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Vanilla Moon:: Black Pumps and Printed Jacket

Vanilla Moon:: Black Pumps and Printed Jacket

Hi Everyone!

I recently got these smart pumps from Vanilla Moon (Here) and the very moment I saw these shoes, I knew, I wanted to create a formal look to complement them. I think the more simple and short heels are, the better they are for formal wear. This vanilla moon pumps also has cushioned padding inside just to give that extra comfort to the feet for long hours. I think this shoe is perfect for creating different looks as it is a basic black pumps and you can wear them anywhere.

IMG_0912-1 IMG_0992-1


I hate those shoes which are not at all comfortable. When I select my shoes, I prefer to wear them and walk in them before buying because for me, comfort is very important and then only you can wear your shoes for longer hours.


When I started pairing this outfit together, I kept the shoes in front of me and started thinking what will look good to complement this shoe from my closet. I immediately took my gray trouser, a basic gray T-shirt and to add a little colour to the outfit, I paired the printed jacket. To make the look more edgy, I added the neon bag and the statement necklace. I love how beautifully everything complement each other. This is an effortless formal look which you can wear to your office anytime.

IMG_0978 IMG_0953-1

I hope you like the look. Thank you so much for reading!



Jacket: Koovs

T- Shirt and Trouser: Old

Shoes: Vanilla Moon ( Here )

Bag: Bags and Bags

Necklace: Forever21

Product Review: Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème

Product Review: Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème

Hi Everyone!

In today’s life stress and tension affects our body and hair. Gray hair is a common problem among everyone and it starts from a very early age. I remember, I have gray hair when I was in school and I use to be so embarrassed about the same. I have tried many colours and henna as well. For me, I think henna works the best for my hairas I love the nourishment it gives. It’s just the nourishment that I love. Well, when I heard about the Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème, I thought I had to giveit a try.

I have recently coloured my hair (as you might know if you are following me on my social handles) so I have convinced my mother to try it for me as she also use hair colour. Read further to find out about the products and my verdict about it.


What’s the product claim?

Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème is a crème based hair colour enriched with the conditioning of henna and nourishment of coconut oil.


What do you get inside the pack?

You will get two sachets of colour & developer inside the pack of 20gm and 20ml for Rs. 39.



My Verdict:

The first thing which is very good about this product is it is very pocket friendly. You will not get the goodness of coconut, the nourishment of henna and also colouring effect in this price anywhere else. When I opened the pack and took out the developer, I can smell the coconut oil fragrance. The colour crème look creamy and the colour of it reminds me of my henna days. Somehow I never liked the smell of coconut oil, but this is any day better than the strong smell of ammonia. Another good thing about this product is, it is an ammonia free product. When I mixed the developer and the colour together, it formed a very thick paste and it is non drippy which I like. I hate those hair colours which are liquid and tends to drop. I took a little swatch test before applying it to my mom’s hair.


The colour of the products changed instantly once it touches my skin. It is very easy to apply as the sachets inside the product are pre – measured. Apply the crème for 30 minutes and then wash it. My mom has frizzy hair as she is using hair colour from really long now, but after using the Godrej Nupur coconut henna crème her hair are much more manageable than before.



The product as of now comes in four colours burgundy, black, dark brown and natural brown. I have used dark brown to my mom’s hair.


Rating: 4.5/5

I just coloured my hair thus I could not use it, but as soon as my hair colour will start to fade, I’m definitely going to try this to my hair. Thank you so much for reading.

Redefine Skin with VLCC Facial First in India

Redefine Skin with VLCC Facial First in India

Hi Everyone,

We have been invited to be a part of this one of a kind center, which will help Indian skin to redefine and look young. We all know VLCC for its weight-management practices and therapeutic beauty solutions. This time VLCC launched Facial First with the association of the renowned Malaysian brand of skin care and cosmetology services by Wyann International. The first Facial First Centre is located in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, which was inaugurated by Mrs Vandana Luthra, Founder, VLCC Group and Ms Yap Yann Fang, Director Wyann International.


We had an opportunity to personally talk to Mrs. Vandana Luthra while she talked about the newly launched centre, the concept behind the Facial First and about her personal skin care routine.


Speaking at the launch, Mrs Vandana Luthra, Founder VLCC Group, said, ‘Keeping in line with the growing preferences of increasingly health and beauty conscious Indian customers, Facial First will offer highly personalized solutions to our customers. It promises a new level of bespoke care, led by consultants and beauticians who will provide discerning individuals with the best results.  The Facial First philosophy aligns perfectly with what VLCC offers its customers – a way to enrich lives.”


