InFocus Launches the Beauty and the Beast – Snap 4 and Turbo 5 Plus – in India

InFocus Launches the Beauty and the Beast – Snap 4 and Turbo 5 Plus – in India

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As a blogger, I travel a lot and attend lots of events. Lately, I have been attending few mobile launches which are really amazing, where we all get to learn what is new in the market and some amazing new technologies which these brands are launching on their devices. I recently attended the InFocus mobile launch event where this American technology mobile manufacturers launched their new smartphones – Snap 4 and Turbo 5 Plus in the Indian Market. Let’s talk about the newly launched phone one by one and see what the brand is offering in these two smartphones.


InFocus Snap 4

When I was watching the launch of this phone, the one thing that came to my mind was the phone actually made keeping the requirement of an incredible camera on the go. The new InFocus Snap 4 is uniquely designed to take amazing selfies and pictures. It comes equipped with 4 amazing cameras (dual rear and dual front) which include 13MP AF with 8MP dual rear camera with LED Flash Light, Digital Zoom for vibrant images and 8MP dual front-facing cameras to capture moments and click bright pictures to create memories even in low light conditions.


The phone is also equipped with the fingerprint sensor which is very responsive. Powered by MediaTekMT6750N, 1.5 GHz OctacoreCortex-A53 processor and the Android Nougat operating system, the smartphone offers smooth and seamless performance along with easy multi-tasking. The Snap 4 off a rs striking and clear display with its unique 5.2 inch2.5D Curved Display, HD On-Cell IPS screen. It comes loaded with 4GB RAM + 64GB variant which is expandable up to 128GB memory (through micro SD) making it an ideal device to store data, images, and videos. The look of the phone is premium with all metal uni-body finish.

InFocus Snap 4 will be available at Rs11,999 from 26th September 12.00 PM onwards exclusively available on

InFocus Turbo 5 Plus

This phone is also made keeping the great pictures we all need in mind but with a little more pocket-friendly. The Turbo 5Plus features dual rear camera setups well. This phone also has the smart finger print sensor. The InFocus Turbo 5 Plus has a 13MP AF and 5MP dual rear camera with Digital Zoom and a 5MP selfie camera, for clicking clear, lively, and sharp images.


The Turbo 5Plusoffers a rich experience with intelligent and stylish features. The MediaTekMT6750, 1.5GhzOctacoreCortex-A53 processor enables a quick response with smooth multitasking option. The device is backed with a 4850mAh battery which lasts upto34 days of standby time. Sporting a 5.5inch, HD IPS 2.5D Curved Display, the sleek uni-body metal finish adds style to this device. It also becomes perfect companion for rich multimedia experience for long hours. The front fingerprint sensor is responsive making the accessibility to applications easy for the users. The smartphone has an in-built 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM which can be further extended to 64GB with micro SD card.



The Turbo 5 Plus will be available at Rs8,999 from 21st September 12.00 AM onwards exclusively available on

Here is a closer look and specifications of both the phones:



Both the devices are great looking and made keeping the millennials in mind. Look out for these two devices which are launching soon and going to blow everyone’s mind.

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HAiROOTZ Eva: Solution to the HairFall

HAiROOTZ Eva: Solution to the HairFall

We all know that to look great, your hair plays a very important role. There are various reasons for hair fall. Let’s learn about the reasons which actually make your hair to fall:

Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle: If you are eating all wrong, not taking your eight-hour sleep, stress or any health issue can be a reason of your hair fall.

Pollution: We all know that with every passing year, pollution is also increasing. It does not only affect your skin but also affect your hair. Because of the pollution, the hair gets damaged and hair fall starts.

Sun and changing weather: Sun damage can make your hair discolored, rough and lifeless and changing weather can cause dandruff which leads to hair fall.  


Chemicals: We use shampoo to clean our hair and make it look fresh. The shampoo that is used to keep hair clean and free from dandruff attacks normally contains sulphate which in turn makes hair fall worse.  

Not only men, women also suffer from baldness now and this leads to depression and lack of confidence. There are many oils, medicines, shampoos, chemicals in the market which assures you that it will stop the hair fall. Some works for you but hair fall actually never stops and it keeps happening back after few weeks. It is very important to give your body important nutrients which are used to maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Two such nutrients are grape seed extract and biotin. Let us know the importance of these two ingredients:

Benefits of Grape Seed Extract: It helps stimulates the hormones in the human body which result to fight hair fall. Increases the blood circulation and oxygen in the hair follicle and your hair root strengthens with the passage of time. It works as a wonderful antioxidant that promotes anti-ageing benefits. Grape Seed Extract also protects hair cells from damage caused by oxidation, which helps in allowing your tresses to stand firm and last longer before they fall off.

