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Naari: An Indian Look

Naari: An Indian Look

Happy Monday Everyone! Actually, it’s almost Tuesday by the time this post will go live. I’m very happy and excited to share this beautiful post with you all because lately I have been more inclined towards Indian wear and today I’m wearing Naari, who make beautiful Indian garments.




I think western wear is easy to pair up and there are various different ways to wear things. I might be able to say this because western wear is my forte and I can understand the styles more easily, but Indian wear at the same time is more beautiful and classic. No matter what occasion or where you are going, Indian wear will always look elegant and stylish on any body type. No matter how much we like western wear, there is always a little Indian inside us who love to wear something ethnic.


As I have been obsessed with Indian wear lately, I love few brands in particular and Naari is one of them. They make stunning Kurtas, Salwar Kameez and bottoms which look exquisite and lovely.  This brand is a true Indian brand with its manufacturing unit in Tarapur, near Mumbai. They make their own designs and embroidery here so that it gives you a true feel of Indian women.

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I’m wearing a kurti and slim pants from their Mudcals collection (Here) inspired by the Lippan Kaam of Kutch. This collection is a classic blend of village craft and striking abla work. I love subtle looking garments which give a classic feel and this is a true blend of classic and chic. When I ordered it online, I was not very sure of what I would get but trust me guys, when this arrived at my place, I was dancing  with joy to see the material and the work this garment has. I truly felt that I have invested my money in a good piece of Indian wear which I can wear for my office as well as for a family function. I love the embroidery work it has, especially the beautiful kalash design.

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7I’m totally loving this look and I’m sure you guys like it as well. So without wasting time, check out Naari’s collection before their stock rans out (and that happen really fast!). Thank you so much for reading the post!


Kurta: Naari (Here)

Slim Pants: Naari (Here)

Shoes: Old

Earrings: WforWomen



Hi Everyone!

We love fashion for many things, for one that we all know and can relate that somehow it is comparable to TIME,  How you may ask?…. For starters it never stops, it leaves a mark in history, and it evolves with us sometimes ahead of us, and the best of all it never discriminate. It’s not only centered to clothing but all. It’s a web that stretches to infinity and beyond touching everything from clothing, to food, to shelter, you’ll see it in garnished delicacies to eco friendly interior decor. And this is where our journey begins today! … Presenting GROHE


A German engineered sanitary fitting manufacturers providing us with state of art bathroom fittings which is so flexible that it blends in aesthetically according to our needs and yet stands out. GROHE offers a wide range of finest sanitary fittings in urban style which is classy to look at and lasts for a good impression. The price range starts here from 17,000INR and it is targeted to middle class to niche market.



The New GROHE SPA™ F-digital Deluxe shower products turn your bathroom into an exclusive private home spa – an experience that stimulates all the senses, that seduces, fascinates and inspires you. Starting autumn 2012, GROHE offers full flexibility for the premium shower, building on the renowned F-series showers. There are lots of amazing products for your bathroom to select from but we love below two products the most:

GROHE Rainshower smart control.

We all love taking shower and we all struggle with it unless we get the angle or the water pressure just right, RIGHT!. Look no further for GROHE presents Rainshower smart control bathing fixtures with push technology. Here you have 3 push buttons with wall-mounted chassis giving you the control on the water spray and for extra control you can turn these buttons adjusting the water volume giving you and your family a perfect bath experience.

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GROHE SPA™ F-digital Deluxe

Look at this fine beauty, it’s a deluxe shower a.k.a an exclusive private home spa. GROHE F-series showers are best in it’s class giving your body that perfect massaging experience. This deluxe shower house changes the light according to your mood. After a busy day step into it’s one of a kind shower therapy with mood lighting and six showers from either side of your body and the head shower covering from above. That’s not all you can connect your ipod and listen to your music library, be it rock or jazz you are the master.

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GROHE covers all from bathroom to kitchen to basin fittings. Its sharp edgy design and smart technology makes work effortless. Once you get in touch with this luxury brand it will become your bare necessity. Hey! don’t just believe what I say, read the customer’s testimonials or next time when you visit the GROHE store ask for the customer review. Check out their exclusive range here:

DLF Mall of India Celebrates The High Street Zone

DLF Mall of India Celebrates The High Street Zone

Hi Everyone!

Noida has recently geared for the coming wedding season when DLF Mall of India celebrates the launch of ‘The High Street Zone’. We have been invited to be a part of this amazing celebration where DLF Mall of India organized a high street fashion show which focused on Indian ethnic wear and bridal wear. We saw brands like Ritu Kumar, Bombay Selection, Meena Bazaar, Kalpana, Perfection House, Zardozi, Perfection House, Greenways, Mohanlal Sons, Simren and Kala Niketan showed their beautiful collection.

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The show started with the romantic and dreamy story where the bride and groom met and their wedding story starts. DLF Mall of India presented amazing outfit options not only for the bride and the groom, but for everyone who will attend the wedding. Starting with the amazing gowns, leghngas, sarees, Tuxedos, shervani, etc., they showed lots of options to choose from. Beautiful colour options, mesmerings prints and fabrics, DLF Mall of India showed us all. I also selected some of the garments for myself, which I’m definitely going to have a look.

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With dhool and shehnai music, we were amazed with the ambience DLF Mall of India created which looked like a true wedding. The models were walking the ramp with wedding outfits, dancers were performing for the Mehendi and the bride was getting ready, was such an eye pleasure that I had forgotten for some time that this was a fashion show. Finally the show stopper Aditi Rao Hydari walked the ramp wearing a beautiful leghnga took all of our breath away. She looked absolutely mesmerizing!

