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Mixing And Matching Wedding Outfits – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Mixing And Matching Wedding Outfits – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

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One thing is certain about your wedding-the bride and the groom will be the centre of attention all night long. So, be sure to think about the colour and style coordination while making your fashion choices. There has already been way too much that has been said about coordinating outfit colours between the bride and the groom. While most people tend to match their outfit colours, you may want to put in a little bit of contrast as well.

The bride:

Without a doubt, on your big day all eyes will be on you. Even though a red and gold lehenga remains a classic, brides nowadays are breaking tradition and opting for more colourful outfits. No matter what your preference is, make sure to choose a dress that will compliment your skin tone and enhance your figure.Mixing And Matching Wedding Outfits - Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

The groom:

Even though the groom isn’t supposed to see the dress before the wedding ceremony, it is considered bad luck in some cultures; he should at least know the colour his bride is wearing so that the outfits are somewhat in harmony.

Mixing And Matching Wedding Outfits - Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind, if you want to coordinate your wedding outfits with your groom given you by Kalyani Desai, our men’s fashion expert at Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers.

While choosing colours for your wedding outfits-also think about whether you were to pick an extra dupatta with your outfit, also what colour you would want it to be. The colour of the extra dupatta could be the colour the groom is wearing. If you are wearing a multicoloured lehenga, you may want the colour of the grooms outfit to be based on the colour which is less visible in your outfit so it does not look overwhelming.


If you are wearing a monotone lehenga, the groom can incorporate that colour in the smallest detail of his outfit. For instance, his stole or saffa could be a soft pink to match the bride’s outfit, or if the groom is wearing a suit, his tie colour cold be pink. Just remember to keep the coordinating colour in small doses. However, the bride and the groom don’t have to be matching every time. Sometimes, contrasting colours is the best way to coordinate. Choose a contrasting colour in the same tone and you are good to go!

Whatever you plan to wear, buy comfortable outfits. Your main aim is to look your best and if you are not comfortable, it will show on your face as well as in your body language. And you don’t want to spoil your wedding photos… do you? It’s your day… have lots of fun and have a super stylish wedding!

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Wedding Jewellery Tips For Mothers & Sisters Of The Bride – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Wedding Jewellery Tips For Mothers & Sisters Of The Bride – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

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Mothers of the bride and groom play important roles in a traditional Indian wedding. Here, Shreya Kalra, our fashion and jewellery expert will present a few tips for these important ladies, so that they can look glam during the wedding without overshadowing the bride.

Tips for the mother of the bride:

Once upon a time, the mother of the bride was expected to look dull and boring. Thankfully, that’s the past. Now the mother of the bride is free to express all her fashionable choices, not only with the clothes that they wear, but also their jewellery choices.

However, there are some dos and don’ts that can be followed:

1)     Statement Antique Jewellery: Your antique jewellery is timeless also it will set you a class apart. Such jewellery will not only make you look elegant, but also each piece you own has a story to tell.

2)     Balance out the bling in your look: If you are wearing a heavy neck piece, pair it out with smaller earrings to balance your look. Alternatively, if you opt for statement earring, you can either wear a simple gold chain or skip the neck piece all together.

3)     Heirloom Jewellery: Heirloom Jewellery such as vintage or khandanikadas or heavy chandelier earrings paired with a simple neck piece will make you look and feel royal.

Who said that the bride is the only one to watch at Indian weddings? At Indian weddings, it is always the one who is next in line catching the eyes of the relatives and guests.


Here are a few tips for the sister of the bride:

1)     Statement Earrings: The wedding season is about making a style statement. Statement earrings are a great way to make a style statement at your sister’s wedding. Earring in large, cascading silhouettes is pretty much all you need. Opt for earrings that are large and clean-cut and appear bold.

2)     Maang Tikka: From over-sized maang tikkas to Mughal inspired jhoomers to one-tier and two-tier maathapattis, choice for the sister of the bride are unlimited. However, save the maathapatti for the bride and opt for a maang tikka, because you don’t want to overshadow your sister on the most important day of her life. Also, if you opt for a pair of statement earrings and maang tikka, skip the necklace all together, you don’t want to overdo your look.

3)     Cocktail Rings: Cocktail rings are an incredible fashion statement today, with colours that pop and eye catching sparkle. The cocktail ring is sure to make you stand out at any occasion.

Hope these tips by Shreya Kalra, our fashion and jewellery expert will come in handy to all the mothers and sisters of the brides!

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The Ethnic Sensation with Yepme

The Ethnic Sensation with Yepme

Hi Everyone!

When I think of Indian Ethnic wear, the first thing which comes to my mind is subtleness and femininity. We all agree that Ethnic wear not only shows the elegant side of you, but also brings out how Indian you are from the heart?

