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The Unusual Meet:: Collection Review of W

The Unusual Meet:: Collection Review of W

Hi Everyone!

As you might have seen and know me by now that I’m inclined more towards western outfits and love pairing them. But lately I have been inspired by some of the amazing Indian wear as well. You might have seen our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts flooding with Indian wear looks. So, while I’m drooling over the Indian ethnic wear, I got invited to the  Spring Summer 16 Collection review of W which they titled #Unusuals.

I’m seriously bored of the normal looking kurtis and suits which you can find in every store and with most of the brands. I thought I will be seeing something similar to that only. But when I arrived at the store, the whole Spring Summer 16 Collection of W was looking super vibrant with lots of colors, textures, unique prints which you can also wear them in various different ways. This time the brand used the true meaning of fusion in their collection.


The key looks of the collection include floor sweeping or ankle length Stiletto Kurtas, cropped pants and culottes, Layered Look with long and short Gilets, Geo-Matrix collection with bold and geometric prints and Artsy from the Wishfulcollection that combines art with wearable fashion. Well, I’m super impressed looking at their new collection and I’m thinking of filling my closet with more Indian wear which I can convert into a western wear anytime I like.


The event started with the spring summer collection review and going through their collection. As the thyme of this collection is #unsuals, we have been asked to answer three different questions and at the end they asked us to draw something which is unusual to us. With my incredible drawing skills, I draw a girl as a queen winning the world with W look. Though the drawing was not that good, but the idea was. Then we dressed from the collection and gave us an unusual look. I paired a long kurta as a dress with a shirt knotting from the front side.

122A6827 122A6681 122A6647

All in all it was a day, morning filled with lots of colour and prints, meeting with blogger buddies and had fun dressing up. I would really like to thank W for coming up with such amazing collection, which is a need of every woman’s closet.122A6860

Bridal Fashion Guide | Fun and Trendy Outfits for a Sangeet

Bridal Fashion Guide | Fun and Trendy Outfits for a Sangeet

Hi Everyone!

Weddings in India are not a two-day affair that only includes the D-day and a grand reception. It is a series of grand festivities, decorations, lavish food and last but not the least exquisite ethnic party ensembles.

Sangeet is one of the most exciting of all the pre-wedding events. It is the most anticipated function and is sometimes held at a greater scale than that of D-day. Sangeet calls for immense celebration, dancing and some crazy entertainment. It’s also the best time for friends and family to come together and dance to the tunes of Bollywood numbers!! So, as the bride, you would want to be dressed in something comfortable and at the same time look absolutely glam. This is probably the only wedding function where you can go ahead and experiment with your look.

Shubhika Davda, from Papa Don’t Preach, Fashion Expert for Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers, will tell all the bride-to-bes how to rock your Sangeet and look totally fab!

#1 The Corset-Skirt that looks like a Lehenga-

Putting together a light skirt with a gorgeous embroidered corset blouse is a great option for any bride-to-be for the Sangeet ceremony. Just dial up the embroidery factor depending on how heavy you want it and keep the silhouette more or less straightish, to give it a western look.

Dhoti #2 The Crop-Top Lehenga-

A crop-top lehenga is a fun, new age silhouette and is worn without a dupatta making the entire outfit look super contemporary. Make sure you are in great shape to rock this look!

#3 Anarkali-

Wear your Anarkali suit with a long embellished cape and a belt at your waist. You can wear a dupatta or don’t wear a dupatta; it’s totally up to you. Either way, you will look glamorous in this Indo-western outfit.


Sangeet 1(1)

#4 The Pant Saree-

Super chic, super edgy and modern, the pant saree is the fashion forward bride ensemble. You can even wear a kaftan saree with a dhoti for an elegant yet beautiful look.

Mostly importantly girls, your outfits should represent your personality and suit your age.

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Concept Store Launch in Jaipur by Reliance Trends

Concept Store Launch in Jaipur by Reliance Trends

Hi Everyone!

I have an amazing news to all the fashion lovers staying in The Pink City –Jaipur. Jaipur is the fast emerging and is top rated B city of the country and recently the city witnessed the grand opening of the Reliance Trends first concept store in the huge and fashionable Gaurav Tower Central Mall at Malviya Nagar with fashionista and Bollywood star Ileana D’Cruz inaugurating it. It was a huge fashion celebration for the city and the brand together.


