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A NEXA IGNIS Test Drive Experience

A NEXA IGNIS Test Drive Experience

Hi Everyone!

I love driving my car, it’s a Premium Urban Compact, powerful performance cuts around small corners with no sweat. But I have never tried my hands on an automatic transmission car ever, not until now. I had an opportunity to attend NEXA IGNIS test drive event where you get to drive their automatic variant. IGNIS organized the event in The Great India Mall in Noida where you go and have a test drive of the car in a very innovative way.


They were running a game where there are two people playing against each other. All you have to do is you have to drive your IGNIS front and back. Simple right? But it was not that simple! Through a virtual screen, which was installed in front, you have to play a game of ping pong ball where you have to hit the ball with the car by going front and back competing with your rival. This was an amazing new way of test driving where you can test the car’s pickup, gear shifting, and performance. I also enrolled myself for this game and decided to play it with my husband.

IMG-20170617-WA0018 IMG-20170617-WA0021

I always want to try ‘AGS (Automatic Gear Shift)’ and this was the right opportunity but the problem was I don’t know how to drive one, then again I thought how hard can that be. So I got through with all the formalities like you do before taking a test drive. Finally! I walk towards the car in the game alley which looked spectacular in electric red colour and Jet Black alloy wheels, did I tell you that I have a “thing” for Premium Urban Compact cars. Yeah!, Same “thing” happened looking at this one. So I took the test drive on the diesel variant, took it for a spin around quick short and long corners also checked on the pickup speed of the car too.


So how was the experience? Was it hard to drive an AGS car? Well if you think drinking a glass of water is hard, then yeah it was hard. Are you kidding me? It was super easy and I had no idea why I kept myself from not driving an AGS. Maybe because of the old school kid in me but it’s the best solution for Delhi’s traffic. You choose either this or enroll for a knee cap replacement due to the constant clutch pedal shift during bumper to bumper traffic. In IGNIS if you release the brakes, the car automatically pick up the speed gently from 5 kph to 10 kph. You don’t have to even lift your right leg to push the accelerator. IGNIS also has a fantastic auto gear shift which gives you seamless shifting and smoother driving experience.


WOW, I want one AGS IGNIS now! It looks Premium Urban Compact on the outside and spacious on the inside, standard dual airbag, steering mounted controls, 100% touch panel control of the car stereo system with live sat-navigation. To sum it all up it’s a cool car to own, I loved the experience and I think you’ll love it too. If you’re a little skeptical then I would suggest going take a test drive and you will be sorted.

Thank you so much for reading the post. Here is the NEXA IGNIS website to know more:

Womanhood: Leather Skirt & White T-Shirt

Womanhood: Leather Skirt & White T-Shirt

Hi Everyone!

I started this blog 4 years ago out of my passion and now this has become my career. Fashion makes me find new places and explore more. Being a blogger, I have a freedom to express my thoughts through my blog and to reach every one of you. Fashion came to me naturally and I want to take my love for fashion to a new dimension and do something creative. Trends are something which everyone tries to follow and it changes every session but if you have fashion sense you can rock whatever you have been given. I have big plans which I will reveal with time to you though my blog and would love to get your opinion as well because of you all matter to us and what we have achieved today is all because of you guys.

Today’s look is inspired by free and strong women. They have responsibility but also they have style to live and dress up. She is not afraid of the hurdles in her life. She is self-sufficient and independent. This look is to salute the womanhood and to the women in all our lives.

IMG_0091-1 IMG_0081-1 IMG_0051-1 IMG_0059-1 IMG_0073-1

IMG_0036-1 IMG_0047-1 IMG_0086-1 IMG_0041-1IMG_0031-1

Thank you so much for reading. Which women do you want to salute in your life and why? Let us know in the comment section below. Out of all your comments, we will select one winner who will win a hamper from us as a token of love for that special woman in your life. There are few rules that you should follow to participate in this giveaway:


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  4. The contest is open till 24th June and we will declare our winner on 25th June 2017.
  5. Open for Indian residents only.

