AIFWAW16: Day1 Show Details

AIFWAW16: Day1 Show Details

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The Amazon India Fashion Week is going on and we bring you an exclusive details of the shows happening daily. So, yesterday was the day 1 of the #AIFWAW16 where few designers showcased their garments. We are bringing you some exclusive designs from all the shows happened in Day 1.

Opening show By Varun Bahl

The theme of the show was jungle where jewelled owls peep out from flowering hydrangeas and squirrels scurry about on sequined branches. The cuts used are both simple and classic, allowing for ease in styling and layering. Jackets, bombers, and tunics are key pieces that mix naturally with slim trousers and A-Line skirts.

7DM22271 VB_2

Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta

Saw some great Hand Woven work in dresses, jackets, sari woven with stainless steel. An interesting twist of Indian Textile into a Fashionable tale.



Hemant & Nandita

They showed how to layer up and be fashionable in their Autum Winter 16 collection. Used lots of gold with thick material and the style of wearing them together showcased how to dress as a strong women this season.

7DM23352 7DM23536

Pallavi Mohan

Their brand ‘Not So Serious’ presented the collection called ‘Synthesis’. An amalgamation of elements, this collection is the evolution of the hand crafted techniques that have become the hallmark of the brand. As such this collection has taken the ideas from past to their zenith and brought them together in a powerful yet cohesive way.

7DM24326 7DM24376

7DM24566 7DM24665 7DM24435

Kiran Uttam Ghosh

‘I have always been obsessed by silver. This collection is a celebration of excess and maximalism all the way. As tones of silver against a striking colour palette travel from ethereally pretty to stylistically futurist to powerfully nomadic.’ – Kiran

7DM25291 7DM25717

Rina Dhaka

The collection was based on knitwear stitch fabrics. From the dark winter colours to light Autumn colours, everything was making the collection perfect and delight to watch.



Gaurav Gupta

GG’s collection was an interesting concept with the name ‘Melt’. The collection highlighted the environmental issues as climate change and pollution. The collection was made of zero waste. Colours like flaming orange to dark blazing blue, black to shades of ashes of grey and the white, all were present in the collection.IMG_7893 IMG_8130

Stay tuned for more updates on the rest of the days for #AIFWAW16. Hope you like the post. Thank you so much for reading!


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