A concept store is a retail store that goes beyond simply selling products and instead appeals to a general sense of lifestyle by offering products to match the desires of those involved in a particular social scene.Both the brand and the consumers are excited for the new way of thinking and the store.  The store is spread in 10,000 square feet area on two floors The design and aesthetic is quite distinct, unlike a standard  department  store or retail outlet store. The store also has video walls to selfie areas in the trial room. One can take selfie choosing the wide variety of backdrops. It was a true international shopping experience as thousands of Spring Summer ’16 collection were showcased. Reliance Trends  are about to open Jaipur’s  concept  like store in 20 other cities of the country.

PKS_0512(1) PKS_0648

On this rare occasion while celebrating the new concept store, Akhilesh Prasad, CEO Reliance Trends said: “We are  excited to be opening this international and prestigious store in the city of Jaipur. The store has been built with a lot of technological innovations, to enhance the consumer shopping experience. We want to take our diverse, accessible, stylish and high quality range of clothing to Jaipur consumers. Our vision is to make fashion accessible and affordable”

PKS_9257 PKS_9458

The celebration did not stop with the opening and inauguration of the store. Visitors were given an altogether  never before shopping experience with fashion, glamour and entertainment with Neeti Mohan and Myeong Chang’s music concert and a fashion show with Ileana wearing the Reliance Trends off-white dress from its Fig collection.  Ileana as a show stopper looked like a true fashion divaakhilesh prasad speaking


Speaking on the occasion Ileana, said “Thank you Reliance Trends for choosing to represent the brand and be a part of this monumental store launch. The Spring Summer “16 collection is beautiful, peppy and colourful. Every garment that I saw got me excited, really like the way the entire collection is put together, that is why you expect from the country’s largest fashion retailer. I am sure the Jaipur fashionistas are super excited at The Reliance Trends arrival”

Illeana-chang-neeti mohan

FACES Cosmetics Stackables Glitter – Review and Swatches

FACES Cosmetics Stackables Glitter – Review and Swatches

Hi Everyone!

I recently got my hands on the FACES Cosmetics Stackables Glitter range and doing a full review of this product for you. The Glitter Stackables come in six different shades of silver, gold, white, blue, red and violet. Faces has four different ranges of Stackables available which are: wild, glitter (which I’m today reviewing), whish, zeebra.


FACES Cosmetics Stackablesare highly concentrated shimmer powders. These come in five to six different shades depending on which range you are buying. The different colour powders come in tiny jars stacked above each other.


What the brand claim:

The brand claims that you can use this powder for eyes, lips, or nails. These loose powders are mineral based powder pigments. The versatility of the product allows them to be used alone or mixed with your favourite primer for eyes, nail polish and lip gloss to create many of new shades! These customized sparkle dust towers are value for money. Available in stacks of inspired color themes to help you create the most unique and stunning look.

4 5 6


Available in 4 shades:

FACES Stackables- Wild       Rs.799

FACES Stackables- Glitter     Rs.899

FACES Stackables- Whish    Rs.799

FACES Stackables- Zeebra   Rs.799

Available in all faces cosmetics outlets. You can also buy them at,,, and

8 9



# Easy to carry and very travel friendly

# Beautiful range of colors and stacks available.

# Value for money

# True color, appears on eyes/face exactly as you see them in the jar.


Hands Jewellery For Brides-to-be | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Hands Jewellery For Brides-to-be | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

Jewellery plays an important role in Indian weddings. The entire look of the bride is considered incomplete without the jewellery. Indian jewellery has an identity of its own. The designs, the colour and the handcrafted finish cannot be seen in any other function. Indian weddings are marked for the uniqueness of its culture and jewellery.

Your wedding functions do not get over with the wedding ceremony, there are many ceremonies that happen even after the wedding, and there is only so much jewellery you can buy. There are many brides who tend to forget a certain kind of jewellery and hand jewellery tops the list. Shanaya Sardesai, jewellery and beauty expert from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers is here to give you tips on the kind of hand jewellery all the brides-to-be can invest in.

The way you enhance your hands can change the look and feel of your entire look on your wedding day, so there is no reason you should be scared to experiment a little.


#1 Hand Cuffs

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more interesting, it does. Hand cuffs are so chic and there is no doubt that they will look zingy with most of your Indian wear. Hand cuffs are so much better than bangles and kadas that we have been banking on since a long time.

