A Courage to be Green

A Courage to be Green

“In this world full of white, black and gray, it takes a higher form of courage to be green.”

The 100 Pipers team has taken the initiative, i.e. The Good Crusaders to educate people through their YouTube channel. Jahan Peston Jamas, co-founder of Bombay Hemp Company, talks about The Hemp Revolution. Hemp truly is a miracle plant. Aside from being an amazing, sustainable fiber for clothing and building material, the seeds are also helpful to provide the body with some amazing health benefits.

Jahan Peston Jamas talks about how this plant can help us find solutions to the problems faced by the agricultural sector in India. The agricultural sector in India provides employment to nearly 60% of the population, even though this sector only contributes 12%-15% of the country’s GDP. These solutions will come from innovative ideas related to natural fibers.


Hemp or Cannabis is one of the oldest cash crops known to mankind. From the fiber to the seed to the flower to the leaf to the bud of this plant have over 25,000 industrial uses. The birth place of this miracle plant is known to be Central Asia and India. As you travel through India, you will always see a species of the Cannabis plant, especially in the rural parts of India. You will be surprised to know that there is no estimate as how much of the Cannabis plant actually grows in the country. Many people consider this plant as a drug, however, we need to change our perspective of looking at things and see this as an opportunity to deliver to our consumers a sustainable product. For this to happen, the government of our country has to work hand in hand with the different sectors of the Indian economy to build a stronger foundation for the farmers.

This initiative by 100 Pipers is taken to educate the people on how to create a new sustainable ecological environment for a better future without any problems by simply making use of the crop. Jahan Peston Jamas has the vision of a hemp ecosystem, where the growth of cannabis is used for both industrial as well as medicinal purposes across this country.

Jahan Peston Jamas inspires us further by telling us when we visit our home town or travel across the country, we must ask ourselves one question- what is the one resource around me that I never valued from which I can extract a value which will actually involve working with others for the benefit of this country. Because we all one collective mission, which is to be remembered for good.

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