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Product Review: Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator

Product Review: Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator

Hi Everyone!

I absolutely love all the products from Philips. I use their hair straightener and trust me, it’s a one hair tool that I cannot live without. So, recently I got hold of their newly launched Satinelle Legs and Arms Epilator BRE200/00 for women, which is endorsed by none other than Alia Bhatt. So, today I’m going to review and share my thoughts about Epilators and what I thought before using it and after using this.

For me salon trips are really a big task because I’m on the go all the time. Hair removal is a challenge for me. I have actually tried everything possible which will take as much as less time. So, after getting this cute and handy Philips Epilator, my life becomes a little easier.



I’m always scared of the word Epilators! I heard from a few of my friends that it hurts bad as it plucks the hair out, Epilators make your hair hard, etc. Firstly, yes it hurts a little but trust me it’s just a fraction of seconds that it’s just like a small ant bite. Secondly, it does not make your hairs harder. In fact, it will slowly soften your hairs and then make the hair growth even lesser.


Why it is better than the waxing?

I have a terrible experience in waxing after that I’m scared to my death doing it in parlours where they use hot wax on you and then use strips to take the hairs off. Once they use such hot wax that they end up hurting me. With Epilators, there are no such issues. Plus epilating is quick in comparing to waxing. Also, I don’t know how much you spend on your one visit to a parlour to get your waxing done, but here you can get a Philips Eplilator just for Rs. 2495 and you are sorted. It is travel friendly and easy to use. I remember when I first started waxing it hurt like hell, but then slowly you start to get used to it, same goes with the Epilators. I will, of course, choose epilator over waxing.


What the product Claim?

Enjoy long lasting smoothness with Philips Satinelle Essential epilator. Gently removes hairs at the root, as short as 0.5mm. The hair grows back thinner and more slowly to enjoy up to 4 weeks hair-free skin. Epilation removes 4x shorter hair than waxing, and is hassle free and no need of waiting till the next waxing session. It is an unique epilation system with gentle tweezing discs.


My Verdict:

Philips Epilator available in three different variants: Philips Satinelle BRE200/00, Philips Satinelle Advanced BRE210 and Philips Satinelle Essential BRE201. I got the basic one which is Philips Satinelle Essential BRE200 which comes with a single head epilator, a brush to clean the epilator and a sensitive area cap. It is a corded device which I do not like. I feel like it should have a rechargeable battery which can work without the power cable. What I like is, it very portable and handy, travel friendly, easy to operate. The head can be detached and cleaned under running water for better hygiene.It actually removes the hairs softly and it does not pain much because of its high speed. The epilation discs remove 4x shorter hairs than wax (0.5 mm) at the root. So, no need to wait until the next waxing session.

All in all it is a great product to have!

Rating:  4.5/5

I hope you like the review. Thank you so much for reading.

Herbalife Skin Care 7 Days Challenge Review

Herbalife Skin Care 7 Days Challenge Review

Hi Everyone,

Who does not like healthy looking skin with no lines and wrinkles? So, I recently got my hands on this full range of Herbalife skin care products and immediately thought of giving it a try. My skin is super sensitive and it gets affected in every little thing and I have to really take care of it. I normally do not change my skin care routine, but looking at its ingredients, I took the seven day challenge of replenish and rejuvenate my skin. Read further to find out about the products and my verdict about them.

What the product claim?

Optimized Formula, Feel and Fast Results for younger-looking, healthier-looking beautiful skin.

FORMULA enhances the appearance of skin with an optimum blend of Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C & E and Aloe Vera.

FEEL inspired as you pamper your skin with lush textures, silky soft lather, radiant essential oils & fresh, rejuvenating fragrances.

FAST RESULTS, including softer, smoother, more radiant skin, are achieved as well as long-term benefits such as diminished fine lines & wrinkles.

Herbalife SKIN Products combine a blend of Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C & E, and Aloe Vera to enhance the appearance of skin. Clinically tested fast results in just 7 days.

My advance skin care kit includes:

Polishing Citrus Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin



• Removes excess oil, dirt and makeup

• Clinically tested to show a reduction in the skin’s sebum after just one use.

• Great for Shaving


• Hints of juicy orange and grapefruit

• Apple-derived cleansing ingredients and Jojoba Esters

Line Minimizing Serum



• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Clinically tested to show improvement in skin softness, smoothness, glow and luminosity in just 7 days .


• Vitamin B3, antioxidants Vitamin C and E, Aloe Vera

• Chestnut seed extract

Daily Glow Moisturizer



• Clinically tested to show that skin looks more glowing and feels softer and smoother in just seven days.

• Clinically shown to double skin’s moisture for eight hours.


• Different oils including Sunflower seed oil, Macadamia nut oil,

• Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, and Aloe Vera


Replenishing Night Cream



• Clinically tested to show skin looks smoother and feels softer in just seven days.

• Provide noticeable improvement in overall skin complexion and luminosity in just one week.


