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Woolen Care Secret: Its Godrej Ezee

Woolen Care Secret: Its Godrej Ezee

Hey Everyone!

Woolen are not only the requirement of winters, but they are the key to layering. They are not only expensive, but their care is also very important. These are actually investment pieces which you wear season after season, if they have been cared properly. Sometimes it gets very confusing that how you should care about your woolen pieces as there are so many instructions around.

Here are few of the steps as how you should take care of your woolens:

Do not iron it: If you are traveling and you have a fear that your woolen will get creased and you might have to iron it before wearing it, then pack your woolens by rolling them in tissue papers. This will help to prevent creasing problem as well as stretching the material. If you still want to iron it, make sure you are using a steam iron and set the temperature on wool.


When to wash: It’s very important to know when you really need to wash your woolens. Unlike other material, you can wear your woolen by not washing it frequently. If you wash it extensively, it will get the bubbling issue and we all know that how bad it looks.


How to wash: It is always good to soak your woolens for few hours in cold water with a gentle detergent before you actually go ahead and wash it which will prevent it from shrinking. When you soak the woolen fabric for a few hours, the fabric gets saturated and be in its shape.


What detergent to use: It’s very important to use the correct detergent when you are washing your woolens. In India, we all know that the best detergent to wash your woolens is Godrej EZEE Liquid detergent. It is the best detergent with no soda formula which helps keep your woolens bright and new.


If you will use any hard detergent, it will damage your woolens, fade its colour and loose its style. I use Godrej Ezee for all my woolens and I assure you that if you will use it, your woolens will be happy and stay with you for long. #EzeeCares

Punk Fever: Bow Choker & Horse Sweater

Punk Fever: Bow Choker & Horse Sweater

Hi Everyone,

We shoot this lookbook last Sunday and the first time when Saurabh saw the look he said ‘Oh you look like Harley Quinn’ and I know I’m on the right track. I wanted to create a Punk look for really long and we all know that Harley Quinn’s look is one of the best in Punk Looks. I love how this look is a mix of minimalistic punk fashion and chic look. I can wear this look to places without looking out of this world. I think minimalistic is the key to fashion where you wear one statement piece and create the whole look around it.

IMG_9700-1 IMG_9666-1

In this look, I went for the choker neckpiece tied as a Bow. This neckpiece is very trending currently. I created the look around it and to keep the things minimal was my motive. I think the bow choker is itself a fashion statement and it gives a punk feel. To match up the mood I wore a check long shirt with the horse sweater over it. To finish the look, I added the leather leggings and a white sneaker.

IMG_9653-1 IMG_9656-1 IMG_9694-1

You can wear this look when you are feeling bored with your regular wear for a date night, movies with friends or shopping. The look is a little unusual than normal, but I love the pop of colors with the funky hairstyle. I think we should always do experiment with our looks and dressing as you do not know what looks good on you. Wear something in which you are comfortable and you can win the world.

IMG_9635-1 IMG_9646-1 IMG_9691-1

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the look.


Sweater: Lifestyle

Shirt: Forever21

Legging: Jabong  (Similar Here)

Bag: Michael Kors (Similar Here)

Shoes: StreetStyleStore (Here)

Location Courtesy: Kidszania, Noida

Blue-Heaven: Denim Shirt & Printed Legging

Blue-Heaven: Denim Shirt & Printed Legging

Hi Everyone!

I love winter, especially wearing long coats, fur sweaters, leather jackets and also you can do amazing layering. Currently in Delhi the minimum temperature went down to 3 degrees and its tremendous cold here. It’s very important to actually layer your pairings and keep yourself warm.

In this pairing I have paired a sweater with a denim shirt. I love my faceprint leggings which I recently bought from Myntra. Earlier, I use to have the same leggings, but as I wore them extensively, they got destroyed, thus I ordered another one. These days I love wearing prints. So I have to pair this printed bag with the leggings.

To keep myself comfortable for the rest of the day I paired the wedge sneakers. Wedge sneakers are amazing to add height and it also looks like your normal sneakers as the heels are inside and kind of not visible. These sneakers are so much in trend and people like us who does not have very good height simply love it. With this pairing, I initially took a single stroll, but I wanted the strolls to look heavily, thus I added another stroll with it and it actually looked good. Always style your pieces according to your mood and comfort no matter  what people say. If you will be comfortable, it will automatically will look good.

IMG_9031-1 IMG_9061-1 IMG_8933-1IMG_8947-1





Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like the pairing.


Sweater: Wills Lifestyle

Denim Shirt: Forever21

Leggings: Myntra (Here)

Shoes: Koovs (Here)

Bag: Desi Pop

Accessories: Strolls: Flee Market, Watch: Aeropostale

Axis PAY UPI: Your Friend in this Cash Crunch

Axis PAY UPI: Your Friend in this Cash Crunch

Hi Everyone!

