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Glitters :: AIFWAW17 Day 3 StreetStyle

Glitters :: AIFWAW17 Day 3 StreetStyle

Hi Everyone,

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. This was my day 3 look at the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017. I choose to wore my gold bodysuit with the silver brocade pants. I finished the look with the golden oxford shoes and a bright red lips clutch. I hope you also like the look like I did. Leaving you guys with some more picture and the outfit details at the end. 







Body Suit: Koovs



Accessories: Bag & Eye Wear – Forever21


Visit to the Queen of Hills – Hotel Pacific Review | Travel Blog

Visit to the Queen of Hills – Hotel Pacific Review | Travel Blog

Hi Everyone!

When there is summer, go to a mountain! – This is in everyone’s mind, especially Delhivallas. Our favorite weekend gateway is either a hill station in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand.  As this season the summers came pretty early and we are burning in Delhi from April, we decided that we need a short vacation and everyone decided to go to Mussoorie (of course again!).


This is not the first time that I have been traveling to Mussoorie but I have traveled several times and I have now lost count. We decided not to stay at the mall road or our usual places but to explore some place new in Mussoorie. We searched and found out a place called the Camels Back Road which is behind the mall road where we never stayed or visited. It is a very quiet with no traffic and in fact 2 degrees lower than the main Mall Road. There is a hotel in that road – Pacific Hotel, where we stayed and spent our weekend this time.




As we have started doing travel blogging on our blog and channel, we decided to review the hotel and do a vlog on our trip. On our way to the hotel, we have enjoyed the majestic view and the crisp air of Mussoorie away from the hassle and traffic of Delhi. You need to cross mall road on the way to the Camel’s Back Road. We experienced horrible traffic and pollution on the Mall Road. While we were entering our hotel at the Camel’s Back Road, we noticed that it’s in the middle of the forest with no hotels around and the calmness of the place gave us a relief that took a wise decision selecting this hotel out of all.



The Pacific Hotel, Mussoorie also has a chain in Dehradun which is 15 years old and their first property and after successfully running that property, Mussoorie property made and it started working 11 months back. The first look of the hotel to me was pretty neat and small like most of the other hotels in Mussoorie, but when we entered the hotel we realized that it has three floors with the nicely maintained decor. We booked two suites for us which have a view of the Himalayas. In the morning we actually saw snow covered the Himalayas from our room window which was a breathtaking view. I can vouch, that this hotel has one of the best views of the mountains and that was the main reason we decided to go ahead with this hotel.




The rooms have a minimalistic design with the required things which can make your stay comfortable. In the living room, you will get a Dining area, a washroom, Television, Sofa area with sofa cum bed, working area with a fantastic view of the Himalayas.  In one corner you will also get a small kitchen with a sink. In the bedroom, you will get one double bed, a washroom, a small sitting area and a small closet. The suite has ample amount of space to accommodate 3-4 person. The rooms are very spacious with comfortable beds. Looking through the large windows of our room and sipping my wine was an experience of another world.




That’s not all about the amazing facts of Pacific Hotel, Mussoorie. Actually, I’m coming towards that point which made of stay to a level up. Yes, I’m talking about the food! From Chinese to Indian, we tasted it all and I never expected to eat such lip-smacking food while I’m traveling. We opted Chinese for our Lunch, Indian for Dinner and continental for our breakfast and believe you me, they have remarkable food with great quality. Since we were glued to our rooms, the management was kind enough to serve our food in our rooms so that we can enjoy to our fullest. We went to Mall Road but we never bother to eat there because our hotel was serving such amazing food. I would highly recommend that if you guys are planning a trip to Mussoorie, then you should visit this hotel, if not for staying, at least for a meal. The staff was very polite and humble. They took care of us and provided with what we asked for. Their chef visited our room to ask if we like the food and if we need anything. 


IMG_2308-1 IMG_2475-1 IMG_2467-1

In my opinion, there are few things on which if the hotel should work it will be excellent:

  1. House Keeping – We stayed for two days but we did not get automatic housekeeping for our rooms. I agree that we did not ask for it but I feel that they should have done it on their own once a day.
  2. Kitchen items: I feel that if you are providing a kitchen space, you should also give two sets of cutleries and a fridge.


