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A Fun trip to Corbett: Hotel Review – Bijrani Jungle Camp

A Fun trip to Corbett: Hotel Review – Bijrani Jungle Camp

Hi Everyone!

Nature is something which inspires me. For me, a perfect holiday will be where there are greenery and serenity and what’s best than taking a trip to a forest reserve. In North India, Jim Corbett is very famous for its beauty and wildlife.We were thinking of taking a weekend getaway vacation for really long and this time we choose to go to Jim Corbett. This was my second visit to this place and I was so excited to check out some new properties there. We planned for 2 Nights 3 days trip in which we booked two different properties to stay. The first one was Bijrani Jungle Camp (Himalayan Cove) where we stayed for the first night. While we were staying there, we also did the Corbett jungle safari at the Bijrani range. MVIMG_20171107_155910We did this trip in the second week of November. We started our journey around 4 a.m. in the morning and because of really bad smoke that day, it took us more than 9 hours to reach our hotel. We are also coming up with a travel video blog where I have vblogged and showed the awful weather where it was all smoke and we can’t even see the roads. Somehow we managed to reach the hotel and upon reaching, we realized that our jeep for jungle safari was already waiting for us. We quickly got ready and left for our jungle safari. Our jungle safari was for 3 hours. We didn’t saw any Tiger but I really love the peacefulness and the serenity of the place. We saw a lot of different other animals like peacock, six different kinds of deer, wild cock, and elephant. The jungle safari time was a blissful moment for me and I would like to do that again in some other range.00100sPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20171107151331913_COVERTalking about the Bijrani Jungle Camp (Himalayan Cove), it is situated on the bank of Kosi River just opposite to Bijrani zone of Corbett National Park. It is a Decent Hotel with a vast area which includes 17 independent cottages, restaurant, activity area, a huge lawn, and reception. It was very peaceful and quiet and at night you can also you hear a lot of animal voices. The rooms were basic with 1 bathroom attached. The room does not include any AC but they have desert coolers installed. There is room service also available in this hotel. With the room tariff, your meals are included. Breakfast does not include a very vast variety of food but you will get the basic things which you required for a breakfast like Omelette, toast, tea, coffee, jam, butter, Paratha, etc. The hotel staff is very courteous and we love the food as well. The highlight of our stay was when we saw 2 foxes roaming around the hotel at night. The stay was good and comfortable. Maker:S,Date:2017-9-26,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E:YUntitled-1 I will also be doing another hotel review on the 2nd hotel that we stayed from our Corbett trip. So stay tuned for that and thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the review. 

Our Wedding Journey

Our Wedding Journey

Hi Everyone!

I know this post was long pending and after we completed one year of our wedding, it is high time that I show you our wedding journey through these beautiful pictures which were taken during the time. Whenever I thought of writing this blog post, I always get nervous and tell myself ‘Maybe next time’. But, it is finally the time that I should share our beautiful bonding with you.

We started our friendship around 11 years back when we met at my brother’s engagement. We became really close friends quickly and after a year we both confessed that we like each other which is more than our friendship. Well, it might sound very casual and happy go lucky, but the reality was much more of a mixture of ups and downs. While we survived for another 10 years of our relationship through lots of thick and thin, our love and respect for each other grew more and more. Five years back we decided to open up our blog together and after all of your love and support to our blog, we have finally opened up our Fashion Label ‘House of RUDA’.

We both did hard work in this relationship which finally turned into our ‘Happily Ever After’ and running almost around a year starting with the special meeting of our parents for our wedding discussion to getting the perfect outfit and to manage a memorable day for everyone, the three days of our wedding extravaganza started.



Our wedding started with our engagement which happened on 22nd November 2016. I always wanted to wear a ballroom gown in one of my special days. As we are Hindus and we have to wear Indian attire, wearing a wedding gown is out of the list. So, I decided to wear it on my engagement. We literally created this gown from the scratch starting with selecting the color to the embroidery and the vial. I was very nervous about this attire as how the final look will be and will everyone like it or not! I was really happy that everyone loved it and I actually got lots of compliments on the gown.



The next day was the Mehendi night. I decided to keep the look simple so that I will be comfortable enough to move and dance around. I added custom-made flower jewelry for my Mehendi look. The next day which was 24th November 2016, was the wedding day. In morning, we had puja, which in Bengali we call ‘Nanni Mukh’ in which we remember our four fathers. I wore Bengali red bordered traditional sari for the ceremony. Followed by Haldi ceremony for which I wore a georgette yellow sari with a loose braid.




After the house ceremonies, I quickly had my lunch and rushed towards the venue where my makeup artist was waiting to get started with my wedding look. My wedding lehenga was a blood red lehenga with double dupatta.



My makeup artist Alok, did a fantastic job and I was super happy with the makeup and the hairdo. I’m so blessed that I have got my second parents so awesome and loving and a little sister. Now, I have two families to take care of and I love it.



I hope you like all the looks. Thank you so much for reading this and sending all your love.