• Different oils including Olive oil, Sesame seed oil

• Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E  and Aloe Vera

Hydrating Eye Cream



• Clinically tested

• Shows a significant increase in the skin’s moisture over eight hours.


• Vitamin B3, antioxidants Vitamin C and E and Aloe Vera

• Macadamia Nut Oil and Cucumber Extract

Purifying Mint Clay Mask



• Remove dirt and absorb excess oil

• Clinically tested to improve the appearance of pores after just one use.

• Tighten and tone the skin after just one use.


• Bentonite clay

• Rosemary leaf and Spearmint Oil


My Verdict:

As already stated above, my skin is very sensitive and it quickly reacts to any harsh product. But using all of these products, it just did not effect my skin at all and I’m extremely impressed with that. The packaging of the products is very sophisticated and elegant. I love the white and sliver combination which is making it look edgy. I used these products for seven days and they really showed positive results. My skin is softer and less dryer than earlier. They are not at all harsh to the skin.  I love how they moisturize your skin so well and helps reduce fine lines. All in all, these products really work and I highly recommend them.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hope you like the review! Thank you so much for reading.



World Ethnic Day with Craftsvilla

World Ethnic Day with Craftsvilla


Hi Everyone!

The culture of India is very vividly with the way of living of the people of India. India’s languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, and customs differ from place to place within the country. The Indian culture, often labeled as a combination of several cultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced by a history that is several millennia old. Many elements of India’s diverse cultures, such as Indian religions, yoga and Indian cuisine, have had a profound impact across the world.


Clothing in India varies on the different ethnicity, geography, climate and cultural traditions of the people of that region. Traditional Indian clothing for women in the north and east are saris or ghagra cholis and (lehenga and suits), while many south Indian women traditionally wear sari and children wear pattu langa. Indo-western clothing is the fusion of Western and Subcontinental fashion. Churidar, dupatta, Khara Dupatta, gamchha, kurta, mundum neriyathum, sherwani are among other clothes.

Indian fashion and ethnic wear are so famous and loved by everyone that even foreigners love to wear them. Indian ethnic wear is a colorful combination of all region inspired our culture. We celebrate different festivals and religion. We should all celebrate our culture and ethnic fashion style as well.


World ethnic Day, to be celebrated globally by on 19th of June, envisages a world held together by its roots- a world that respects heritage, civilization, anthropology, art and culture. To be sure, the company has made a deep impact, through its work, in India, with its genesis rooted in the color and vibrance of intricate work by artisans in Kutch; who never got compensated commensurate with their skill; hopes to take the ethnicity of the world forward, as a part of its story. has brought the traditionally dis-organized ethnic craft industry onto a structured platform and has enabled micro-entrepreneurship at a scale not seen in this sector.

5 6

Founded in 2011 by Manoj Gupta and Monica Gupta, Mumbai-based Craftsvilla is India’s largest online marketplace for ethnic products. The company’s vision is to take societies back to their roots and help them discover their ethnic legacy. Says Monica Gupta, “World Ethnic Day is a concept that came out of the passion and vision of, India s largest online marketplace for ethnic products.  It is a way to celebrate the unique cultures of the world on a single day in unison.”


You can check out their website as they celebrate the World ethnic Dayand get awesome discounts on some of their great designs. So, show your Indian side and wear Ethenic on 19th June celebrating the World ethnic Day.

Thank you so much for reading!

Alberto Torresi – The Men Shoe Brand

Alberto Torresi – The Men Shoe Brand

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been a week since I posted anything on the blog. Actually, there’s so much stuff going on that I never realized that it’s been a week and I have now a pile of posts to upload and I’m sure you guys will love each one of them.


If you guys follow us on social media then you must know that I took a small work trip last Saturday to Agra for Alberto Torresi. Alberto Torresi is a men’s footwear brand. It was a road trip with Alberto Torresi’s factory visit and go through their new collection. I truly had fun during the visit with my fellow bloggers and got to know how much effort it actually takes to make a pair of shoes. Alberto Torresi - The Men Shoe Brand 4 2

When we reached at Alberto Torresi’s Agra factory, we straight headed to meet the director of the brand – Mr. Ishaan Sachdeva. Ishaan is a young, ambitious and focused entrepreneur, with great zeal to come up with new and innovative ideas for his brand. He explained about the brand, the smart techniques like ‘Memory Technology’, Impact system and stress less in men’s shoes. Alberto Torresi was launched in the year 2010 by Agra based Virola Shoes Pvt. Ltd. This Indian enterprise is an offshoot of a 40 year old family run business of rolling leather products. Currently, Alberto Torresi is spearheaded by a second generation entrepreneur Mr. Ishaan Sachdeva who entered the family business with a vision to take footwear industry to the next level. Alberto Torresi enjoys a presence in over 700 sales points across 110 cities and they have a very strong presence in the online market as well. Alberto Torresi delivers products which promise durability, great comfort and appealing style. The price range starts from 900 – 7000 INR. The brand mostly has men’s shoes, but they also have boots for women. Check out their website here: 6

After a really good discussion, we headed towards their footwear factory. We do not realize when we buy or look into a shoe that how much effort has been put into it. Trust me, looking at all those people, working so hard for making a pair of shoes look good and comfortable will always be in my mind now whenever I will buy a shoe.