We all know is one of the leading fashion brands in India. Be it any kind of apparels, they have some of the most versatile styles to choose from.  This time they are promoting ethnic wear for our 67th Republic day with their #JoinTheParade campaigning and we decided to join them. We all love our country and what makes our country so special is its culture, food and ethnic wear. People come from different part of the globe to see and feel our heritage. So being Indians, we should definitely promote our ethnicity in the world.


I have tried two different looks from and both of them have a very unique style of fashion. The first pairing is with a simple churidar and Anarkali kurti. The beautiful side of this pairing is the contrasting colours it does have which immediately strikes my eyes. It has beautiful a mustard colour with the blue and pink pop of colours as well. This is an amazing option if you have any get-togethers or small functions to attend. You can buy this look (Here)








The second pairing is an Ethnic wear with a modern twist. This pairing does have a front zipper kurti and a calf length Culottes. I gave it a contemporary look by adding my nose ring and Ear cuffs. You can wear this pairing to your office or any formal events. You can buy this look (Here)







I hope you like both the pairings and looks. You can find more ethnic look options at (Here).


Thank you so much for reading!


Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

Hi Everyone!

A few days ago a very funny incident happened. My friends came over surprising me and wanted to have dinner cooked by my mom. Everything was so last minute that we do not even know what to make and how to handle so many people’s foods because we did not have much grocery in stock at home.

Under all the panic and ‘do not know, what to do’ situation, one of my friend helped me figuring out from where to get the groceries online sitting at home and chit-chatting with my friends. So, she showed me the incredible mobile application called ‘PapperTap’ through which you can order all your groceries and house house items online and PapperTap delivers it within 2 hours.

Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

So, I quickly downloaded the application on my phone and placed the order while having coffee with my friends and they actually deliver my order within 2 hours of placing the order.  The application is very easy to use and order placement is very user friendly. There are approximate 5000 products to choose from. You can also track your orders as where they are and when they will be delivered. They have a wide variety to choose from such as: Fruits and vegetables, Instant food, drinks and beverages, dairy products, snacks, cooking essentials, health and beauty, home supplies, etc.

Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

This is a one stop store for all the household need. When my order arrived, my mom made her special Fried Rice and Manchurian for my friends. All of them had a great time and mom got so many compliments. Without pappertap this food party would have been even possible as I would have been gone out for shopping, groceries and would not give tie to my friends.

6 7

The application made life easier and you can get all your essentials just by sitting my home. You can also get your required food supplies which normally are not available in your nearby market. This happens to me a lot! Recently I have developed a new hobby of cooking with the help of online recipes. Pappertap helps a lot ordering last minute requirements. Now I know how to cook, red and white sauce pasta, my mom’s famous Manchurian and many more such recipes.


I recommend all of you to try this application just once and I’m sure you will love it the way I did. Thank you so much for reading. You can download the application from here:

How To Match Earrings To Your Face Type – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

How To Match Earrings To Your Face Type – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

Every girl loves to adorn herself with various ornaments. Earrings happen to be the most important accessory that a girl can store in her jewelry box. Girls, who pick the right earrings according to the shape of their face, are able to make a style statement by highlighting their beauty with this simple and elegant accessory. Earrings have the power to take boring outfits to dazzling and exciting look.

We bet you did not know that just like dressing up according your body type; there is a science behind picking out the right kind of jewelry according to your face cut. A pair of earrings may good on you but might not look good on your friend or sister. All this depends on the shape of your face.

So, here are some useful tips by our jewelry expert, Shreya Jain to keep in mind when you are next shopping for earrings for that special occasion. As earrings come in different shapes, sizes and styles, hence, it becomes important for you to choose earrings that will not only compliment your face but your dress as well.

How To Match Earrings To Your Face Type - Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Earrings for Oval Face Shape: The oval shape is the best shape as all kinds of earrings look perfect. Oval shaped dangling earrings will draw attention to the face shape without adding any width or length. Or else studs, teardrops, danglers, hoops, jhumkis would compliment your face well.

Earrings for Round Face Shape: Girls with round faces should try and make their face look elongated by choosing danglers or teardrop earrings. The longer the earring the better it will be. Danglers and teardrop earrings are the safest option.

Earrings for Diamond Face Shape: All those with a diamond shaped face should opt for long earrings such as jhumkis or hoop earrings. These styles will accentuate the face. You can also choose earrings with soft curves to minimize sharpness around the jaw line or cheekbones.

With all this knowledge about how to pick earrings for the shape of your face, hope you make the best use of it and always pair up your earrings and outfits perfectly.

