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We Are Getting Married

We Are Getting Married

Hi Everyone!

The heading of this post might have made you excited and interested to read the full post because its true and we are finally getting married. If you guys follow our blog and snapchat you guys must already know about this news. I’m writing this post at 1am and today’s our official engagement date and after 2 days we will be married! We did our pre-wedding shoot a few weeks ago and here I’m sharing some of the moments of our life.

collage01 img_2908-1 saurabh-ruchika-114-2

I always believe that you should be with someone who understands you, make you feel special and be there with you in all your ups and downs. When I met Saurabh, we both were very young and started our relationship with friendship.  After a year of friendship we confessed that what we have is more than friendship and then, there was no looking back. As each day passed, we have built our relationship stronger and stronger. Through all ups and downs, he was there holding my hand and telling me that I can pass this storm. Now, after eleven years of our relationship we still feel our bonding is growing and we fall in love with each other everyday.

img_3135 vik22-1

I will be telling lies if I will say that we do not fight. Relationships are a complicated form of trust, fights, love and care. Each flight we had in the past made us stronger and a better person for each other. We always tried to change ourself to comfort the other. I can proudly say that he makes me realize how beautiful I’am and what I can achieve in life. Whenever I fall back, he sings to me “Chalang Chalang laga tu Chalang. Lagake tu chalang badalo ho savar, himmat karne valo ki hoti nai haar” and I smile back.

vik6-1 vik11-1 vik9-1 img_2978-1

He was the reason, I started blogging. I was very inclined towards fashion from the starting when he suggested that we should both start this blog. From that time onwards I was the face of the blog and he worked behind the camera. We worked really hard and made the blog where it stands right now. We both are very excited for the big day of our life and we want your love and support. I will be doing snapchat where you can catch me while we go through the ceremonies. Cannot wait to start this new chapter of my life.


Thank you so much for reading our story.  

Photography By: Tarun Jain (FaceBook), Vikram Panwar (FaceBook)

UCB Fights Against Breast Cancer

UCB Fights Against Breast Cancer

Hi Everyone!

I have seen and worked with many brands in the past and very less brands do something good for the society. I believe people or brands that can do something for the society to make a change should come up and help the world to be a better place to live. We have recently got lucky to associate with an event like this which was hosted by United Colours of Benetton(UCB) to fight and spread the awareness of breast cancer.



We all know that cancer is one such disease which is not curable if detected at the last stage, but is manageable if we know about this in early stages. I’m pretty sure that most of us have someone or the other in their family or known one fighting with this disease. It is very important to know more about this and aware people in rural areas where people do not have much knowledge. I was so happy when I got to know that UCB is conducting an awareness program and setting up a camp for breast cancer awareness at Village Nakhrola, Manesar. UCB invited us to take part in this association and do live updates on our social handles.


UCB organized their team, doctors and village representative to make this initiative. Mr. Subhash Yadav who is one of the village representatives made this activity a running success and he helped UCB to reach the people of Village Nakhrola, Manesar and set up this camp. When we talked to him, he said he has been organizing these camps for the past thirteen years and this time UCB showed initiative and made this a huge success. Starting with talking to the village Samiti and the school where this camp happened to distributing the pamphlets, Mr. Subhash Yadav has done it all and we all are very thankful to him. Around 200 women showed up for the checkup and being educated about the breast cancer.



There were five booths to go through the whole checkup process which started with the registration, followed by the blood test, then to the E&T checkup, special gynecologist checkup and then finally if required the X Ray which was organized in a vanity Bus. We saw all aged group women coming and participating in this association. We drove almost 60kms to participate in the UCB initiate of Breast Cancer awareness and indeed it was a pleasure to be a part of this amazing work.

img_8612-1 img_8593-1


I would love to participate in more of these events and spread the word. Getting yourself checked up  once in a year is must because you all are important to your dear ones and UCB has made that happen in Village Nakhrola, Manesar and we wish more people and brands do these awareness programs and help the country grow further. Thank you so much for reading!

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The New Age Girl wearing FOSSIL Q MARSHAL

The New Age Girl wearing FOSSIL Q MARSHAL

Hi Everyone!

Fashion and gadgets today complement each other and there’s no denying to the fact that we are living in the right time. Like the brand fossil which is one of the few fashion brands entering the gadget world with the style hitting it right with their smart watch collection, which they like to call Fossil Q Wearables (Fossil).




Fossil Q Marshal comes with 360 mph battery so it really lasts a day longer. Q Marshal has inbuilt speaker and microphone along with the powerful processor that is snapdragon 2100, which provides with powerful navigation throughout and apps perform faster, which is a must for any smartwatch. The display here is about 45mm (screen size) with a bright display in daylight and crisp text which reads better. The Q Marshal display also has an ambient display, which basically means that it will wake up the screen not all the way, but just so that you can look at the time, that’s why all the watch faces comes with two looks one with normal display the other one is with ambient.



I was very happy when I got my hands on to this watch and I immediatly wanted to do a full review on it. The overall look of the watch is kept very traditional from front to back metallic to the side dial, which does not rotate but has a push button. The watch lacks the heart rate monitor, but this is water resistant so taking shower with this smartwatch is now possible. The Q Marshal comes with magnetic charger cable only which snaps at the back of the watch, you have to buy a power plug separately, but you’ll be able to connect it to your smartphone charging dock also. The 22mm straps that hold on either side of the dial comes with genuine leather and is easy to customize. Fossil offers a wide color range of strap collection in three categories, that are – Silicon, Leather, Stainless steel and I personally love that part as you can customize it as you like. Fossil smartwatch dial comes in 4 color variants, that is – grey, silver, gold and navy.



