Blue-Heaven: Denim Shirt & Printed Legging

Blue-Heaven: Denim Shirt & Printed Legging

Hi Everyone!

I love winter, especially wearing long coats, fur sweaters, leather jackets and also you can do amazing layering. Currently in Delhi the minimum temperature went down to 3 degrees and its tremendous cold here. It’s very important to actually layer your pairings and keep yourself warm.

In this pairing I have paired a sweater with a denim shirt. I love my faceprint leggings which I recently bought from Myntra. Earlier, I use to have the same leggings, but as I wore them extensively, they got destroyed, thus I ordered another one. These days I love wearing prints. So I have to pair this printed bag with the leggings.

To keep myself comfortable for the rest of the day I paired the wedge sneakers. Wedge sneakers are amazing to add height and it also looks like your normal sneakers as the heels are inside and kind of not visible. These sneakers are so much in trend and people like us who does not have very good height simply love it. With this pairing, I initially took a single stroll, but I wanted the strolls to look heavily, thus I added another stroll with it and it actually looked good. Always style your pieces according to your mood and comfort no matter  what people say. If you will be comfortable, it will automatically will look good.

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like the pairing.


Sweater: Wills Lifestyle

Denim Shirt: Forever21

Leggings: Myntra (Here)

Shoes: Koovs (Here)

Bag: Desi Pop

Accessories: Strolls: Flee Market, Watch: Aeropostale

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