Feel the Magic Wire with Triumph

Feel the Magic Wire with Triumph

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever thought, what makes a great and comfortable outfit, which look smart and effortless? Well, the answer is the under garments! We normally do not talk about this topic and always feel shy of discussing what should we wear underneath to get the right fit and be comfortable. I think it is very important to educate ourselves with this knowledge and know what is best for your body.


There are lots of brands who manufacture amazing under garments and recently Triumph launched their new range of ‘Magic Wire’ designs in their Bra collection. We all know wired bras, whichgive support and structure, butsometimes you cannot feel like wearing those. For the extra comfort and feel, Triumph launched their Magic Wire range, which comes with a flexible silicone wire instead of a stiff metal one which gives the feeling of being wireless and it gives the support of a wired bra. Triumph is a company empowering self-confidence in every woman with their innovative thinking.

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The Magic Wire range is an ultimate combination of support and comfort together. Now there  will be no metal wire going to irriate with uncomfortable fitting. This range is designed to be soft and flexible and it blends with your body perfectly making it free to move.

Feel the Magic Wire with Triumph

Magic Wire’s ingenious new cup design features a soft, flexible built-in silicon wirewhich will fit well and they are perfect to wear with any T-shirt. I’m sure if you will try it once, you will fall in love with the Magic Wire range. It does come in Six colours, 3 in smooth all over solid colours and 3 with 3d lace detailsand each one of them look super chic. The range includes two key styles – an all-over smooth option for total invisibility under extremely close-fit tops and dresses and a more decorative 3D lace style, which is totally irresistible with a cute front bow motif and vibrant, edgy style. Triumph kept innovating for the past 130 years to provide us the sensuous, authentic lingerie that radiates feminine beauty.


Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with the core brands Triumph® and sloggi®.


So the next time you will walk into a store in your lingerie shopping, do not forget to check out the ‘Magic Wire’ range by Triumph. You will defiantly feel more confident and light wearing the Magic Wire.

Thank you so much for reading!

Launch of Premium Handbag & Accessory Brand:: Mesé

Launch of Premium Handbag & Accessory Brand:: Mesé

Hi Everyone!

Being a girl, no matter how many handbags do I have in my collection, I will always want more. When I go for shopping, I always start my shopping by searching the handbag and the footwear section. Recently we have been invited to the launch event of the new accessory and handbag brand ‘Mesé’. I love launch events especially for fashion products in which you can get to see the potential of the new brands coming to India and get to know more about their products and vision.
IMG_4711 IMG_3096
Mesé is a luxury fashion brand renowned for its authentically designed accessories. The brand is currently offering handbags, clutches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Mesé is a fashion brand and is now available in India for the first time. You can buy their products exclusively on Snapdeal. I had a detailed discussion with Mr. Vivek Arora, who is the Chief Amazement office of Mesé. He explained the brand future goals and the target market. We have gone through the products and they are truly designed keeping the fashion trends in mind. The designs are very fresh with very reasonable price bracket.
While going through the products, I picked my three favourites out of the whole collection. My first favourite was the Mesé Black Tote bag. I love the shape of this handbag with the gold studs which can add extra glamour to any outfit. This handbag will look good with any pairing and will give an edgy feel.  The second favourite pick is the amazing Mesé Gold Tote Bag which is a huge bag and it has lot of space in it to keep all our essentials. I love the gold colour which was making it different from the others and this bag is a great option for any casual look. My third favourite is the Mesé Jaimie Gold Premier Necklace. The design of this necklace is very edgy and smart which you can wear with a top or a dress. The combination of gold and black color of the necklace making it a classic piece. At the end of the event, I got myself the Mesé Gold Tote Bag which I’m currently using and I love the handbag.
The accessories and handbag range starts from Rs. 700 onwards. The products used are high quality and worth the money. The brand is a competition to some of the renowned brands in India. Currently the brand launched their first lot of handbags and accessories and I’m excited to see more designs from them.
The brand is available on Facebook and snapdeal where you can see their full range. I have done ‘What’s in my Handbag’ video with my Mesé Gold Tote Bag, where I’m talking about the bag and what all things are there in my handbag. Check out the video:
I hope you like the video and the post. Thank you so much for reading and watching!
New Year:: Shift Dress & Oxford Shoes

New Year:: Shift Dress & Oxford Shoes

Happy Friday Everyone!

As you all might know that I went for an elaborate holiday for around 10 days and did mostly driving. The drive was good and we had fun and spend some quality time with the family. But after coming back, I realized I have missed lots of things here as well. Of course you cannot be two places together at once and you will miss out something or the other. So, I decided to have a blast with my friends parting this weekend and do some fun shoots as well. I have also taken a few pictures and did Vbloging while I was vacationing which I will soon share with all of you.