Benefits of Biotin: Biotin strengthens hair roots by breaking down fats and amino acids as per the body’s requirement which reduces the breakage of hair & prevents split-ends. It increases the elasticity of hair which minimizes hair breakage and helps strengthen and thicken hair. Biotin also encourages the growth of hair and skin cells.


Now, that we know what causes hair fall and what can save it, do you know how you can intake Grape Seed extract and Biotin to keep your hair healthy? Well, Dr. Reddy’s HAiROOTZ Eva is a solution to that! HAiROOTZ soflets contain a wealth of essential minerals and vitamins such as selenium, iron, and zinc on the one hand and biotin, folic acid and calcium pantothenate on the other. It is available in the form of easy to swallow soflets that are water soluble and are easy to digest. Once the gelatinous shell is dissolved the nutrients inside it are absorbed by the circulatory system and transported to the scalp. For the results to be visible, you must take one HAiROOTZ soflet once a day for a minimum of three to four months. It will provide your hair with the nutrition and you will see that your hair has become much shinier and healthier than before.


We cannot change the weather, pollution or chemicals but we can use HAiROOTZ soflets to fight back these common hair problems, especially hair fall.

Click on the link to get the product! Also, HAiROOTZ Eva is running a contest on their Facebook page. To participate in the same login here:

Peace: Oversized Crop Top & Torn Jeans

Peace: Oversized Crop Top & Torn Jeans

Hi Everyone!

We have recently visited Nainital where we stayed at Two Chimneys for which we have done a review blog (here) and VLog (here) on our channel. The place was so beautiful that we also used their location for our lookbook shoot. I totally love to shot in a location which is quiet and serene and you can actually get lots of beautiful pictures. Though this place was not very quiet as in the middle of shot we have to pack and run because a group of monkeys came to visit us. Well, that was a little scary (a lot!).





For this look, I have paired a torn high waist jean which is folded from the bottom for it to look like a boyfriend jeans. The top is from Zara which I got recently on sale. There was this huge clearance sale going on at Zara and I have managed to a bagged couple of great pieces and one of them is this beautiful oversized crop top. I totally love the way the top has a metallic detail on it which makes it look rug and fancy at the same time.  

IMG_9550-1 IMG_9542-1 IMG_9535-1


To finish off the look, I paired the metallic brogues which also have wedge heels which I love in these shoes. Who does not like to feel comfortable and have the confidence of heels at the same time? Well, I do! Also, the statement jewelry piece – The Chokers. I love how beautifully the chokers added that trend outlook to the whole pairing. This season you can see the Choker fashion everywhere. It was once famous in 90’s fashion which again came back with a bang!

IMG_9548-1 IMG_9542-1 IMG_9554-1


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the look!

Beauty Event: VLCC Makeup Looks 2017

Beauty Event: VLCC Makeup Looks 2017

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever attended a fashion show which showcased beauty looks? Well, I have recently attended the VLCC Makeup Looks for their 2017 season. They showcased their different looks which they recently launched as a fashion show. Many designers and brands collaborated with VLCC in this event to present some mind blowing looks.


Who does not love makeup and when it is happening right in front of your eyes? It is always a treat to watch. VLCC did a fabulous job in this event where they spellbound us with their four different looks. The event started with the greet and lunch in Delhi and we all waited anxiously for the fashion show and to see the looks. We then get seated and the show started with a bang. Everyone was ready with their camera and phones to start recording. Ms. Neeti Palta hosted the show and made us laugh through the entire event with her humor. I totally love how she entertained us throughout the show. The show started with Mrs. Beautiful Earth and Mrs. India 2017 walking the ramp. The two lovely ladies gracefully walked the ramp with beautiful makeup and gowns. 



VLCC showcased four different looks at the bridal show 2017 and the first look was Vintage Look. The models came wearing beautiful Samant Chauhan vintage gowns. The VLCC vintage makeup looks flawless on every model. Totally love how the looks took us back to the vintage era with gorgeous gowns, winked liner and beautiful jewelry. The second set of the look was the dramatic look. With bold facial makeup, the dramatic look came out as a statement. Massive hair-do, bold strokes of facial makeup and to top it up was the Rina Dhaka gowns felt us speechless. It was definitely a major hit.

unhide_AAA_2981 unhide_AAA_2975 unhide_AAA_2976 unhide_AAA_2977 unhide_AAA_2978

The third look was the Red Carpet look. The models look sexy with Nikita Tondon gowns, puffy buns and smoky eyes. The glamorous VLCC makeup made the models look perfect for the red carpet walk. I would love to carry one of the looks as my next Amazon India Fashion Week look. I was also drooling over the beautiful gowns showcased in this set of looks.

