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7th Blog Anniversary

7th Blog Anniversary

Hey Guys!

I hope you are doing ok and are safe. A lot has happened since I posted my last blog post: We stepped into the year 2020, my trip to Kufri and experience a near-death situation, Corona Virus, Worldwide lockdown…

I have been more active on my social media and Youtube channel now rather than posting blog posts here. I have realized that the entertainment graph has been shifted towards more to live media rather than blogs and why not if people can see and hear you then why just reading. But I have always found fun creating content for my blog, creating new fashion looks, writing and sharing my thoughts. I started my journey as a blogger and this blog has been there ever since and its been 7 years. So on the occasion of my blogs 7th birthday, I’m here with this look which I absolutely love and HAPPY 7th BLOG ANNIVERSARY to me!



Last year, I posted a picture on my Instagram to celebrate my 6 years of blogging. It was super fun creating that content. This year, I thought why not writing a blog post with a new look and talk about all the things happening around. But first, let’s talk about this look.

It’s a simple look which is great for day time. Paired my cotton maxi dress with a nude leather jacket. I have always love pairing bright colors with basic colors. It gives the overall look a subtle feeling. To finish the look, I have added a jute belt, brown sandals, and a clear boxy clutch. I have also kept my makeup very minimal for the day look (just added a lot of highlighter to glow!). BTW, I have started doing a lot of makeup looks. My passion for makeup has been evolved a lot and I want to do a makeup artist course soon to start my career as a Makeup Artist as well. THAT’S NEWS! Right?


I have been creating a lot of makeup looks on my Youtube and social media accounts lately and I realized that playing with makeup is what I love the most! Of course, talking about trends and fashion is what I always do and I will continue to do so but I’m more focussed now on the makeup. I’m getting inspired looking at other Makeup Artists creating such perfect looks. So, now you are going to see a lot of makeup reviews, makeup looks and my journey of being a makeup artist on my Youtube channel and social media but yes I will also continue to post my fashion looks here on my blog and my travel reviews.


The year 2020 started with a bang called Corona Virus (COVID19) and as it became pandemic, the fear of the disease is getting worse. The only way we can prevent it till now if we keep ourselves house quarantine. For me, it’s been 25 days since I have quarantine myself and to be honest it’s really difficult but to fight this we all have to come together and do so. All of my work, my shoots, and events got postponed and because of that, it’s affecting my personal life and finances as well. But this is not the time to think about it. It’s time to save our country and people by being at home. So, I hope you guys are doing the same and keeping yourselves at home. I wish everyone great health and peace.


I hope you like this post. Thank you so much for reading at and stay safe!



Dress: Forever21

Jacket: ZARA

Shoes: Alberto Torresi

Bag: It was PR Package!