Affordable Precious Jewellery Fiona Solitaries

Affordable Precious Jewellery Fiona Solitaries

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Diamond Jewellery is one such thing which is your statement pieces and you can wear them with anything and everything. Diamonds are also ‘A Girls Best Friend’ because they are so pretty. But we really need to think before investing in them because they are expensive at the same time. We all consider Diamonds as a luxury item and not all pockets can afford them. With Fiona Solitaire, everyone can afford them and also enjoy buying them on their special occasion.


With their special Moissanite jewelry collection, which you can wear in place of your diamond jewelry and they will exactly look like diamonds. Moissanite jewelry is less expensive than a diamond jewelry and is a 9.25 on the Moh’s scale, so it is suitable for everyday wear without a fear of getting it stolen or wear out. Moissanite is lab created with minimal environmental impact that is why it is less expensive than diamonds. Moissanite comes under precious gems and Fiona Solitaries bringing it to all of us through their store where we can get these beautiful jewellery. Affordable solitaire pieces, beautiful finish and unique designs, you will all find it at  Fiona Solitaries.



I always look for statement pieces in my wardrobe and I do not like clogging up jewelry on myself. In my opinion, one statement ring or one necklace or earring is all you need to create that perfect outfit. Standout pieces are very important for doing so and Fiona Solitaries is exactly the place you should look if you think like me. Diamonds are rare and look exquisite and if you are getting the same in its one-tenth price, it’s damn incredible! Moissanite gems are not diamonds, but they are no less than diamond. Same finish, look and almost same hardness is what makes it remarkable.  Moissanite also fails the diamond test because it is so close to a real diamond.


As I have already mentioned that Fiona Solitaries makes some amazing statement pieces and I seriously fall in love with some of their jewelry pieces immediately after entering their store at GK Part 1, M Block Market, Delhi. They have all sorts of jewelry pieces – necklace, rings, earrings, etc. As I’m a minimalist person when it comes to jewelry, I got stuck with these amazing looking rings with Fiona Solitaries on top and small diamonds around. I totally love a particular ring which has a huge solitaire on it and now that is on my wish list of jewelry soon to buy!



I tried their necklace and it looked absolutely outstanding with a remarkable finish. I love their earring which has pearl detailing on it. I also tried their diamond watch which has a unique design. I simply love their collection and already told Saurabh that what I needed for my first anniversary.


With over 11 years of experience, Fiona Solitaires now ranks as the most premium jewelry brands in India. Fiona gives a lifetime 100% buy-back / exchange on all its jewelry. With a couple of stores in India and their online website, Fiona Solitaries is ready to capture the precious jewelry business. Get all the details and look of their designs at their website: I’m sure that you guys will thank me for this information.

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