All the best and we cannot wait to read all your entries.


T-Shirt & Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: Koovs

Accessories: Clutch – Forever21, Watch: UCB

Location: Rohet Garh

Hotel Review: One Partridge Hill at Mukteshwar

Hotel Review: One Partridge Hill at Mukteshwar

Hi Everyone!

If you guys follow me on social media especially Facebook then you might know that I took a pledge to travel to Nainital and we finalized the trip as well. Well, this post is on the review of the property where we stayed at Mukteshwar, Nainital.


During our visit to Mukteshwar, we stayed at a boutique luxury homestay and the name of the property is One Partridge Hill. The drive from Delhi took us around eight hours to reach the property in which we took one breakfast and few washroom breaks. The way towards the property is a little confusing if you are traveling with the help of google maps, thus it is advisable to get the location details from the property itself.

IMG_0246-1 IMG_0230-1 bed close up-1

The first look of the property to me was cozy, luxurious and near to nature. The owner of the property was also there during our stay. She explained that the property is created keeping the mother nature in mind. The property is equipped with rainwater harvesting system and solar panel system keeping the environment resources in mind. The property has been decorated with bird theme which is the specialty of the place and you can see many beautiful birds around. The property also has some strong house rules which they expect the guests should follow during the stay, which is mentioned below:



chair and foot rest-1

The property has 4 rooms for the guests and only one room has a television in it. We booked two rooms at the property, the one was an attic room and the other one below the same. The rooms were quite spacious with huge washrooms and we also had a private terrace because of the attic room. The back side of the property has forest area and a way towards an old temple. I would advise that if you are visiting this place and planning to trek the forest area, you should go in a group and in the day time. There are wild animals and dense forest area around the property. Here’s a detailed Vlog about our whole trip:


bed carpet-1

bath owl-1

outdoor crop-1

The property does not allow you to eat in the rooms but you can have your drinks and meals downstairs or in their garden area. The meals are included in the room tariff and you will get the ‘Ghar ka Khana’ from their kitchen. The first day, after we arrived, we had lunch in which we had yellow dal, kadhai paneer, chappati, mutton biriyani, mix veg raita, salad, gulab jamun. In dinner, we had garlic bread, cutlets, non-veg kabab, shahi tukda.


bath decor-1


rain water harvesting-1

The nearby places to visit is the river which will take 20-25 min drive, Old Bangalow (created by British) which will take 10-15 mins walk and the old temple which will take 10 mins trekking. The place is situated with a beautiful view of the Almora city and we can also see the snow covered Himalaya chain of mountains from the balcony in a non-misty day. The crisp chilly air, the peaceful environment away from the city hassle, makes Mukteshwar and this property a must visit the place. But if you are not interested in following the above house rules, this might not be the right place for your stay as the property follows the rules quite strictly. I would recommend this place to those who love nature, bird watchers and love to spend their holiday in a peaceful atmosphere.

efw3 1


Thank you so much for reading. For bookings, please check hotels website:

Also, do check what Travellersfoodboxx has to say about this hotel with whom we shared our trip:

Beach Look: Sheer Top & White Hat

Beach Look: Sheer Top & White Hat

Hi Everyone!

This is another lookbook post what we shoot at Maldives. Sheer top and hat are an essential for your beach holiday. While I’m writing this post, my mind is asking me to take another beach holiday. Well I’m that soon but first, let’s discuss this look 😊



IMG_0916-1 IMG_0932-1

In this look, I have paired this beautiful sheer top with denim shorts and hat. If you do not wear or carry proper to the beach, you will end up burning yourself in the scorching heat during the day. Always carry hats, sheer cover-ups or tops, and a good sunscreen lotion. You will enjoy your beach holidays to the fullest if you use these while your stay. We have also done a lookbook video on this look, so have a look here:

IMG_0918-1IMG_0908-1 IMG_0951-1 IMG_0942-1

Let me know what do you think is that one important thing you want to carry for a beach destination in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading. Look forward to all your comments.


Top: Pret

Denim: Madame

Hat: Forever21