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Honeymoon Beauty Essentials | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Honeymoon Beauty Essentials | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

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Let’s be honest girls, we look forward to the honeymoon as much as we look forward to the wedding. However, packing for the honeymoon can be a whole other project. Passport? Check. Beach wear? Check. But, what about the beauty necessities that you might need to feel beautiful on your honeymoon? Maia Sethna, fashion and beauty expert for Kalyan Jewellers has listed out everything you will need to stay gorgeous, be it any destination.


You can’t have a good hair day everyday but you need to on your honeymoon. When the locks are looking good, those honeymoon photos will turn out just the way you would want them. Use these tips to keep those locks shiny and styled:

• Carry a small travel hair dryer to avoid frizzy hair.

• Dry shampoo is probably the most important hair product. It makes your hair look fresh even without regular hair washes.


Eyes are the first thing people notice, so use these tips to make sure they are bright and awake.

• If you’re going to a beach, make sure you carry waterproof mascara and kajal.

• Carry a good under eye cream; this will prevent your eyes from looking tired after those long clubbing sessions.

• A light gold eye shadow, when applied to the inner corners of your eyes, can make you appear fresher than usual.


The most important aspect of every honeymoon look would be the smile.

• Carry a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated throughout the honeymoon.

• Don’t forget to carry a red lipstick, it is classic, timeless and will match almost all your outfits.



It’s hard to take care of your skin when you’re too busy having fun on your vacation, so here are some easy tips:

• Sunscreen is one of the most important things to pack if you’re going someplace sunny

• Carry a good concealer to take care of those little blemishes

• Make sure you have a good moisturizer; this will keep your skin hydrated and glowing!

• A little bit of bronzer never hurt anyone.

• Being out in the sun and sand, calls for sunscreen, but if you want a little more coverage, then be sure to carry a CC Cream

Don’t forget any of the must-have beauty products for your big trip!

Here are some tips from Maia that you must keep in mind:

We hope this took off some of your stress on what makeup essentials you should pack for your trip. If you found these tips helpful, don’t forget to subscribe to Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers YouTube channel for more such tips, tricks and expert guidance.

Furniture Makeover with Asian Paints

Furniture Makeover with Asian Paints

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I’m sure everyone knows what Asian Paints do! Painting the walls, right? Actually, no! Asian paints have started doing everything from home decor to making statement furniture to colouring your walls. Is not that great?

They have started the furniture makeover recently where you can select any of your furniture, be it table, cupboard, stool, beds, etc., anything which comes to your mind has wood, Asian Paints experts can give it a brand new and quirky look.


tarting with the wood polishes, different colours of strainers, amazing shades of solid colours for your boards, Insignia, texture for glass tops, Asian Paints can do anything to everything. Choose any colour or style for your furniture and Asian Paints will give your furniture that look. Asian Paints can also create beautiful stencil and artform on your furniture.


After knowing all the details about the makeover of the furniture, the first thing which hit my head was, how this thing works? So, if you are interested to transform your furniture with Asian Paints, they will send someone at your place to understand the your lookout and the texture of the furniture. They will understand what you are looking for or they will suggest what will look good on that piece. If you would like to have any particular art form on your furniture, they will organize and send an artist from that particular state, for example Rajasthan, Gujrat, etc., and then the artist will transform that piece. So, Asian Paints are bringing our heritage to our homes.





The pricing depends on what do you want to do with your furniture and how you want to change it. You can also ask them to transform your full room according to your theme. I visited the Asian Paints store to know more about this and saw some really amazing decor ideas which we can use to decorate our homes and transform our furnitures. Here are few pictures sharing the same.


IMG_5934-1 IMG_5940-1 IMG_5946-1

I’m sure you have liked the idea of transforming your furniture or room by now. So, go and visit Asian Paints or call them for a visit to see the change in your home. Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post is informative.

AIFWAW16: Day1 Show Details

AIFWAW16: Day1 Show Details

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The Amazon India Fashion Week is going on and we bring you an exclusive details of the shows happening daily. So, yesterday was the day 1 of the #AIFWAW16 where few designers showcased their garments. We are bringing you some exclusive designs from all the shows happened in Day 1.

Opening show By Varun Bahl

The theme of the show was jungle where jewelled owls peep out from flowering hydrangeas and squirrels scurry about on sequined branches. The cuts used are both simple and classic, allowing for ease in styling and layering. Jackets, bombers, and tunics are key pieces that mix naturally with slim trousers and A-Line skirts.

