergonomic handles specifically designed for the bikini area.


Price: Rs. 2095

You can buy this product from Flipkart (here – on discount) and snap deal (here – on discount)


My verdict of the product: 

The packaging of the product is very smart with purple cardboard packaging and it does have lots of information mentioned in the packaging itself. It also comes with a detailed booklet explaining the usage and how you can clean the product. It also comes with a pouch in which you can keep the product and all its accessories handy. The trimmer and its accessories come packed inside the plastic covers placed in the carton box. Overall, I love the packaging and the way they have mentioned the description of the product. 


Talking about the looks and the design of the trimmer, the trimmer is very handy and it fits and settles well in your hand. It has a beautiful purple petite and fun design and I love how cute it looks. Because of its ergonomic handle, it helps to trim, shave and shape your bikini line with ease. The product includes the Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer, 0.5mm Mini trimming head, 3mm trimming comb, 0mm Mini shaver head, a cleaning brush, an AA battery and a pouch.


I have used this product quite a few times now and I believe this one is my best buy in terms of any hair removal product. I have always used with the trimmer without the comb attachment to get the closest shave. Using the Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer is actually fuss free as it runs on AA battery and this makes it travel-friendly as well.  Simply place the trimming head onto the hair you want to remove and glide it against the direction of your hair growth. For best results, keep skin tight while trimming. It does not matter if your skin is wet or dry, the trimmer will work wonders in both the case. For a close shave after using the 0.5mm Mini trimming head, use the 0mm Mini shaver head to get that satin soft hairless feeling.


You can easily clean it as well by simply detach the head from the trimmer and place it under the running water. Let it dry and you can use it again. If you are in doubt, that if it will cut or make the skin harsher, then my answer will be no! The only thing that it will do to your skin is, it will leave it satin soft. I feel my hairs are back after a week or so, but that totally depends on someone’s hair growth. The trimmer will not make your hairs hard or thick.


This product did really help me to get rid of those unwanted hairs super easily and without any pain. Now that I have used thePhilips Bikini Genie Trimmer, I’m never going back to the waxing or shaving. Trimming is so much better than those.



1.       Love the packaging.

2.       It is painless hair removing technique.

3.        It runs with AA Battery so it is hassle free

4.       Travel friendly

5.       Comes with lots of attachments and accessories

6.       You can achieve the closet shave with the fear of cut.

7.       It does not affect the hair growth.

8.       Cleaning the product is easy and quick.

9.       Leaves the skin satin soft

10.   Pocket-friendly product, if you consider the parlour bills for your waxing.


There is actually nothing I can think of.


5 out of 5


Thank you so much for reading the review. I hope this review will help you selecting the best product for you.

Product Review: Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine Soap

Product Review: Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine Soap

Hi Everyone!

Winter means dry skin and taking care of it is very important. I have tried various different moisturizing soaps which says that they moisturize the skin and currently I’m using the Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine soap. As I have been using this soap, I thought why not reviewing it for you guys on the blog. So here’s the full review of the Medimix Ayurvedic Natural Glycerine soap.


What the product claims:

This soap contains natural glycerine with Lakshadi oil for moisturised skin every day. Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine that renowned across the world for its ability to heal naturally. And now you can turn an ordinary bath into an Ayurvedic ritual for great skin by using Medimix Glycerine. Enriched with natural glycerine and pure Lakshadi oil that moisturises and softens your skin naturally, it’s not only a great option for winter, but also a way to keep your skin soft and supple all year round.


Product contains:


Price: Rs. 45 for 125g

My verdict about the Medimix Soap:

The packaging of the soap is good and it does look like ayurvedic soap as the packaging does shows flower, leafs and lots of green. It also has a plastic cover which protects the soap from any kind of dust and water till you open the packaging. I also like the fragrance of the soap bar and the quality of the soap. The packaging does have lots of details and the ingredients mentioned in it thus it makes easier to find out if any ingredient suits your skin or not. I have been using this soap for a week now and I can say that this soap is very mild on the skin.