We stayed there for 2 days and our overall experience was delightful and memorable. We took small walks outside the hotel enjoying the view, the food was outstanding, the hotel staff was humble and helpful, what more do you want! Truly love the experience and would love to go back and stay with Pacific Hotel again.  For bookings, please check hotels website:

Also, do check what Travellersfoodboxx has to say about this hotel with whom we shared our trip:

PRODUCT REVIEW: VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion

PRODUCT REVIEW: VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion

The rising temperature is calling for lots of sunscreens. There are lots of them in the market and it is very important to find out which one is the best for your skin and will protect you from the harmful sun rays.  VLCC has recently launched the Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion and we are going to review the same today.


What the brand claims:

VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion is a board spectrum sunscreen, with SPF 30 and PA+++, which provides long duration sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Enriched with Pineapple extract, it hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Its non-sticky formula gets absorbed quickly and provides a matte finish.


Price: Rs. 215 for 60G, Available here:

Directions: Apply liberally and evenly on the face and neck, 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply frequently for long duration sun exposure.



My verdict about the VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion:

The packaging has been done very nicely in a squeezable plastic tube with the white and orange look which makes it look simple with all the details written on the package. It has a flip-top tube packaging which makes it easy to carry around without a fear of messiness which also makes it travel-friendly. Overall I like the packaging which is simple to use with all the information written on it. Because of the size of the product, you can carry it easily anywhere in your handbag and apply it anytime you want. You should apply your sunscreen lotions after every 3 to 4 hours and a handy product always help. It has a tinted lotion with a thick consistency. It has a very mild fragrance which does not bother at all.

IMG_2547- IMG_2553-1

Sun Screen lotions come with different textures – Matte, oily and normally and you should select the product according to your skin type and preference. This is a matte sunscreen lotion so it will make the skin look matte and as I have extremely dry skin, I felt that the product is making my skin a little dry but I’m sure that this will work fine with normal to oily skin. I will be going to use this after moisturizing my skin that way it will hydrate my skin. When you apply it, it gives you a little brighter tint as well. Thus, you can also use it as a little foundation and cover it with a powder, but take a very small quality of the product because if you will squeeze out too much product, you might have issue blending it. As it gives a matte finish, the product really sticks to your skin and thus it is also water resistance. As it has SPF 30 and PA+++ it gives you a great protection from the sun. I love Ayurvedic products because they do not have any side effects to your skin and it is a plus point that the VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion is also an Ayurvedic product. The price of this product is affordable and good for a 60gm product.Overall it is a good product to get your hands on and try it, as summer is approaching and you will be needing a lot of sunscreens. 

Rating: 4/5

Thank you so much for reading the review!

Hands on & Full Phone Review: Nubia Z11 MiniS

Hands on & Full Phone Review: Nubia Z11 MiniS

Everyone one of us uses gadgets in our everyday lives. Especially mobile phones; it has become our basic necessity. Not only for calling and staying in touch with other people, we use mobile phones for taking pictures, listening to music, watching videos, checking our social media account and much more. New phones are coming in the market each and every year and every brand is trying to level up their game with latest features. Thus, it is very important to know the phone and its features before investing in it.



Nubia has recently launched a new phone Nubia Z11 MiniS and today we’re reviewing it for you. Nubia Z11 MiniS is a semi-budget smartphone costing Rs. 16,999. It comes with full metal body design on the outside and very slim (7.6mm) which makes it easier to hold in one hand and navigate on the phone. The Matt finish on the back of the phone keeps the phone from slipping off but one should still buy an extra protecting mobile case.



On the front, the screen bezels on either side are almost too minimal giving the user a corner to corner display feel. Fingerprint scanners are mandatory demand for smartphones now a days and Nubia Z11 Mini S has on the back which reads multiple fingers of the user. You can also assign different actions to the fingerprint scanner to eg- unlocking, screenshot, snapping photos. The volume and power off /standby buttons are on the right side of the phone as we see on most of the smartphones. Also on the front, the home, back and multitasking buttons are present outside of screen area giving the user a 100% uncropped working area. All three buttons are visible via backlit at the bottom.  



On display side the phone has 5.2-inch gorilla Glass display screen with 1080p HD resolution, it’s not AMOLED display but the brightness levels are good and colors are well saturated. In case one needs to tweak the display settings, then you have color temperature settings as well. Nubia Z11 mini S also came up with a new dual SIM hybrid slot that can convert one of the Sim slots into a microSD slot which can go up to 200gb.