7DM22271 VB_2

Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta

Saw some great Hand Woven work in dresses, jackets, sari woven with stainless steel. An interesting twist of Indian Textile into a Fashionable tale.



Hemant & Nandita

They showed how to layer up and be fashionable in their Autum Winter 16 collection. Used lots of gold with thick material and the style of wearing them together showcased how to dress as a strong women this season.

7DM23352 7DM23536

Pallavi Mohan

Their brand ‘Not So Serious’ presented the collection called ‘Synthesis’. An amalgamation of elements, this collection is the evolution of the hand crafted techniques that have become the hallmark of the brand. As such this collection has taken the ideas from past to their zenith and brought them together in a powerful yet cohesive way.

7DM24326 7DM24376

7DM24566 7DM24665 7DM24435

Kiran Uttam Ghosh

‘I have always been obsessed by silver. This collection is a celebration of excess and maximalism all the way. As tones of silver against a striking colour palette travel from ethereally pretty to stylistically futurist to powerfully nomadic.’ – Kiran

7DM25291 7DM25717

Rina Dhaka

The collection was based on knitwear stitch fabrics. From the dark winter colours to light Autumn colours, everything was making the collection perfect and delight to watch.



Gaurav Gupta

GG’s collection was an interesting concept with the name ‘Melt’. The collection highlighted the environmental issues as climate change and pollution. The collection was made of zero waste. Colours like flaming orange to dark blazing blue, black to shades of ashes of grey and the white, all were present in the collection.IMG_7893 IMG_8130

Stay tuned for more updates on the rest of the days for #AIFWAW16. Hope you like the post. Thank you so much for reading!


Reinventing Heirlooms | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Reinventing Heirlooms | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

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Girls, you probably didn’t care about your grandmother’s or mother’s wedding lehenga or all the other gorgeous pieces of clothing your mother has shown you over the years, and you couldn’t be bothered to even look at it. But as you being a new jouney, all the little things begin to matter to you. Heirlooms are typically clothes and jewelry that have been passed down from generation to generation. However, the morden day bride is reinventing what ‘heirloom’ menas to her and is incorporating them in a morden, practical yet thoughtful ways.

Sanna Vohra has picked out four heirlooms that brides and their families tend to give and showing you how to give it a modern twist to your oufits and still look glam.

#1 Saree

Does your mom have gorgeous and traditional Kanjeevaram  or Benarasi sarees that aren’t being used? You can use them in a number interesting ways and give them a modern twist. You can think at converting them into amazing anarkalis. Don’t worry, the feel of saree will still be there, while you dazzle in an Anarkali.  If you are the adventurous type, you can convert sarees to saress dresses. It is an ideal wear for any part event. You can even convert sarees into skirts, or convert it into a crop top that you can use for the Haldi ceremony.

#2 Revamp that Lehenga

Are you struggling to select the right outfits for your wedding functions? You can use your mother’s lehenga that has been lying in her closet, unused for ages. A half lehenga is an amazing choice for your mehendi ceremony – it will make it easy for you to move around during the function.  You can even look into changing its borders and wear it over a corset.

#3 Dupatta

A traditional Phulkari or Kanjeevaram dupatta , wear these beautiful dupattas with a modern crop top and a skirt for a total chic look for your mehendi or haldi ceremony. To complete this look, wear statement earrings and coloful bangles with it.

Reinventing Heirlooms | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

#4 Fix that Saree

If you can’t use a saree due to it’s tattered borders, you can stitch a new border on it keeping the color scheme in mind. And it will be as good as new. If you have a plain saree and you are out of ides… we suggest you go in for block printing. This will give your saree a new and beautiful look.

So what are you girls waiting for???

Go and raid your mother’s closet and get some unique and innovative dresses for your wedding functions and post wedding dinners.

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Product Review:: Street Wear Color Rich Lip Balm – Pink Pout

Product Review:: Street Wear Color Rich Lip Balm – Pink Pout

Hi Everyone!

Who does not want to keep their lips healthy and prevent them from drying? Well, I like to keep them hydrated and moisturize and thus I always keep a lip balm or a gloss with me all the time. The Street Wear Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm is new in my lip care kitty. I have been using this product since last two weeks now and here is the full review on it.