December is the most exciting month of the year and this year it’s the most exciting in India yes I’m talking about demonetisation. With long queues in front of the ATM and banks people are turning towards different modes of payment to pay their utility bills and even buy groceries thanks God it happened in smartphone world where we have apps like freecharge or even paytm to make our life a little easier. But, yes there’s always a but, these apps comes with some limitations that is, a user can transfer money to paytm wallet to pay utility bills but once you put money into these online shopping wallets you can’t withdraw your money you just have to spend it all there.


Enter Axis Bank UPI PAY

A very simple cash transfer app which is a god’s gift during these days. So how does it work? You can link any bank account thru this app to transfer and receive payments. It is all hard cash and works as fast as a text messages be it a tuition fee, groceries, apartment rent, wedding decorator it does all. Let’s go thru the steps:


To benefit from this app both sender and receiver have to download Axis Bank UPI pays app from play store. (Currently the app is only for Android OS, user with ios, windows, blackberry will have to wait to get their hands on this app)

Once you’ve downloaded the app Set profile name and 6 digit passcode (known only to you)

Now Create a unique id eg- name@axisbank, before you ask yes all unique id has to have @axisbank to their ID.


Now link your bank account to your id from the drop down menu.

Verify your account using your debit card credentials and OTP (this will be a one time process only) and set an M pin for money transfer. Note- do not disclose the M pin to anyone because it is the pin that approves the payments.

And voila, registration is done.


Now if you have to send payments ask for the receiver’s unique id, Enter the amount you wish to send to the receiver and send the money by entering M pin. It’s that simple. Also the Bank account you wish should have your registered phone number and that number can only be linked with the app. The Maximum fund transfer is 100000Rs in one go and the Maximum fund transfer per day limit is 500000Rs.

The App follows all security guidelines of RBI, so forget long queues, NEFT forms, tons of details about beneficiary all you need is a unique ID of the sender or receiver with AXIS BANK UPI PAY app. Just one id . WOW, now that’s what you call a smart design. Go check the app on the play store now you’ll see what I’m talking about. Till then work smart.

How To Choose Designer Jewellery For Special Occasions

How To Choose Designer Jewellery For Special Occasions

Jewellery is not just an exquisite piece to display but a charming way to adore oneself. Keeping your signature style integral, women jewellery is one of the best accessories to enhance your natural look at an instant. Though online shopping store offer us a comprehensive collection in apparels, jewellery is always with you to gratify the charm for every style of ethnic wear. There are number of option available in jewelries to select right from the earring, bracelets, neckpiece, rings, anklets, etc. that add shine to your persona.


There is no doubt that women look is incomplete without jewellery. Therefore you should have a list with you when you plan to shop for essential jewellery accessories that will suit every type of your traditional attire. So, here is the most organized guide for every woman who desires to look beautiful with her every type of look, formal, casual or just a social gathering.

Here are the lists of Jewelleries one must have in their wardrobe:

Hand Harness: Hand harness looks and sound so contemporary but the fact has something else to speak. It is one of the most ethnic ornaments used by Indian women. Normally it is consist of bangles or bracelet attached with a chain to a ring but presented in different patterns. You can make use of the women jewellery either with designer lehenga, floor length anarkali or sarees.  There are varieties in the hand harness so according to your preference check out the latest collections.


MaangTika: This is another form of jewellery that is been worn by the women. You will find number of designs, styles and pattern in this form of ornaments. It is also known tiara or maantika because appreciated as the elegant jewel piece to embellish your hair and forehead. It is available in the market and online store with vivid prices ranges.


Toe Rings: If you are planning to wear traditional then don’t forget to wear toe rings. It is available in gold, silver, diamond, with perfect finishing. This is an ethnic form of jewellery and appreciated all over the world.


Traditional Earing:  The women earring enhances the beauty and you can find the ample collection of earring online. They are beautifully crafted, well-designed, comes in diverse shapes, sizes and colours.


Rings:  When we talk about rings one thing that strike in our mind is diamond ring, engagement ring, casual ring. Woh! There are so many options to explore in the ring categories and experiment different style of rings pattern for women. This is one of the simple but elegant forms of jewelery that matches with your outfits.


Necklaces: Necklaces and chokers are the significant pieces of jewelries that are worn for the royal look at the most awaited occasion. The jewellery makes every women stand out from the crowd in a beautiful way. Keep your men close near your heart with this piece of jewellery. You can try them with any style of ethnic wear such as designer sarees, deep neck lehengas, or stunning salwar suits.


Thank you for much for reading!