Yes, you have headphone jack here on the top and USB type c charging at the bottom but still, it has no fast charging and no NFC too which we thought if present would’ve been better. We are happy with the processor of this phone under its category. It packs 4gb RAM and 64gb storage with snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 625 SoC series. The OS here is named Nubia UI 4.0 which is based on Android marshmallow 6.0.1 but the company has confirmed that on the roll out of Android Nougat, Nubia Z11 mini S will get an update too. In our experience, the phone is pretty fast and it took everything effortlessly that we threw at it. We ran heavy ram monster games on it, like the need for speed and asphalt 8 and we couldn’t find any noticed lag. During extreme processing on such apps, the phone does get a little warm but that’s the issue every phone is battling with.


Audio performance is pretty neat as it has a dual stereo at the bottom, we like the sound with headphone jack where you can tweak bass and treble to your personal needs. Nubia Z11 mini S supports multiple audio video codecs for hassle-free playback which brings us to its battery part. I know we mentioned earlier there is no fast charging but the phone comes with 3000mAh battery and with good battery management. The operating system provided all day lasting backup.



And now, the feature that nubia Z11 mini S is banking all its chips and it is pretty enticing. Starting with the rear camera which is 23mp Sony IMX 318 Exmor sensor with PDAF and f-stop at f/2.0 Aperture. When it comes to daylight the camera photo quality blew our minds, first off it’s blazing fast and the sensor captures brilliant light and color details. Focus points are quick and accurate in our tests. The phone also performs better under low light with less noise but background details can get a bit compromised.



And now the front camera, which is 13mp Sony IMX 258 CMOS lens and appetite here is also at f-stop f/2.0. This has an 80°wide angle for a group out large portrait selfies. One of the features we loved on the front facing camera is when a user smiles the camera takes the photo automatically. We love this feature because shutter release here is lightning fast and it did not stop at one photo but keep on taking multiple photos of your smiling face. So, finally on an overall we like Nubia Z11 MiniS as it offers a refreshing take on smartphones era, it’s affordable but the build quality is not cheap, hybrid dual SIM slot/MicroSD slot offer storage to 200gb, blazing fast selfie cam and high sensor camera. It is a beautiful package in our experience.


Thank you so much for reading our review on the Nubia Z11 MiniS. You can buy the Nubia Z11 MiniS from here: We hope that this review will help you choose your phone wisely.

Affordable Precious Jewellery Fiona Solitaries

Affordable Precious Jewellery Fiona Solitaries

Hi Everyone!

Diamond Jewellery is one such thing which is your statement pieces and you can wear them with anything and everything. Diamonds are also ‘A Girls Best Friend’ because they are so pretty. But we really need to think before investing in them because they are expensive at the same time. We all consider Diamonds as a luxury item and not all pockets can afford them. With Fiona Solitaire, everyone can afford them and also enjoy buying them on their special occasion.


With their special Moissanite jewelry collection, which you can wear in place of your diamond jewelry and they will exactly look like diamonds. Moissanite jewelry is less expensive than a diamond jewelry and is a 9.25 on the Moh’s scale, so it is suitable for everyday wear without a fear of getting it stolen or wear out. Moissanite is lab created with minimal environmental impact that is why it is less expensive than diamonds. Moissanite comes under precious gems and Fiona Solitaries bringing it to all of us through their store where we can get these beautiful jewellery. Affordable solitaire pieces, beautiful finish and unique designs, you will all find it at  Fiona Solitaries.



I always look for statement pieces in my wardrobe and I do not like clogging up jewelry on myself. In my opinion, one statement ring or one necklace or earring is all you need to create that perfect outfit. Standout pieces are very important for doing so and Fiona Solitaries is exactly the place you should look if you think like me. Diamonds are rare and look exquisite and if you are getting the same in its one-tenth price, it’s damn incredible! Moissanite gems are not diamonds, but they are no less than diamond. Same finish, look and almost same hardness is what makes it remarkable.  Moissanite also fails the diamond test because it is so close to a real diamond.


As I have already mentioned that Fiona Solitaries makes some amazing statement pieces and I seriously fall in love with some of their jewelry pieces immediately after entering their store at GK Part 1, M Block Market, Delhi. They have all sorts of jewelry pieces – necklace, rings, earrings, etc. As I’m a minimalist person when it comes to jewelry, I got stuck with these amazing looking rings with Fiona Solitaries on top and small diamonds around. I totally love a particular ring which has a huge solitaire on it and now that is on my wish list of jewelry soon to buy!



I tried their necklace and it looked absolutely outstanding with a remarkable finish. I love their earring which has pearl detailing on it. I also tried their diamond watch which has a unique design. I simply love their collection and already told Saurabh that what I needed for my first anniversary.