When asked about the concept of the facial first and how it is different from what others in Indian market are selling in regards to the skin care, Mrs. Vandana Luthra gave us a brief about the concept.The facial first concept of ‘consultant cum beautician’ ensures a consistent and result-oriented unparalleled customer experience. In this process VLCC will take your DNA and create a skin care solution which will be specially customized for you and according to your skin related issues. Taking and testing the DNA will help to understand the individual’s skin and what can be prone to and help combat premature ageing, environmental damage and the stress of modern living. I personally found that the idea is very unique and it will help us fight all our skin related issues. We find lots of fairness and anti ageing creams in the market and they only help fighting one issue while they do not know your skin type. Like mine is a sensitive skin and I cannot really use any of these products available in the market, but with your DNA testing and VLCC customize the treatment, according to one particular skin type, I think it will going to help a lot of people like me.


From the whole experience, I think VLCC with Facial First will be a one-stop solution for skin solutions for men and women. It was truly amazing to see how beautifully technology can enhance the beauty and help us stay younger. Thank you so much for reading.

Product review:: Spinz Sun Tan Remover

Product review:: Spinz Sun Tan Remover

Hi Everyone!

All of us experience tanning on exposure to the sun. Sometimes we are completely tanned – face, hands and feet included! It drives us mad, but there is no way to avoid it. I had been to a summer vacation for 3 days in Rajasthan and had fun in the swimming pool, safari and all the activities. But each time went out in the sun, I get worried about getting tanned and how to remove it.

I have tried lots of home remedies and the creams available in the  market to remove my tan but it does not work. A few days ago I saw the Spinz Sun Tan Remover video and I immediately thought of giving it a try.

So, here’s a full review of Spinz Sun Tan Remover.

Product claims:

De-Tanned Radiant look in 5 minutes.

Salon like fairness in just 5 minutes.

Fairer in just 5 minutes.

Does not contain bleach or any other harmful chemicals.

Key ingredients are milk, lemon and honey.


Direction for use:

  • Single use requires about 8 to 9 grams if used only on the face. The sachet 9 gms ideal for one time usage on face and neck.
  • Apply the cream generously on your face, avoiding the sensitive area like the eye contours.
  • Massage gently in slow circular motions and leave on skin for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, wash with water and pat dry.



Single use sachet worth Rs. 10, 25gm tube for Rs. 49, 50gm tube for Rs. 89. The product mainly bought through medical shops & modern trade stores.


My Verdict:

My skin is super sensitive and I get scared of using new products on my face. But still I tired the Spinz Sun Tan Remover to my face to see how this tan remover works. In India, we have very few tan remover creams. So, I’m always in search of a good tan remover as you cannot stop the sun to damage your skin, but you can get your lost fairness with the help of tan remover. The product pricing is very affordable and I think anyone can use it. I do not like the packaging of the product much, but then I think as the price is so affordable, we can overlook the packaging part. As mentioned in the pack of the Spinz Sun Tan Remover, I wet my face with some water, then then applied a little to my problem area just to see if the cream is irritating my skin or not. But to my surprise it did not. Then I took the cream in good quantity and applied it onto my face and neck. The cream is very light and spread like butter on the skin (with the moist skin). The cream also has a sweet smell which is not very much . After 5 minutes I washed off my face with water. It did make my skin look refreshed. As I do not like to put anything on my skin, which can hamper it later, thus I washed my face again with my face wash and then too my skin look a bit brighter and refreshing. I think this product actually works and as it does not irritate my skin, I can say it does not contain any bleach. #SpinzBanTheTan

Rating: 4/5


Key points:


  • Affordable price
  • The cream is very soft and spread like butter.
  • Does not irritate the skin at all.
  • It does remove sun tan and leaves the skin brighter and refreshing.
  • After using face wash, I can still feel the same.



  • Packaging is not that good, but it is ok for an affordable product like this.
  • I think all of you should try this once. If not buying the big pack, give the sachet a try and I’m sure you will like it.

Thank you so much for reading!

Titan:: Celebrating Timeless Love

Titan:: Celebrating Timeless Love

Hi Everyone!