What the brand claim:

Street Wear Color Rich lip balms are formulated to offer dual benefits of nourishment and sheer colour payoff. These lip balms are sure to turn chapped and flaky lips into smooth, shiny and colorful pouts. High on shine with soft glossy colour, these balms are for everyday easy application. Leave your lips smooth and mint flavored for a fresh feel throughout the day. The Street Wear Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balms have ingredients that leave the lips hydrated and soft, while giving it a fuller shape. The rich blend of anti- oxidants, Vitamin E along with the goodness of Shea butter, these glide on easily. Swipe for that much needed color, SPF 10 benefits and a natural look!



Available in 4 different shades

Pink Pout, Coral Kiss, Mocha Muahha, Plum Pluck

All of the above shades are for Rs. 150 each



My verdict on the product:

The product packaging looks very normal. The product comes in a cardboard paper packaging with a girl printed on it. Different shades have different styles of girls with the same lip colour stains of the product inside. The lip balm comes in a black tube with the same girl sticker on it. The tube has a twist mechanism which makes it easier to use the product.  I feel like the packaging could have been a bit better to make the product look more attractive. The net weight of this product is 4.2g. I choose the colour Pink Pout from all the four options


The shade is not very pigmented and if you have pigmentation issue with your lips it will not cover the same fully but it looked cute on my lips so I have no complains about it. After applying the product it stays for 2-3 hours without a meal. After a meal you have to reapply it. The balm is very light weight and I really like that factor.7


Twist mechanism tube makes it easier to use.

Help moisturize the lips

Gives a fuller look with smooth and shiny finish

Look cute on the lips

Light weight


Packaging could have been better

Cooling effect and mint smell

Stays for really short time



The Quintessential Gujarati Bride | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

The Quintessential Gujarati Bride | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

Weddings are a big affair in India. The best thing about Indian weddings is that a wedding in one part of the country is starkly different from a wedding in another part of the country. Be it the bridal outfits, the jewellery, customs and traditions, you name it!

Every bride is different too. There is so much that goes into the bride’s ensemble. The outfit, make-up, hair, and shoes- these combinations are endless. However, the most important thing for any bride is her jewelry.

Today, we have Devika Patel, a Kashmiri-Gujarati wedding expert from the Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers brigade, to take us through her culture and tell us how a typical Gujarati bride picks out her wedding jewelry.

A Gujarati bride is decked up in jewelry from head to toe, since investing in jewelry is a big part of simply being a Gujarati. Here are some of the trends that are followed by a typical Gujarati bride:

The fight between gold v/s diamonds. For a Gujarati girl, it’s obviously BOTH! Gold jewelry is evergreen among the Gujaratis- as it matches with every kind of outfit. Gold is also a very good investment for the future.

As the saying goes, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. WRONG!! The new saying goes something like this, ‘Diamonds are a Gurajarti girl’s best friend’. Gujaratis take their diamonds very seriously… as it is the hub of diamonds and most of them go through the hands of a polisher in Gujarat. Heavy diamond sets can be worn at any occasion – sangeet, cocktail or even wedding reception.

The Quintessential Gujarati Bride | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

All the bride-to-be girls, there is a lot more to experiment when it comes to jewelry now. Make way for the must have hand jewelry-haath phools, these make sure that your hands do all the talking.

A pair or two of statement earrings. Not that there is ever a time when we girls don’t want to wear jewelry, but in case you are in such a mood, a pair of statements will come in handy. You can wear anything and a pair of statement earrings, and you are good to go.

Payals, which are usually gifted to the bride by her in-laws on her Roka. This is an essential part of the bride’s collection. You can wear it to any of your pre-wedding or your wedding functions and it will add a girly touch to your look.

You can even wear these baubles after your wedding with a twist. Here is how:
Pair your RaaniHaar with a Tunic
Chaandan Haar with an Evening Gown
Payal with Pant Saree
Haath Phool with an Indo-Western outfit
Girls, the options you have today are unlimited, so don’t be scared to experiment.


Hope you find this video helpful, stay tuned for the latest bridal trends. And if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below and we will try and answer them.

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Bye Bye:: Fur Coat and Net Dress

Bye Bye:: Fur Coat and Net Dress

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It’s been a long time that we have done an editorial post and I really missed it. The winters are already gone and spring is here. We have done this shoot a few weeks back, but because the blog was busy publishing the urgent posts first, this got a little delayed.