I have dry skin and I need intense moisturiser during winter, but after using this soap it does make my skin soft and I use less of moisturizer now. The fragrance of the soap is a little strong and stays for long. I like the fragrance as it does not smell like other herbal soaps. It has natural Glycerine and Lakshadi oil, which are good for moisturising the skin and thus this soap does not lather that much.
1. Contains no chemical and very mild on the skin.
2. The soap doest what it says and that is it moisturize your skin.
3. Does smells good and not like other herbal soaps.
4. Contains a plastic cover which protects the soap from any dust and water.


1. It is a little pricy considering a soap but the quantity of the soap is good and the soap does moisturize the skin so it is a good deal.

4.5 out of 5

Beautiful Skin with LA SKIN

Beautiful Skin with LA SKIN

Hi Everyone!

Who does not like beautiful skin and radiant glow all the time. Looking younger than your age and people complimenting you all the time? I love it and I want the same for all my readers too.

I have been suffering from skin related issues like super sensitive skin, cosmetic allergy. When I got invited to the bloggers meet at LASKIN ( which is a highly specialized medical facility for for dermatology and cosmetology across India, I was really looking forward to attend this and get more information on it.

LASKIN is a highly specialized medical facility, incepted with a vision to establish world class centers for dermatology and cosmetology across India. Being a conglomerate and having diversified interest in infrastructure and hospitality. LASKIN today boasts of the only setup in India, which benchmarks innovative global standards with the state of the art facilities and equipment’s.


At present LASKIN has its flagship Center in Gurgaon as well as has its presence in hospitals across India. LASKIN brings together a team of highly qualified doctors, Skin Physicians and specialist, making it one of the largest private practices in India. Their invaluable experience while functioning at leading hospitals in India has gained us trust and goodwill of numerous customers. Being a completely Doctor Driven facility, it ensures a complete wellness and Holistic approach in its services. LASKIN is all about recreating the aesthetics of your body, mind and inner self.


Recently LASKIN have tied up Saket City Hospital and Paras Hospital, Delhi and open their dermatology centers there.

After visiting their facility, we had a skin analyzation session with the dermatologist there. She checked my skin and suggested me to go for a chemical peeler process which will help my skin to become normal and healthy. I have tried many dermatologists in the past and was never satisfied so this time I have made my mind to go for the chemical peelers.


I will soon be reviewing the same on the blog after I will go through few sittings. Stay tuned for knowing about it all. Thank you so much for reading!

Product Review: Oriental Jin Plu Body Scrub

Product Review: Oriental Jin Plu Body Scrub

Hi Everyone!
We all know that scrubbing is a most essential part of skin care routine. We all know that scrubbing is a most essential part of skin care routine. I have recently got Oriental Jin Plu Body Scrub for me. I have dry skin and my skin really need good moisturizing and skin care routine to look healthy and body scrubs are always my favourite. I got the Oriental Jin Plu Body Scrub from Homeshop18 recently and I decided to do a review on the blog.

1.Skin looks more beautiful and radiant than with a thin layer of dead cells recovering it.

2. Exfoliation helps to improve the texture of the skin.

3. The pores look smaller, the skin feels softer and it just looks better.


1. 3 Types of Herb Oil Argan Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil & Olive Oil

2. Marine Plant extracts


How To Use:

1. Squeeze a quarter – sized portion into the palm of your hand or any part of your body & add a few drops of water (or before applying, you can wet your body).

2. Begin applying the scrub in a circular motion & rub smoothly like massaging yourself.

3. Don’t apply the scrub on your face.

4. Rinse off the scrub gently.


Pack of two will cost Rs.1430 without any discount

Each pack consists 200g product


My Verdict:

The packaging of this product is very normal. It comes in a tube bottle with a flip open cap. The cap of my tube was not that tight so some of the product got out in the packaging. The tube is travel friendly, but as the product I have received is loose and I cannot take it anywhere. So, make sure you check the cap if you are ordering one for you. The first thing I noticed about this product when I took it out was its smell. This product has an amazing fragrance and when you use it to your body, the fragrance stays for long.  The texture of this product looks like a regular scrub and when you start scrubbing it with a little water, it lightly foams helping to clean your skin and remove dead cells. I really like the fact that it leaves the skin moisturized after using this product. This product is suitable for all skin types and it is very clearly mentioned that this product needed to be used in body and not to your face.