Titan Company, helped Kunal Khemu surprise the living day lights off his wife, Soha Ali Khan with the Helios – the Watch Store, the premium watch retail chain by Titan Company. In the first of its kind event in the country, Helios delighted the beautiful actress with a surprise planned with her husband Kunal. This surprise was a cute way to say what his #Timeless love for her was.

The actor, who is quite the romantic, wanted to do something special for his ladylove and Helios had the perfect idea in mind. Helios hosted a one-of-its-kind event for the celebrity couple. The premium watch retailer helped Kunal woo and surprise an enthusiastic audience with a drone that delivered the surprise present to Soha, as a second drone captured the elated celebrity couple’s romantic moments along with the audience’s reactions. She was stunned to see a gift come out of the air.

Kunal who had tweeted asking for suggestions on a special gift for Soha, was approached by Helios – the Watch Store, who suggested celebrating their Timeless Love with them. Coming to Kunal’s rescue, Helios helped him select the perfect gift for his wife from the store’s wide range of international watch brands.


Soha who was brimming with delight, was completely surprised by Kunal’s romantic gesture, said, “Kunal is romantic, yes, but this I didn’t expect! What I thought would be a nice quiet trip to Bangalore turned out to be an amazing surprise he planned with Helios – the Watch Store. The drone delivery was so unique and it is a gesture that I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m so happy that Helios hosted us in Bangalore today and helped Kunal plan this so wonderfully.”


Kunal, proud of his gesture, looked on lovingly at his wife and said, “I wanted to do something special for Soha and she loves surprises. So when Helios reached out to me with this crazy romantic idea, I was very keen and couldn’t wait for it to become a reality! Celebrating our timeless love in Bangalore today with the people of this beautiful city has been an amazing experience and we are delighted that Helios played cupid!”


Going beyond being a premium watch retailer, Helios constantly endeavors to engage with its customers in unique ways. So if you are looking at surprising your loved ones, head to the nearest Helios store and avail up to 50% off on over 25 international brands during their End of Season Sale.

I hope you all look forward to what Helios has to offer and check out their collection like me. Thank you so much for reading.

Blue Bow:: Skater Dress & Giveaway Announcement

Blue Bow:: Skater Dress & Giveaway Announcement

Hi Everyoone!


IMG_0360-1 IMG_0349-1

I got this beautiful dress from Miss Chase recently. It is a super cute and flirty skater dress which is perfect for your date night. I have styled the dress very casually keeping the look simple. I enjoyed the rainy day while shooting this outfit post. This dress is super airy and classy. The back style of this dress makes it very unique. It has a cute bow, which looks super adorable.





I paired my black boots with this dress to keep myself easy in the rainy day. I love how casual and lovely this dress look with the boots. The chic look of this dress gave the whole pairing a very charming feel. After the shoot, I headed for my coffee date and for movies and got lots of compliments 😉




Now, I have an awesome announcement to make. Miss Chase and we are hosting a giveaway on our Facebook page from Monday onwards and two of our readers will win this cute skater dress from Miss Chase. All you need to do is check our Facebook page tomorrow and participate the giveaway and stand a chance to win. So, stay tuned and the details will be up on our Facebook page soon.



Thank you so much for reading.



Dress: Miss Chase (Here)

Shoes: Forever21


Accessories: Forever21

Old to New:: Event by IML Jeans

Old to New:: Event by IML Jeans

Hi Everyone!

We have recently attended a jeans makeover workshop hosted by IML, the bespoke jeans brand. With a select audience comprising of the fashion media fraternity, the brand presented a menu of options for a total jeans “remodelling”. Each guest was asked to bring in their favourite old pair of jeans which they could completely redesign with the help of the IML team, offering services such as monogramming, destruction, embroidery, over-patches & under-patches, thread-work and embellishments.

The Venue set up by IML Picture 296-2

It’s My Life Jeans Co. (IML Jeans) strive to replicate the intimacy in their handcrafted jeans. Their executives visit your home, show you the designs, fabrics and accessories, note your preference of style and within 2 weeks hand deliver a ‘bespoke’ pair of jeans made especially for you. Their designs are developed in-house, taking into account myriad factors, including future trends, wearability and comfort, quality of fabrics and trims, and research and development.

unnamed (1)(3) IML team helping the guests

Along with IML’s design and styling team, the best ‘remodelled’ jeans stood to win a one of a kind bespoke style of jeans worth Rs. 20,000/-. Unlike a typical contest, each design was about the wearer’s personal style, fit and comfort. As the evening progressed, the attendees were seen completely involved with their denim design, choosing amongst a wide range of styles and accessories. Various styles and preferences were observed with the overall mood of a fun workshop. I choose a torn effect with some patch work for my jeans. I have also used some beads to the pocket of my jeans. The results were spectacular and it was exciting to bring back to life an old pair of jeans.