I have been loving the cold weather of Delhi but realized upon my return that the freezing weather has somewhat changed now and started getting a little hotter. As I was traveling, we crossed Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Maharastra and then reached Pune. After crossing Rajasthan, the weather drastically changed and it was too hot in that part of the country and I started missing Delhi. And now that I’m back, I want to celebrate this weather as mush as I can. IMG_2509-1 IMG_2527-1

IMG_2538-1 IMG_2576-1

I hope you guys had a great new year celebration. Thank you so much for reading and been there with us on all this year. This would not have been possible without all your love and support. We would like to thank you again and wish you have a great year ahead!


Dress: United Colors of Benetton

Bag: Madame


Accessories: Bracelet: Forever21, Sunglass: RayBan



Styled and Modelling By: Ruchika, Photography By: Saurabh Sharma


Make Beautiful Homes with ED&P

Make Beautiful Homes with ED&P

Hi Everyone!

Home is where your family is! We all know this proverb. But is it also true that in a beautiful home stays peace and prosperity. To create beautiful home, we need great brands who can build us our dream home.

ED&P is one of those showrooms in India, which is known for its luxurious interior products. ED&P has unprecedented designs in Sanitary-ware, tiles and light construction materials and includes various renowned European and Asian brands like Atlas Concorde, Cotto, IMEX, 14 Oraitaliana, Arazia, Ezarri, Bravat, Valcucine, Newform, Hatria, Simas etc.



Atlas Concorde ARTY&BORD

Atlas Concorde ARTY&BORD

ED&P is located in Gurgaon and spread over an area of more than 35000 sq.m, EDP inculcates interior design solutions sourced from all over the world, depicted in an astonishing ambience which exudes immense panache, glamour and grandeur. The showroom is designed with impeccable taste, aesthetics and elegance.

The showroom is considered the most complete product display centers for interior finishing products in India. Their product portfolio is diverse and expansive including tiles, faucets, rain showers, steam boxes, saunas, washbasins, EWC, and whirlpools along with some world-renowned innovative light construction materials like Smart Board and skim coat. They include various renowned European and Asian brands to be made available to the Indian customer at varying and affordable prices. The blue book of international brands included within our premises include Atlas Concorde, Cotto, IMEX, 14 Oraitaliana, Arazia, Ezarri, Bravat, Newform, Hatria, Simas etc.

We met Ms. Radhika Bhutani, who is the Executive Director of ED&P is a young entrepreneur, who had a vision to establish India’s largest ‘all lifestyle solutions store’ and did so immediately after completing her post graduation. She also has a keep inclination towards design and interiors. She manages the showroom along with her team of Italian designers.

ED&P is now bringing you high quality luxurious Italian furniture in affiliation with ‘Tonin CASA’ which brings in both classical and contemporary furniture for a beautiful decor.

With headquarters in Gurgaon, they are emerging as the top retail showroom with extensions in Goa, Mumbai and Panipat in 2015.

Look out the new kitchens brought to you for a complete living experience with Valcucine; Italian brand which redefines design and innovation in the world of kitchens.

Matching Necklines To Neckpieces – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Matching Necklines To Neckpieces – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Hi Everyone!

That special day is here and you want to look just perfect! After years of dreaming about your wedding outfits, there is one more task, which is very important, is the selection of your wedding jewellery. Almost all brides think that, since my outfit is pink, I must wear rubies. Without a doubt, that looks nice enough, there is nothing more striking than emeralds with a pink outfit!

Most brides buy their outfit before choosing their bridal Jewellery. You have been doing it wrong, you must choose your jewellery before your outfit. Since your Jewellery is going to cost a lot more than your outfits, you should not have to compromise because of it has to match your already chosen outfits.

The shape of your neckline matters! Round necklines look good with round neckpieces; V necklines look good with V shaped neckpieces, while the sweetheart neckline looks good with any kind of jewellery. Akshita Sekhri, will be giving some important tips for matching your neckpieces to your neckline.Matching Necklines To Neckpieces - Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

A low blouse neckline looks great with chokers or pieces of jewellery closer to the neck, provided you have a long neck. A choker complemented with a Rani Haar will make you stand out. You can also wear a heavy neckpiece with a pendant drop of it. In addition, if you really want to make a fashion statement of your own go with the option of wearing no jewellery and just large earrings.

Higher necklines look amazing with layered jewellery. If you are wearing a high neckline, you can opt for Rani Haar for a royal look. For the brides who choose to wear a simple and plain blouse, should opt for a bib necklace, which falls in tune with your outfits and looks like heavy embroidery done on the blouse.

Indian weddings are unimaginable without stunning jewellery and bling outfits! The bridal jewellery are a matter of pride for the bride and her family, which over time become a family heirloom. Experiment with your look and outfits, but don’t forget to choose the bridal jewellery wisely as they can make or break your entire look!

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