Q Marshal is compatible with both Android and iOS but since it’s an android wear few things might not be available for iOS users, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting this beauty in your hands. The Fossil team has put together a rugged style design which has a solid feel, looks gorgeous comes with a brighter screen with beautiful depth. In my take, this is the best smartwatch WEARABLE of 2016 and genuine competitor to Apple watch and Samsung s3. The only small thing that bothered me and I’m just nitpicking here is that the display comes with the flat tire design which is similar to Moto 360 but hopefully the design team at Fossil will soon figure out a way to put the sensor in a way that we get a full circular display.



Keeping the look and design in mind, I created my look for the shoot by giving it a formal and a chic look. Pairing my nude crop top with high waist legging and waist coat which complimented my Q Marshal very well. Finishing the look with my brogues and round glasses.


I hope you like to look and our review on the Fossil Q Marshal. Thank you so much for reading.


Watch: Fossil Q Marshal (Here)

Crop Top: Forever21

Legging: Zara

Waist Coat: Top Shop

Shoes: Clarks

Bag: Tommy Hilfiger


The Fluid Fashion Trend: LIVA Bloggers Meet

The Fluid Fashion Trend: LIVA Bloggers Meet

Hi Everyone,

When you select an outfit, what do you see in that outfit? Of course the style, the fabric, the design and the make. If I say that there is one fabric brand which does all of the above and without knowing, we all are wearing their garment in our day to day life. Well, yes, I’m talking about the LIVA Fluid Fashion fabric who does it all. The garments which are available under the brands called Pantaloons, Solly, Park Avenue, W, People, 109’F, Code, etc. use LIVA fabrics to manufacture their garments.


I have recently done a Lookbook using the LIVA garments showing the BohoChic Look and pairing them in two different ways to create summer and winter looks. The fabrics are so fluid and adaptable to any season and look that it actually helped me create these different looks . I love when a fabric is breathable and can be paired with different other fabrics like leather, denims, cotton, etc.


As you all know that I have attended the Amazon India Fashion Week and LIVA was one of the sponsors. They also organized a cool blogger meet at the ground. Not only we got to meet our blogger friends, but also we got to meet the amazing team of LIVA who put so much effort in creating these superb fabrics. In the bloggers meet, they talked about the brand, its future goals. LIVA does not only manufacture fabrics, but it is a brand in itself. It creates future fashion trends and quality is their main focus. People are now well aware of LIVA as a brand and they are buying the garments looking at the tag of LIVA Fuild Fashion Fabric.



dsc_3450 dsc_3429

At the meet, we also got the opportunity to meet three lovely ladies – Isha Rajpal who is a fashion designer, Shyamlee Karla who is a popular ramp choreographer and Riddhima Kapoor (Ranbir Kapoor’s sister) who has started her own jewellery line. These ladies are amazing human beings, married with kids and doing so well in their field of expertise. They gave us tips on fashion, health, how to handle work pressure and how to be healthy. We were just having fun when the president of FDCI – Mr. Sunil Sethi walked in and we enjoyed his company. He shared his experience with LIVA and how he got his favorite shirt made out of LIVA fabric. We had super fun time with the guests knowing about their life, their associations with LIVA and what they think about the brand in person.

All the bloggers present at the LIVA event created their looks with the LIVA outfits. Here is my look from the day 3 of the Amazon India Fashion Week wearing LIVA Fluid Fashion.





Do check LIVA Fluid fashion website to know the brand better ( Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like the look.


Kurta Dress & Fringe Jacket: Max Fashion

Shoes: Stree Style Store

Sunglasses: Forever21

Hashtag: #FluidIsYou

Top 5 Must Have Gadgets for Every Woman

Top 5 Must Have Gadgets for Every Woman

Hi Everyone!

Gadgets with the latest technology make our day to day life easier and simpler. It is mostly boys who are gadget freaks, but what about the girls? If you are a girl-on-the-go, then believe it or not you are a gadget girl. Hence we have curated a list of girly gadgets which are an absolute essential for every girl:

Selfie Stick:

pretty brunette making selfie with a stick

Do you know of a girl who doesn’t like to click selfies? Girls today are obsessed with taking selfies and posting them on various social media platforms. Most of the phones today have a front camera which makes it easier for one to click selfies but it’s more exciting if you had a selfie stick which allows you to take pictures from a distance and at various different angles. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy Selfie Stick from vast variety only on

Hair Dryer:

woman using hair drayer

If you ask us what it that a girl loves the most about herself is, we will have to say her hair. Because we know our hair and can or break our look. But we also know how difficult it is to manage those long tresses and how long it takes to dry up your hair after shampoo especially in the winter months. If you have to get ready in a rush, then the Philips Hair Dryer is your best friend. The best thing about this is that it is available in various colors, and pink too! Check here:

Portable Power Bank:


The situation today is not safe for girls who work or party late. So if you don’t want your parents worrying about you then you must have your phone charged at all times! But with all the applications we have on our phones makes the battery drain out. Hence, a UNIC Portable Mobile Charger is a must have for every girl. Check here:



If you love reading but hate carrying bulky books around with you all day then you must buy yourself the Amazon Kindle. This will not only help you pass time while travelling but also looks very chic. It is available in two colors, black and white. You can connect it to Wi-Fi and read your favorite blogs, news and other documents too. Check here:

Keep Fit:


Fit Bit has a family of fitness products you can choose from. These products help you to improve your health and lifestyle by tracking your sleep, exercise, food, weight, etc. If you are a fitness freak then the Fit Bit Alta Fitness Tracker is perfect for you. This fitness band helps you keep motivated as per the targets you set. This band comes in various colors as you can choose the one that matches your personality. Check here:

These gadgets are essential to perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently. These are 5 must have cool and girly gadgets for every women. So what are you waiting for? Log on to for the best deals! Also, don’t forget to share these exciting deals with your friends and family!