unhide_AAA_3022 unhide_AAA_3026 unhide_AAA_3104 unhide_AAA_3105 unhide_AAA_3106 unhide_AAA_3107 unhide_AAA_3143unhide_AAA_3028 unhide_AAA_3065

The fourth and the final look was the bridal look which was the most awaited look. With beautiful Anjali and Arjun Kapoor gowns and lehenga, the models look dazzling. The makeup and the hairdo made the bridal look reach to another height. First, we saw eight beautiful bridal looks and the then came the showstopper of the event which was Esha Gupta. She looked mesmerizing and took our breath away with her perfect lehenga, bridal makeup, and flower braid.


I totally love all the different looks which VLCC came up this season. Visit their store this wedding season to get your awesome bridal makeup and look ravishing.

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Hotel Review: Two Chimneys at Gethiya, Nainital

Hotel Review: Two Chimneys at Gethiya, Nainital

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever been to a place where clouds pass through you and you are so close to nature that you do not want to step out of your hotel? Well, we have encountered a place like this known as Two Chimneys which is in Gethiya, Nainital. It is a luxury boutique home stay in the lap of a beautiful hill side. Two Chimneys is about 6 hours drive from Delhi ( 285 km) and our road trip to Gethiya was pleasant as the highways were excellent. The drive towards Two Chimneys is very simple if you are using Google Maps. It will show the direction towards the hotel through the shortest possible route.




We left for Two Chimneys around 5 am to avoid the office traffic at Delhi border. We reached the hotel around 11.30 am in which we took one pit stop for our breakfast at the MacDonald’s at Gajraula. As we reached way early than the check in time, we have been asked to wait while the hotel offered us refreshments. The manager of the hotel Ms. Manju is a very warm and friendly person. She asked us if our journey was good and if we need another room till our room is getting ready for us to relax.




The first look to me of the hotel was spacious, warm interior which will give you a feel like home, calm and close to nature. The room in which we stayed was Deodar Suite which has one room with double bed, a small lounge area with another single bed, one huge washroom and an atique with another double bed. The hotel has eight rooms and one ridge bungalow, a beautiful swimming pool, one living room, reading room, game room and a huge park to sit outside with benches and table chairs. 





I totally love the feel of the hotel and how beautifully the hotel has been made. This place is a century old home and was built in 1890 by the wife of a British army officer. When she died in the 1940s, she left the house to her faithful retainer. It was from his descendants that the current owners bought the house in 1999. They then converted the charming cottage into this beautiful living space which is now known as Two Chimneys.





The moment I enter the gates of Two Chimneys, the silence, the serenity of nature caught my notice. The whole place gives you a British feeling as the place is created from the ruins of an English cottage. The breakfast is included with every room you will book with this hotel. The menu is not very lavish and you will get three to four dishes as the main course with one dessert. You can also order room service or sit and eat outside as per your wish. The staff is very helpful and courteous.



If you are lucky you also might see leopard roaming around at night but I will suggest to be always alert and keep your distance. You will also see various different birds, Monkey and Gray Langurs which are very common in that place. We stayed there for two nights and we wanted to stay more. It is a must visited place and I will be definitely going to stay with Two Chimneys again.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the review.

I will give this hotel a Five Star Rating. 

Mother Nature: White Top & Denim Short

Mother Nature: White Top & Denim Short

Hi Everyone!

I’m here in Rishikesh when I’m writing this post. Sitting in this small beautiful café and watching the Ganga flowing through the mountains is breath-taking and the rain added to its beauty. This awesome view inspired me to write and the breeze brings this lovely wet soil scent. I’m looking at the beauty of Rishikesh like this for the first time and all I can say is that I’m blessed to be here after all. Trust me after Maldives, I have been too many places for review but this is the second time that I came so close to nature.



Maldives is like a dream now which I lived and this will be the last lookbook post from that dream. Here, I have paired my off shoulder top, denim shorts, and sneakers. We went for snorkelling a day before we did this shoot and the next day I released that I’m all sun burn. I was scared to show off my shoulder but the sun burn actually came out really nice like someone applied blush on me. I totally love the look and it came out really casual and hip. This month there are so many places to visit are scheduled and I will look forward to get more closer to nature. Keep checking our stories and snapchat to know more on our travel.



Thank you so much for reading this. Let us where are you traveling next and I might make our next travel there. Here are the links of the other two beach look ( Look One & Look Two) and our lookbook video on our channel:  

IMG_1016-1-2 IMG_1088-2


Top: Pret

Shorts: Madame (Old)

Sneakers: GK Market

My Ash Grey Hair Story

My Ash Grey Hair Story

Hi Everyone!