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Pushpa Bactor, Executive Vice President and Head at DLF Mall of India, said, “The high street retail has primarily been an unoorganized category however DLF has identified the significance of high street shopping among the Indian audience and given it the importance it deserves by clustering some of the best names in the industry in an organized retail format by conceptualizing the high street zone at DLF Mall of India.

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Wedding is one season, where no matter if you are the bride, groom or any relative or friends, everyone loves to look good. The High Street zone at DLF Mall of India offers wide variety of choices for wedding, occasion and daily wear Indian – Ethenic shopping. With so many amazing brands under one roof, DLF Mall of India has become the one stop shopping mall for Indian ethnic now. Its high street has over 70 brands of apparels, footwear & accessories to choose from.

How To Use Fake Lashes | Bridal Beauty Tips

How To Use Fake Lashes | Bridal Beauty Tips

Hi Everyone!

Eyes are the most beautiful features that a girl is gifted with. Hence, eye make-up becomes a very important part of every girl’s life, be it for a special occasion or for an everyday natural look. Remember girls, beauty lies in the details.

Fake eyelashes are really big this season. They complement a heavy make-up look as well as a simple, natural look. Don’t be afraid to add some drama to your eyes.

Bianca Louzado of Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers will not only teach you how to use false eyelashes, but also show you how you can enhance your real lashes perfectly with this simple three-step process.

#Step 1-

Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. Start right from the root of the lash line for perfectly curled lashes.

#Step 2-

Apply mascara in layers on your lashes, starting at the top layer of the eyelash and comb it outward. Once this coat has dried a little, you can apply another coat at the base of the lashes all the way to the tip.

Mascara must be applied three times for a voluminous effect.


#Step 3-

You want nothing but the best to look glamorous, hence, avoid synthetic tacky looking eyelashes. Once the glue on these false lashes gets a little dried out and becomes sticky, place them where the lashes naturally begin, look down and press the lashes against the lash line first in the centre followed by the outer edge and finally the inner corner.

Give it two minutes to dry, and then run a dark liner right at the root of the lashes to cover up any white glue that might be visible.

Curl your lashes, both fake and real, with an eyelash curler. This will make the false lashes on your eyelids feel more comfortable. This step will also prevent your eyes from looking too heavy and made up.

Now comes the tricky part. Most girls don’t know how to remove the false lashes. All you have to do is remove the lash like it’s a sticker. Pick it up from the outer corner and move towards the inner corner and it’s done!

Here is the detailed tutorial:


If you found this video helpful, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, Truly Bridal by KalyanJewellers on YouTube, for more such tips, tricks, and expert guidance.

Mother”s Day Special – She & Her: A Tribute to Motherhood

Mother”s Day Special – She & Her: A Tribute to Motherhood

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a Twist

“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled; they are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.”- Sharon Jaynes

On this very special day, Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers showed the beautiful relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law with a twist.

Mother’s Day isn’t as simple a day as it sounds. It is a day where all of us show our love and care for our mothers. The fun part is when different types of mothers come into the picture: the wife’s mother, the husband’s mother, or even a stepmom. The question is how do you celebrate with all of them?


The trickiest relationship of them all is the one shared between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. Or is it? We all think that mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law don’t get along, but it isn’t so.

We have all heard the amazing things every mother has to say about her daughter. So, this Mother’s Day, Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers brings to you this video with a special twist. “She & Her” reflects on the beautiful relationship between a mother and daughter. It is also bursting the huge bubble of the myth that we all live in i.e. that mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law don’t get along.

Times are changing and so are the dynamics of a mother/daughter-in-law relationship. It’s not like the old days when this relationship more was more formal. Not all mothers-in-law are considered evil today and we can learn this from the real life experience of a few mothers-in-law  and daughterd-in-law shared in the video. In the “She” part of the video the mothers-in-law, not only had some wonderful things to say about their daughters-in-law, but also they have appreciated them and the things they have done for not only their sons but also for the family as a whole.


The “Her” part of the video is the response of all the daughters-in-law. All brides-to-be have had the thought “what if my mother-in-law is like one of the evil ones we see in TV serials?” once before getting married. Even though most of them won’t admit it. Here, the daughters-in-law take a moment and thank their beautiful mothers-in-law for all that they do for them.


Celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend and take a moment to think about all those things our mothers have done for us in our lives. And for all the mothers it’s time to feel gratitude for the blessings your children really are. Don’t forget to subscribe to Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers YouTube channel for tips, tricks and expert guidance.

Watch this video and let your heart melt. For more such wonderful moments, subscribe to Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers YouTube Channel.

Wimbledon Craze with Allen Solly

Wimbledon Craze with Allen Solly

Happy Friday Everyone!

I had a very interesting news that I would like to share with you all, especially to my sports lover friends who love Tennis. I’m sure you guys know that Wimbledon will be taking place from 27th June 2016 in London, but do you know that Allen Solly associated with Wimbledon and launched an exclusive range called The Wimbledon Collection by Solly Sport. Great, is not it?

So, to celebrate this incredible moment and the super game of Tennis, we decided to show you some of our looks which we think are great to wear at Wimbledon. We have already done these looks for you guys and hey, who doesn’t want to see some known looks which are appropriate for this amazing sports celebration. So, we picked some of our best looks for this occasion and we are sharing it with you.

I always talk about fashion and what is in trend and how can you wear a pairing or what goes with what but this time lets take the looks in a more sporty way. Watching a match and enjoying what you going to see in the court, well you have to wear comfortable clothes and which can complement your personality as who knows whom you going to bump into – Hummm.. may be Chris Evans. So, you also have to be prepared. If you ask me, I would mostly like to wear formal casual combo looks for this and Allen Solly has really done a great job creating the designs. So, here are some of my personal favorite pairings which I would love to wear from my closet:

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the looks and the concept! #PlayitFair #SollySportCentreCourt #AllenSolly