#2 Hand Harness

Girls, there is a lot more to experiment when it comes to jewellery nowadays.  Make way for the next generation haath phools! Hand harness comes in a variety of tassels and chunks of metals, pearls and beads. These make sure your hands do all the talking.


#3 Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring and the wedding band have sentimental value and it is something you wear forever. While every girl wants a big rock to show off to her friends and family, you should seriously think about investing in a wedding band. Wedding bands are classy and will compliment just about any outfit you wear.

#4 Cocktail Rings

An effervescent cocktail ring is one piece of jewellery that keeps all the brides happy. That’s the thing about cocktail rings, they suit every palette and also this will probably be the most used jewellery after marriage too. It’s the only accessory you need to keep things stylish.

So, for all the brides-to be jewellery is very important part of your trousseau, be sure to invest in things you will wear for many years to come.

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Home Eye Checkup :: Lenskart

Home Eye Checkup :: Lenskart

Hi Everyone!

Everyone at certain point of time needs reading glasses and if not reading glasses, then surely sunglasses and what a better way than to have your eye checkup done at your home and get your first glasses free from Lenskart. Many of you might have known about this incredible service which Lenskart offer, but have you guys tried it on your own? Well, I have tried it recently and I’m going to review the service and their exclusive range of glasses today.



I had my reading glasses since I was at my school with a very minimal number and especially for computers. A few weeks ago I thought of changing my frame and searching lenskart for a frame option. They have so many options available to choose, and a very unique feature where you can try the glasses online by uploading your picture on lenskart and see how the frame is looking at your face. While I was trying this fun and interesting feature, I saw that lenskart is offering the first pair free of cost and a free eye checkup at your home. I booked the eye checkup and asked them to bring some frame options at home.

IMG_4173-1 IMG_4180-1

At my designated date and time, two guys from Lenskart arrived with their huge bags containing the eye checking equipments and lots of frames to choose from. To start with, they took out their eye checking equipments and I got my check up done with the help of their electronic device and then with the reader board. After my checkup was done, I went ahead and selected the frames from 100+ frames they brought at my place. They gave me a reference card and took my order.IMG_4187-1 IMG_4193-1

As it was the week of purchasing glasses, I decided to check out some sunglasses as well from the Lenskart’s own brand John Jacobs store in Khan Market. I tried various different sunglasses at the store and few reading frames too. I end up buying a few frames which I totally look.IMG_4197-1(1)  IMG_4217-1

Do check out Lenskart and avail their amazing offers and home services. I sure you will love it the way I did. Thank you so much for reading!

Jewellery Trends For Grooms – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Jewellery Trends For Grooms – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

Jewellery for the Indian groom has been around from the times of the Maharajas and the Mughals. The modern day groom is very conscious about the way he looks and how perfect his outfit looks. On the D-day, it’s usually only the bride who is decked up top to toe in sparkling jewels and a gorgeous lehenga, while the groom is left to only show off his wedding ring.

It is not so anymore. Here is a comprehensive list of Indian groom jewellery hitting the frame these days by Kalyani Desai, your Grooms wear stylist from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers. Choose your favourite one and adorn it on your wedding day.

#1 The strings of emeralds-

Who said men cannot wear necklaces?

If a groom is wearing a Sherwani, by adding two to three strings of chunky, uncut emeralds or layered strings of pearls, they can spice up the royalty factor. Grooms can contrast green emeralds against red or blue colour of their stoles. This will help them not only stand out from the crowd, but also add a pop of colour to their outfit.


#2 The Jewelled Kalgi-

Kalgis were originally worn by Kings to signify a majestic presence. Hence, it is no surprise that Kalgi pins have become a norm in the grooms wear. You could either get a pin that is attached right at the centre, or a wrap string around the turban. Another variant is when there are feathery strings coming out from on top of the pin; this trend is commonly seen on Sikh grooms.

#3 Safa-

Safa is a long scarf that has tassels at the end. This piece is mostly worn with a sherwani in a contrasting colour to complete the look. It is easy to carry and also an inevitable part of Sherwani, the safa can be draped around the neck or can be worn over the shoulder of one arm going right around your waist and then wrapped around the other hand. You can also wear a safa in a colour that matches with your bride’s outfit, to strike a picture-perfect look!