As you guys know that I started coloring my hair from past few months. I always wanted to have beautiful Ash Grey hair color which I got inspired looking at lots of other YouTubers and Instagram pictures. Earlier, I did lots of browns and also carried some red hair too. I’m brunette which as an Indian we get as a gift and now I’m bored with brown, red and copper hair. For this reason, I wanted a completely different hair color which should suit my complexion without making me look dark and Ash Grey is that color which looks beautiful in Indian skin.


I knew that to turn my hair Ash Grey, I have to first bleach my hair and then tone it Grey. In process of doing so, my first attempt was with Fashion Salon and I have also reviewed their services on my blog (Here is the post: Frankly, I have stubborn hair which is so hard to bleach and the first time, it took approximate 3 hours to bleach my hair and to reach my hair a golden shade. Ash Grey is such a light color that if you do not take care of the color it will defiantly wash off. So, my first color (which was also not that grey) got washed off really fast. I wanted to have my hair toned again.


I got an invite from ASK Academy which is a Schwarzkopf Academy for us to come and experience their services. I did not think twice and I said I will love to come and experience it. So, I went to ASK Academy in Saket which recently opened their trend lab. When I reached there, I noticed they were doing such beautiful colors on others. I asked them that I needed to tone my hair Ash Grey and they started the process.



The process was actually pretty simple. They have to bleach my hair a tone lighter again to get the Ash Grey right and then tone the hair. Everyone knows that bleaching hair is damaging your hair. I was I little concern about the bleach part that it will damage my hair more. But my hair stylist asked me not to worry as they will mix the bleach with their newly launched Fibreplex which does not allow the chemical to damage the hair and leave your hair as they were. So after a 20 min bleaching session, I got my head wash and toning was done. I was really glad that the bleach did not damage the hair at all (thanks to Fiberplex) and I love the final color.


Tip: If you are going to color your hair and scared that it will damage your hair, then ask your stylist to add Fliberplex in the hair color process.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what do you think about my hair color.

A NEXA IGNIS Test Drive Experience

A NEXA IGNIS Test Drive Experience

Hi Everyone!

I love driving my car, it’s a Premium Urban Compact, powerful performance cuts around small corners with no sweat. But I have never tried my hands on an automatic transmission car ever, not until now. I had an opportunity to attend NEXA IGNIS test drive event where you get to drive their automatic variant. IGNIS organized the event in The Great India Mall in Noida where you go and have a test drive of the car in a very innovative way.


They were running a game where there are two people playing against each other. All you have to do is you have to drive your IGNIS front and back. Simple right? But it was not that simple! Through a virtual screen, which was installed in front, you have to play a game of ping pong ball where you have to hit the ball with the car by going front and back competing with your rival. This was an amazing new way of test driving where you can test the car’s pickup, gear shifting, and performance. I also enrolled myself for this game and decided to play it with my husband.

IMG-20170617-WA0018 IMG-20170617-WA0021

I always want to try ‘AGS (Automatic Gear Shift)’ and this was the right opportunity but the problem was I don’t know how to drive one, then again I thought how hard can that be. So I got through with all the formalities like you do before taking a test drive. Finally! I walk towards the car in the game alley which looked spectacular in electric red colour and Jet Black alloy wheels, did I tell you that I have a “thing” for Premium Urban Compact cars. Yeah!, Same “thing” happened looking at this one. So I took the test drive on the diesel variant, took it for a spin around quick short and long corners also checked on the pickup speed of the car too.


So how was the experience? Was it hard to drive an AGS car? Well if you think drinking a glass of water is hard, then yeah it was hard. Are you kidding me? It was super easy and I had no idea why I kept myself from not driving an AGS. Maybe because of the old school kid in me but it’s the best solution for Delhi’s traffic. You choose either this or enroll for a knee cap replacement due to the constant clutch pedal shift during bumper to bumper traffic. In IGNIS if you release the brakes, the car automatically pick up the speed gently from 5 kph to 10 kph. You don’t have to even lift your right leg to push the accelerator. IGNIS also has a fantastic auto gear shift which gives you seamless shifting and smoother driving experience.


WOW, I want one AGS IGNIS now! It looks Premium Urban Compact on the outside and spacious on the inside, standard dual airbag, steering mounted controls, 100% touch panel control of the car stereo system with live sat-navigation. To sum it all up it’s a cool car to own, I loved the experience and I think you’ll love it too. If you’re a little skeptical then I would suggest going take a test drive and you will be sorted.

Thank you so much for reading the post. Here is the NEXA IGNIS website to know more: