A Fun Evening with Colin & Brad

A Fun Evening with Colin & Brad

Hi Everyone!

Black Dog Sparkling Water presents Easy Evenings and look who’s back, everyone’s favourite Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from “WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?”

I don’t know where to begin because nothing was scripted. hhhhmmmmmmmmm OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! The show was opened by Anu Menon aka Lola Kutty from Channel V. She did a short segment on her Gujju hubby which was hilarious.


Then came the stars of the show Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. They explained the audience that nothing in this show is scripted and the audience will be a part of this entire show till the end and boy did they prove it bang on!!

The show was divided into 5 sections and the first one was…

You move me baby!

In this segment our star comedians picked a couple and ask them to play as puppet masters where Colin & Brad will be playing as puppets and you can move them in any posture or position and they have to remain in that posture and build the sketch from there . The base of this scene was “two friends, finding a midget fisherman in Greece”


Section 2

Of the people, by the people, for the people.

This was a huge one, Oh, I hear you ask how? You greedy readers cause I’ll TELL YOU HOW!. 😛 In this sketch Colin and Brad picked 10 volunteers for their sketch. YUP! Here’s how the sketch unfolds, All of these 10 volunteers form a queue and whenever Colin or Brad raise their hand during their sketch, the volunteer at the front says whatever he has in his mind and our talent duo picks it up from there. Summary of this sketch- two mountain climbers climb onto a mountain to save a gorilla, beware do not let the gorilla be anywhere behind you cause if you’ll do, it will F**K YOU! Yes we Indians get naughty during volunteering and we loved it :P.


Crime alley codename thiruvananthapuram.

In this sketch Colin plays a criminal and Brad plays the cop. Colin puts on his noise reducing headphones  and Brad builds the case off of audience suggestions. The case was, that “Colin stole Donald Trump’s wig and hid it in Hillary Clinton’s underwear drawer, then he eat a live radioactive squirrel and left a masala dosa at the crime scene and all of this happened in Thiruvananthapuram. “ Yup, now Colin had to guess and confess all of this to Brad based on the hints he will give him and I tell you what, he got it all right, I give him A Okay.


Sound of music

In this sketch our talent duo picked a couple again from the audience and their task was to put the special effects noise to anything what Colin or Brad do. EXAMPLE- If Colin does a mime of closing a car door, then one of our volunteers will make the door-shutting noise. BEST Sketch of the evening. The scenario here was, two guys go to a Rodeo but instead of broncos they ride crocodile. By the end of this sketch I was laughing so hard that my face was aching.



Last but not the least. The summary of this sketch is that Aliens have attacked and they’re taking all our sheeps. So Brad has invented a vacuum-sheep-sucking machine and wants Colin’s help to infiltrate the alien UFO and save all the sheep using that machine, but all of this was done in a les Miserables / Opera Style.

So that was the end of the show, the best part was that there are no spoilers to Colin and Brad show. Every show is unique and totally improvised right there and I love the format of involving the audience. So please, next time if you hear these names again, grab the tickets and witness the laughter in its purest form. Boom there I said IT!!

A shout out to Black Dog Sparkling Water for organizing this brilliant event!


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