RUDA is my alter ego which was known just to me untill 2013. It was this year  that I finally decided to unleash my Ruda avatar to the fashion world. Ruda is a fierce young women who isn’t afraid of anyone. She known what she wants and play the world by her own rule.

I have always been inspired by fashion, art, music & culture.Though we all live in the same society by its very amusing to see how different an indivisual’s style can be! I think ones lifestyle tell you much more about a person then word could ever.

FBR is a place where you will find everything interesting and happening right now. We always put an extra effort to make sure that each project we work on has our personal touch!

We have been blessed to work with some amazing brands and designers
and we always open to associate with new brands and people.



Editor and Model: Ruchika

Photographer and Director: Saurabh


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