Karigar ripping the denim unnamed-2

I have about a dozen old pairs of jeans which were favourites over the years. I always wished that I could rework them into something exciting and this is how we came up with this workshop. Everybody had fun and we look forward to having more fun with IML, “said Mr. Aditya Singhal, CEO, It’s My Life Jeans Co.

Thank you so much for reading!

Indian Contemparary Designs – TISHA by Tisha Saksena

Indian Contemparary Designs – TISHA by Tisha Saksena

Hi Everyone!

I have been recently been invited to the first anniversary of TISHA, the luxury heritage bridal brand. TISHA is renowned for its contemporary garments crafted in traditional ways –an amalgamation of vibrant handloom weaves and intricate embroidery.


Handmade at every stage, each luxurious garment is unique and has its own distinct character, owing to the natural textures of handloom weaves, handspun fabrics like matka silk, tussar and raw silk, all embellished with pearls, zardozi and gota hand embroidery.11403097_851375698285715_6572562437363834700_n

TISHA features 3 distinct collections – The Meher-un-Nissa Collection which is inspired by the life and times of the enigmatic Empress Noor Jahan. The collection pays homage to her spirit, intelligence and aesthetic sensibility. These are rendered onto traditional Mughal silhouettes, where each timeless ensemble has been discerningly curated for the contemporary woman.


The Shalimar Bagh Collection pays homage to the grand beauty of Shalimar Bagh, the spectacular royal gardens of Kashmir. Soft Pastel colours in delicate silks, airy handspun matka silks, chiffons and georgettes inspired by tulips, narcissus, roses and vines that bloom here each spring.11144417_845100332222254_2167260516590223167_n

The Aarekhini collection inspired by the vibrant textiles of Gujarat encompasses the traditional kutch silhouettes like kaanchdi (backless blouses) and chola (sleeveless garment) which are reinterpreted in contemporary versions. 11417663_875404475858506_4873267547070608650_n

Speaking on this occasion, Ms Tisha Saksena (Designer) said – “Fabrics with inherent texture such as traditional Indian textiles including matkasilk, rawsilk, gajji and mashru silks provide a rich visual contrast to contemporary fabrics such as georgette, silk chiffon, silk habotai and silk tulle. The combination of these appearingly distinct fabrics creates a rich vocabulary of texture, visual interest and textile detail while creating a garmentunnamed (2)

The clothing line is an merger of vibrant array of handloom weaves textiles and intricate embroideries curated by skilled craftspeople from all across India. Her designs have regularly been spotted on celebrities like Karishma Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra and the appreciation for her products have been growing steadily. Do check out their store at Meherchand Market, Lodhi Road, Delhi.

Thank you so much for reading!


Play Daring:: Red Back Pack & Leopard Heels

Play Daring:: Red Back Pack & Leopard Heels

Hi Everyone,

I have got this awesome and cute bag from Baggit recently. Ever since, I saw their Spring Summer15 collection, I wanted to get hold of this bag. You can check out their entire collection (Here). I wanted a stylish back pack since long and when I saw this one, I simply fall in love. This bag is easy to carry and very classy to look. It gives a feeling of adventure and it is my kind of bag. The quality of Baggit bags is incredible and long lasting. I have used a bag from Baggit earlier (In fact, I’m still using it, also created a post: Here) and I can bet you on the quality that they stay really long. I have many bags in my wardrobe, but this one holds a special place.




I created a daring look like Baggit gave the name ‘Play Daring’. Paring my Tiger print loose fit T-shirt and ripped jeans with the leopard print heels gave the bag a perfect balance. You can carry this bag in two ways. It is easy to carry and you can put lots of stuff inside.  I’m planning to take this out for my upcoming road trip as well. It will be a great accessory to show off, don’t you think?



Baggit is also doing a digital campaign for their new collection where you can pick a mood for a friend and refer a bag according to that mood. They have various options to choose from. Try this awesome idea (Here). IMG_9818-1

Thank you so much for reading!


Bag: Baggit SS15 Collection

T-Shirt: GAP

Denim: DIY Project

Shoes:  Carlton London (Here)