With over 11 years of experience, Fiona Solitaires now ranks as the most premium jewelry brands in India. Fiona gives a lifetime 100% buy-back / exchange on all its jewelry. With a couple of stores in India and their online website, Fiona Solitaries is ready to capture the precious jewelry business. Get all the details and look of their designs at their website: I’m sure that you guys will thank me for this information.

I  hope you love reading the post and it is informative for you as well. Thank you so much for reading.

Maldives LookBook: Blue Dress

Maldives LookBook: Blue Dress

Hi Everyone!

It feels like a dream when I think of Maldives. I always wanted to go to a beach destination and Maldives was my first experience and what an experience that was! I have been to Mumbai few times and saw beaches there, but that was not a beach place for me. I wanted to go to a place which has clear water and sand, lush green tree, quite, away from the city and Maldives is just that place!




We have created this Lookbook and a couple of more (coming up soon) to show what I wore during our stay and to give you an idea of what to pack for your next beach holiday. I usually try to pack light while I’m  traveling and thus I only kept my slippers and sneakers for this trip. Maldives is made of huge numbers of small islands. Some were bought by the resorts and locals stay on some island. I knew that it will be sand everywhere, thus I never packed my heels and trust me, the slippers were my best friend there. So, you might see me wearing slippers for the upcoming lookbooks of the Maldives as well, but when its beach, who cares! Always wear something in which you are comfortable with.





When I visited Maldives, I was in a middle of few blog projects as well as my regular office. Thus, I never got time to visit malls and stores to buy my outfits. Rather, I ordered all my outfits online, whenever I got time. I was browsing and I saw this cutout dress and it looked perfect to me for a beach destination. I wanted to wear light and airy on this trip and this dress was perfect because of its side slits and back cutout. I had a great and comfortable time wearing this dress on my day one of Maldives trip.



Thank you so much for reading. More such looks coming up on the blog soon. Hope you will like them all.


Dress: (Here)

Necklace: Flee Market

Denim Fever: Cold Shoulder Dress & Printed Bag

Denim Fever: Cold Shoulder Dress & Printed Bag

Hi Everyone!

Wish you a great weekend! As now I’m blogging full time, I have to work almost all the time no matter what day it is. Though I’m not complaining about the work and I thoroughly love it, but sometimes it gets hectic when you have to run events after events and come back with sore feet and realize that you still have work left on the blog. It looks great from outside, but maintaining a blog and keeping your presence alive is a lot more than it looks. I always love talking to you guys through our blog and you guys have been a great support throughout and because of this I got this courage to take it as my career now. I would really like to thank you all for your support.



Coming to the look we have for today is this beautiful denim dress paired with nude accessories. The cold shoulder or shoulder cutouts are trending these days and you can find them with every brand. I love this trend and now I have a couple of dresses and tops with this style. I saw this dress on Koovs and immediately bought it. Normally I always think and buy those garments which are quirky and easy to pair up with different other things. Back of my mind, I knew I can only wear this as a dress and I cannot really create more looks with this but when you like something truly then who cares!







I paired this dress with this cute printed clutch which I sourced from my sister. She started her know label called Mango Pepal in which they are retailing bags and I’m not bragging, but they really have some amazing collection which is a must check out.  This look is great for an outing with friends, movie dates or brunch.  Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you all like the look.



Dress: (Here)


Bag: Mango Pepal (Here

New Beginning: Fur Jacket & White Dress

New Beginning: Fur Jacket & White Dress

Hi Everyone,

Sending greetings from Mussoorie and wishing a happy weekend!








Yesterday was my last day of work and now I can proudly say that I’m a full-time blogger. So, now you can see more updates and blog posts coming up on our handles and channels. I was planning to do this for really long and be an entrepreneur. We have big dreams and want to achieve them, now it’s time to pull our socks and really work hard for them. I hope you all will support us on our new journey.

This look was long pending and we took these pictures in the month of January. We were so busy with other posts and our daily chores that we got the time to post this now. I simply love this look, firstly because of the white and nude pairing and secondly because of this fur jacket. I got this jacket from Splash Fashions and this keeps you super warm and comfortable. The best part of this jacket is it got pockets as well. This also complemented my white dress so beautifully. I wore this pairing on many occasions now and everyone just loves it. I hope you like the pairing as well. Thank you so much for reading it!



Dress: Miway  (Here)

Fur Jacket: Splash Fashion

Bag: Michael Kors (Here)

Shoes: Carton London (Here)

Location Courtesy: Kidzania Noida (Here)