Axis PAY UPI: Your Friend in this Cash Crunch

Axis PAY UPI: Your Friend in this Cash Crunch

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December is the most exciting month of the year and this year it’s the most exciting in India yes I’m talking about demonetisation. With long queues in front of the ATM and banks people are turning towards different modes of payment to pay their utility bills and even buy groceries thanks God it happened in smartphone world where we have apps like freecharge or even paytm to make our life a little easier. But, yes there’s always a but, these apps comes with some limitations that is, a user can transfer money to paytm wallet to pay utility bills but once you put money into these online shopping wallets you can’t withdraw your money you just have to spend it all there.


Enter Axis Bank UPI PAY

A very simple cash transfer app which is a god’s gift during these days. So how does it work? You can link any bank account thru this app to transfer and receive payments. It is all hard cash and works as fast as a text messages be it a tuition fee, groceries, apartment rent, wedding decorator it does all. Let’s go thru the steps:


To benefit from this app both sender and receiver have to download Axis Bank UPI pays app from play store. (Currently the app is only for Android OS, user with ios, windows, blackberry will have to wait to get their hands on this app)

Once you’ve downloaded the app Set profile name and 6 digit passcode (known only to you)

Now Create a unique id eg- name@axisbank, before you ask yes all unique id has to have @axisbank to their ID.


Now link your bank account to your id from the drop down menu.

Verify your account using your debit card credentials and OTP (this will be a one time process only) and set an M pin for money transfer. Note- do not disclose the M pin to anyone because it is the pin that approves the payments.

And voila, registration is done.


Now if you have to send payments ask for the receiver’s unique id, Enter the amount you wish to send to the receiver and send the money by entering M pin. It’s that simple. Also the Bank account you wish should have your registered phone number and that number can only be linked with the app. The Maximum fund transfer is 100000Rs in one go and the Maximum fund transfer per day limit is 500000Rs.

The App follows all security guidelines of RBI, so forget long queues, NEFT forms, tons of details about beneficiary all you need is a unique ID of the sender or receiver with AXIS BANK UPI PAY app. Just one id . WOW, now that’s what you call a smart design. Go check the app on the play store now you’ll see what I’m talking about. Till then work smart.

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