#4 Cuff Links-

You can even pair cuff links with your Sherwani. A stunning pair of cuff links in some classy shades or metal enhances the grandeur of your tuxedo. So, for your special occasion pick an awesome piece and get ready to shine.

Apart from all this bling, the most precious thing that will complement your look is your smile. Wear a smile and attitude to steal the limelight. Now that you have an idea of the accessories, get ready to don up perfectly. Your accessories will emphasize your look enough to sweep your bride off her feet.

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How To Plan Your Wedding Trousseau – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

How To Plan Your Wedding Trousseau – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

Since ages, the bridal trousseau has been every girl’s best friend during the initial months of her married life. However, with time, the contents of the bridal trousseau might have changed, but the emotional value attached to it remains the same even today. In the old days, the trousseau comprised just 11 essential items, but, these days it has every essential that the newlyweds might need to have in their closet to prepare for the occasions that she would have to be a part of. With her bridal trousseau being perfect; she would be able to create a lasting impression.

There are certain things without which the bridal trousseau would be incomplete. Today, Devika Patel, our wedding expert will tell you all about how to go about planning and shopping for your perfect bridal trousseau.

1)   Right Clothes for every occasion: Clothes are a major part of any bride’s trousseau. An Indian bride always needs to be ready for any type of traditional function. So, Kanjeevarams, Banarasi Silk, Patola, etc. in rich colors of your choice are a good investment for such occasions.   Hence, it is important that the trousseau should have something for all the important occasions. Don’t forget the kind of outfits you choose to put in your trousseau totally depends on your personal style.

However, you will also need outfits for dinner parties and cocktails which don’t require a traditional look. So, investing in pretty gowns and dresses along with some fusion outfits are must haves for the modern day bride.


2) Jewellery: It is the next important part of the Indian bridal trousseau. Apart from the bridal wedding jewellery, there are a few other classic essentials such as a pair of solitaire earrings, a pearl set and a pair of diamond bangles along with a few pairs of earrings that you can match with various other outfits. These would make the new bride not only shine in any outfit, but also prove to be valuable investments.

3)  Make-Up: Looking good for a new bride is the priority and when you are getting married, you are in the middle of a million things and poojas and after wedding functions, you won’t have time to run to the salon every time. So make sure you keep the make-up essentials you need in your trousseau.


4)   Footwear: No outfit is complete without a matching pair of shoes. As much as every girl would love a good dress, have matching pair of shoes with every outfit, the smart approach would be to invest in some basic yet classic pairs, which will also help you, complete the look for every occasion.

5)  Accessories: Right accessories are a must to enhance the beauty of your outfit and complete the look.  Every girl knows the importance of accessories and even has her own collection of various accessories. However, choose a few classic and metallic pieces which will compliment most of your outfits and make you look glamorous!

All you bride-to-be, a well planned trousseau will ensure that you look beautiful in the first few months of your marriage. Thus, prepare a list of things you need, and stick to those. Also, keep strict tabs on your budget.

Happy planning and shopping!!

This was our wedding expert, Devika Patel on how to plan your wedding trousseau.

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Panda Love:: Embroidery Skirt and Combat Boots

Panda Love:: Embroidery Skirt and Combat Boots

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Whoever follows me on any of my social handle might have noticed that I recently wore this outfit to an event. I simply love the whole pairing. This sweater is such a cute and statement piece with the panda face. This panda sweater is very warm and cozy and I feel like hugging myself every time I wear it



I bought this sweater from Max Fashion and within a week, I got invited from Max Fashion for their new store launch and I decided to wear this. When I visited the store, I searched for this sweater, but by that time this was not at their inventory. I’m happy that I decided to buy this the moment I saw it. I paired this with my green flared skirt which made the pairing chic. Let me know if you have any statement pieces like this in your closet which you totally love :)


Sometime doing shoots for the blog turns out so funny when people started staring at you and think that you are some girl who wants to get her pictures clicked without even knowing what and why we are doing this. This is so strange that without even knowing someone, people judge a person and start commenting. This is what happened while we were shooting for this post. I feel so petty that they might even don’t know what is a blog or what blogging is and they are still commenting and making faces. Strange world!




Sweater: Max Fashion

Skirt: Zara


Bag: Tommy Hilfiger