Delhi’s weather is very uncertain. Some days its so hot that you cannot stand the heat and then the next moment after a good rain, you can again feel the cool breezy wind. Spring is a season where we need to keep ourselves cozy or its very likely that you will get ill.

This post is my way of saying bye to the winter season and to the lovely fur coats which I can only wear after eight months from now and that’s a really long time. We have created this look with the designer brand Platinoir by Mehak & Ashish. I love their black net dress which I paired with the fur coat. The black and gray pallet gave the whole look a very edgy twist. I feel fur coats are a style statement and it look good with casual to party wear. I love when my dresses have a pocket in them, which actually makes my life easy. I always hunt for dresses like this and the one I’m wearing here has a pocket too.


I hope you like the look and the post. We are coming back with lots of more Lookbook and Editorial posts on the blog. You can also check out our YouTube Channel for reviews and more me: FashionbyRUDA.

Thank you so much for reading!

Punjabi Jewellery Trends | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Punjabi Jewellery Trends | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

The word Punjabi wedding is synonymous to lavish wedding arrangements. That is how the Punjabi weddings are. You can see the merriment of the event last for over a month. Irrespective of which part of the country you are in, a Punjabi wedding is all about the blend between glamour and emotions. Nikita Mehra, from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers shares the necessary jewellery you need to look your best on the D-Day.

The bridal wear and lehenga is an adorable combination. The bride ends up looking nothing short of an angel, on this day. The heavy jewellery, make up and the wedding attire is what makes the Punjabi weddings a celebration to remember.

Punjabi Jewellery Trends | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

The modern day bride is leaving all traditions behind and opting out of wearing the traditional red wedding lehenga. However, one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the love Punjabi brides have for traditional Kundan and Jadau pieces.

One of the latest trends this wedding season is the choker neck piece. Many brides have been seen embracing the Kundan choker neck piece along with statement earrings, matching it with a Kundan Maang Tikka. Don’t forget to wear the nathani or nath, gifted to you by your mama to complete your look.

If you’re a Sikh bride, chances are that you are wearing a salwaar kameez or a gourgeous floor length anarkali. To look graceful, go in for a Raani Haar or a Polki set. You can either opt for statement earrings or even a statement Maang Tikka.

Punjabi Jewellery Trends | Truly Bridal By Kalyan JewellersTo make this emotional day all the more special, add your mother’s or grandmothers gold bangles with your choora. Don’t forget girls, always shop for your wedding jewellery before you decide on your outfit.

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The Mudhra – Look Book | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

The Mudhra – Look Book | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

Indian weddings are truly a celebration; they are a lavish and colourful four-day affair full of vibrancy, love and a whole lot of wow-factor. Bridal fashion is constantly changing. However, there are jewellery trends that never go out of fashion. The modern day bride prefers blending family traditions with edgy, contemporary elements that look just glamorous. So, all you brides to be, don’t forget to check out the new collection called ‘Mudhra’ of Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers.

Avanie Joshi, from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers will talk about the different shades of an Indian brideThe Mudhra - Look Book | Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

The Antique Bride, the significant red bridal colour has now been replaced by contemporary colours like magenta, marsala pink and peach, etc. For an antique look, a bride can wear colours like the peach; pair it with a handcrafted choker with statement earrings. You can wear your heirloom bangles and along with the hottest trend of 2016 i.e. haath phool.

This is a perfect look for a summer bride.

If you want to carry off the royal look, you can opt for more traditional colours like red or maroon along with a heavy gold dupatta. To highlight your neckline, go in for a ruby and emerald handcrafted choker along with a long Rajasthani haar with earring and bangles to complete your look.

If you are opting for a modern and chic look, like most modern day brides are, match your pink lehenga with a Kundan necklace made of red ruby drops and matching earrings. If you don’t want to wear a maang tikka, you can go in for a passa. A passa is a perfect accessory. In case, you are opting for a different colour like a blue lehenga, you can match it with a Kundan necklace and emerald green drops.

This look is perfect for a day wedding and you will look nothing short of a princess.

Hope you find this video helpful, stay tuned for more on latest bridal trends. If you found this tips helpful, don’t forget to subscribe to, Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers YouTube channel for tips, tricks and expert guidance to make your look gorgeous on your D-day.