BMW Deutsche Motoren: India’s Largest BMW Dealership

BMW Deutsche Motoren: India’s Largest BMW Dealership

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If you love luxury, what more speaks than a luxurious car? When features start to fade away and finesse is your priority that is when you are looking for a luxurious car for yourself. If you ask my preferable brand for a luxurious car, it will always be BMW. I have immense love for the brand and their beautiful cars.


We all know that BMW is one of the brands which sells the most awesome and luxurious cars in the world. BMW Group is the only automobile and motorcycle manufacturer worldwide to focus all its brands on the premium segment. Recently, I was given this incredible opportunity to be a part of their customer and bloggers meet event #BMWInsideOut at the BMW’s largest dealerships in the national capital region: BMW Deutsche Motoren. When I got the invitation to visit their showroom and their service center facilities, I was thrilled to grab the opportunity. 


BMW Deutsche Motoren has 4 facilities across NCR: Mathura Road, Faridabad, Noida, and Motinagar. I visited the Noida facility which is spread over 90611 square feet. BMW Deutsche Motoren, Noida facility is an ultra-modern showroom and the only BMW facility in Noida. (3S – service, sales, spare parts: Full-service facility)



When we reached the facility we have been welcomed by the after sale service head of BMW Deutsche Motoren, Noida, followed by the tour of the facility. Through the tour, we got to know how BMW Deutsche Motoren is taking care of their customers and giving their customers the world-class service. They demonstrated us their paint process followed by the body straightening process of the cars which are accidentals.

BMW Deutsche Motoren service team also explained us the difference between the genuine and non-genuine parts and their benefit and comparison. As we walked through the service bay, we realized that BMW Deutsche Motoren’s main strength is their service department which services over 130 cars per day and keeping their customers on fast lane service. (Experience its massive Service Centre here: also showed various different tools and explain their uses and importance. It was such an amazing opportunity to know the oldest dealer of the biggest luxurious car manufacturers and how they are working to satisfy their customers and taking care of their cars.





After we came up the event turned with excitement when the dramatic entry of the BMW M4 happened. Its Frozen Black finish, rear diffuser carbon, steering wheel with race display, amazing sound of its engine and deadly looks, took my Breath Away. This BMW M4 what we saw at the BMW Deutsche Motoren facility was also displayed at the Auto Expo 2018. I was excited like a little baby to click my pictures with this amazing looking beast.



BMW Deutsche Motoren service team takes great care of their customer’s car while servicing. They explained us their initial consultation and transparent RATC diagnosis process along with SCATV (Service Consultation at the Reception) – a thorough vehicle check for a quick and accurate assessment of BMW cars. They also provided insights on CBS + Key reader which a cutting edge intelligent maintenance system that monitors BMW components in stores information in the car remote key, indicating when the car needs service. It provides precise information on the components that need repair this helping to prevent untimely and expensive repairs due to delay in service.

I was so happy to be a part of this journey with lots of other BMW users at the BMW Deutsche Motoren, Noida facility. 
Thank you BMW Deutsche Motoren for giving us this amazing opportunity to know BMW as a brand and your team better.

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