Rate:  3.5 out of 5


  • Amazing fragrance
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Foams a little
  • Leaves the skin healthy and moisturize
  • Not very pricy



My product cap was loose and it is not locking properly.

Makes me a little scary as it is written everywhere NOT TO USE IT ON FACE.

Overall:You can try this product as it is defiantly a good buy. Check out Homeshope18 to buy it (Here). Thank you so much for reading.

VBlog: The Festive Look with One Brand Products – Colorbar

VBlog: The Festive Look with One Brand Products – Colorbar

Hi Everyone!

Firstly wish you a very happy Diwali. I hope this Diwali brings you happiness and prosperousness.


Here’s a tutorial on a festive look created by only one brand product – ColorBar. They have a wide range of products and tools to apply them. Here’s what I have used and the full tutorial on how to achieve this look

Check our YouTube channel to see all the links of the products which I have used in this video.


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FabBag October15 Review and Product Details – (FASHIONBYRUDA)

FabBag October15 Review and Product Details – (FASHIONBYRUDA)

Hi Everyone!

Received my October FabBag and I’m super excited to show you all what I have received in it. This month Fab Bag has created a very unique and traditional looking bag which I never seen Fab Bag has ever created. Here’s a video blog which will show you what products I have received inside and what is good about this bag.

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Review Video: My Favourite Regular Concealer

Review Video: My Favourite Regular Concealer

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m talking about my favourite concealer which I’m using for more than 2 months now and it is great for dry and sensitive skin. Check out the whole video to know which concealer I’m talking about and to see the full review. I’m super excited to show you my secret weapon which I use and it comes under my daily makeup routine.

I hope you like the video. Thanks you so much for watching it.

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Hi Everyone!

Recently Denver has launched their unisex beer shampoo and invited us to get the first experience, by organizing a hair wash and styling session at the Affinity Salon. Denver is a well known brand in men’s deodorant and personal care space, but now Denver has entered the shampoo and hair care space with Beer Shampoo. This is not only a men’s product, but women can equally enjoy this shampoo


Denver clams that Denver Beer Shampoo is designed to fit into any scalp and conveniently turns bathing into an easy one-step process of cleansing and conditioning with a blend of naturally derived ingredients while also helping conserve water at the same time. With this new product Denver is promoting the idea of conditioning without a conditioner. Denver Beer shampoo is available in single-use sachets of 7 ml priced at Rs 5 and 100ml & 200ml bottles priced at Rs. 75 & 160 respectively.



Saurabh Gupta, CMO, Denver India says,“We used a consumer insight on beer as being good for hair to come up with a winning formula for a beer shampoo. Relying on our in-house R&D, we incorporated beer therapy into this simple-to-use shampoo which also has excellent conditioning properties. We are confident of the fact that we have a winner in Denver Beer Shampoo since it’s a great product, attractively packaged at a competitive price point. The retail trade has also so far been very receptive and sales are encouraging”.

IMG_20150901_191933 IMG_20150901_194134

I normally use conditioner after using shampoo and then leave in serum. When I went for my experience of the Denver Beer Shampoo they washed my hairs with only the Denver Beer Shampoo and then blow dried and styled it. The shampoo actually made my hairs soft and that too without any conditioner. It made my hairs so silky that my hairs even cannot hold the styling for long that they made. I have colored hair and I wish that they come up with a beer shampoo with color protection soon. However, I’m still using the beer shampoo to wash my hair without the conditioner and I like how nice it feels.


I hope you like the review, and thank you so much for reading!