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Mother Nature: White Top & Denim Short

Mother Nature: White Top & Denim Short

Hi Everyone!

I’m here in Rishikesh when I’m writing this post. Sitting in this small beautiful café and watching the Ganga flowing through the mountains is breath-taking and the rain added to its beauty. This awesome view inspired me to write and the breeze brings this lovely wet soil scent. I’m looking at the beauty of Rishikesh like this for the first time and all I can say is that I’m blessed to be here after all. Trust me after Maldives, I have been too many places for review but this is the second time that I came so close to nature.



Maldives is like a dream now which I lived and this will be the last lookbook post from that dream. Here, I have paired my off shoulder top, denim shorts, and sneakers. We went for snorkelling a day before we did this shoot and the next day I released that I’m all sun burn. I was scared to show off my shoulder but the sun burn actually came out really nice like someone applied blush on me. I totally love the look and it came out really casual and hip. This month there are so many places to visit are scheduled and I will look forward to get more closer to nature. Keep checking our stories and snapchat to know more on our travel.



Thank you so much for reading this. Let us where are you traveling next and I might make our next travel there. Here are the links of the other two beach look ( Look One & Look Two) and our lookbook video on our channel:  

IMG_1016-1-2 IMG_1088-2


Top: Pret

Shorts: Madame (Old)

Sneakers: GK Market

My Ash Grey Hair Story

My Ash Grey Hair Story

Hi Everyone!

As you guys know that I started coloring my hair from past few months. I always wanted to have beautiful Ash Grey hair color which I got inspired looking at lots of other YouTubers and Instagram pictures. Earlier, I did lots of browns and also carried some red hair too. I’m brunette which as an Indian we get as a gift and now I’m bored with brown, red and copper hair. For this reason, I wanted a completely different hair color which should suit my complexion without making me look dark and Ash Grey is that color which looks beautiful in Indian skin.


I knew that to turn my hair Ash Grey, I have to first bleach my hair and then tone it Grey. In process of doing so, my first attempt was with Fashion Salon and I have also reviewed their services on my blog (Here is the post: Frankly, I have stubborn hair which is so hard to bleach and the first time, it took approximate 3 hours to bleach my hair and to reach my hair a golden shade. Ash Grey is such a light color that if you do not take care of the color it will defiantly wash off. So, my first color (which was also not that grey) got washed off really fast. I wanted to have my hair toned again.


I got an invite from ASK Academy which is a Schwarzkopf Academy for us to come and experience their services. I did not think twice and I said I will love to come and experience it. So, I went to ASK Academy in Saket which recently opened their trend lab. When I reached there, I noticed they were doing such beautiful colors on others. I asked them that I needed to tone my hair Ash Grey and they started the process.



The process was actually pretty simple. They have to bleach my hair a tone lighter again to get the Ash Grey right and then tone the hair. Everyone knows that bleaching hair is damaging your hair. I was I little concern about the bleach part that it will damage my hair more. But my hair stylist asked me not to worry as they will mix the bleach with their newly launched Fibreplex which does not allow the chemical to damage the hair and leave your hair as they were. So after a 20 min bleaching session, I got my head wash and toning was done. I was really glad that the bleach did not damage the hair at all (thanks to Fiberplex) and I love the final color.


Tip: If you are going to color your hair and scared that it will damage your hair, then ask your stylist to add Fliberplex in the hair color process.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what do you think about my hair color.