7 8 9

When you go out of your city and visit a new place, how can you leave the site seeing? We went and visit some heritage sites in Agra and I totally love it. I will soon plan a trip with my family again and visit Agra.


Thank you so much for reading!

After Party: Desk to Dinner Look

After Party: Desk to Dinner Look

Hi Everyone!

This is the second part of my yesterday’s blog post (Here) which I did for the Clarks shoe diaries contest. This is actually my favorite topic to create a post on. Being a working girl and a blogger, I never know when I have to actually rush for a party or an event after my office. So, I always prepare myself for those little changes. Today I’m showing you my way to change an outfit from Desk to Dinner.

Desk Look:







As I have to attend an event at night and need go to the office as well, so I cannot actually carry a whole outfit for the night. Thus, I have already planned to make little alteration to my Desk look to create the dinner look. Keeping this mind, I paired my cute corset top with my Clarks shoes as you can pair your Oxfords with anything you like. To make the look more formal, I added the waist jacket and the white pants. You will find me saying in most of my blog posts that oversized handbags are always useful and in this pairing, it’s actually very useful.

Dinner Look:


After my office, I quickly made some small changes to my desk look. I changed the pants and slip on to my mini skirt and took off the waist jacket and added a black sock for the night look. I added a statement necklace in place of the pendant necklace to give the pairing a little sparkle. I also applied my favorite pink lipstick to finish the look. These small changes actually made my pairing look totally different and glamorous. I stuffed everything into the handbag that I’m using for this post and I’m good to go.






I hope you enjoyed the looks and the tricks to change your outfit from Desk to Dinner. Thank you so much for reading.


Top and Jacket: Flea Market

Pant: US Polo


Shoes: Clarks India


Accessories: Forever21


Sunday Brunch: The Boho Look with My Clarks

Sunday Brunch: The Boho Look with My Clarks

Hi Everyone,

I adore the boho fashion and I always wanted to do this on the blog for a long time. So, when I got these beautiful looking Mens shoes from Clarks, I finally decided to create a look which will be a Sunday brunch look with a boho fashion touch.

IMG_8911 copy-1

I already have two shoes from Clarks which I absolutely love and this is my third shoe from them. I love its design and how comfortable it is. When I first wore these to see if they fits me well or not, I do not want to take them off. It also has small punctures which actually keep your feet ventilated and relaxed, also it looks super cute. I always have a love for Oxford shoes and earlier, I have a Clarks Ciera Pier in my shoe collection and now I have the super cool blue Griffin Maddy. I cannot be happier.

IMG_8855 copy-1

IMG_8850 copy-1

IMG_8871 copy-1

Tribal fashion always inspired me and Sunday brunch are always fun. Surrounded with friends and wearing something extraordinary is a perfect Sunday brunch for me. Adding the head band and the shoes are totally two different styles together, but the flowy midi skirt and the backless top added the glamorous feel and completed my pairing. If we do not have fun in what we are wearing and experiment with our looks then what is the fun of being a fashion blogger. IMG_8855 copy-1 IMG_8841 copy-1

IMG_8860 copy-1

This is also my official entry for the Clarks shoe diaries contest. Stay tuned for our second Lookbook post with the Clarks and I bet, you will love that as well. Thank you so much for reading!



Shoes: Clarks India

Top: Zara

Skirt: Fashion&You

Bag: Madame

Accessories: Forever21

Indian Love: Website Review

Indian Love: Website Review

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered from where you can buy exclusive Indian women wear for yourself? There are lots of websites where you can buy only clothes, but have you seen any website which is dedicated to only Indian wear? Well, there is one which I found out and that is

Clothing in India varies on the different ethnicity, geography, climate and cultural traditions of the people of that region. Color codes are followed in clothing based on the religion and ritual concerned. has something for everyone. They have differentiated the look of the garments in their website to choose from. have an amazing collection in their website and all are Indian wear. They have Kurtis, Salwar Kameez, Sarees, Chaniya Choli, Lehenga Cholis, Bottoms and western wear which has gowns in Indian touch. They have a collection which you can wear on a regular basis and to parties as well. You can also buy dress materials from the website and stitch it according to your size. For salwar kameez check here: Salwar kameez online and for Kurtis check here:  Kurtis online


2 is an e-retail platform that provides exclusive Designer Kurtis and its related products from local designers and manufacturers of India to worldwide customers. Mruga puts a vast array of apparel specifically Kurtis, sarees and accessories at their disposal at attractive prices. They continue scouting new manufacturers from India, where they are hidden and looking for people to recognize their work.


They have a huge filter option available on the website through which you can find your desired product. They have filters to choose on price, size, discount, colors, look, brand, style, occasion, fabric, work, plus size, sleeve style, wear with, by offers, neck style. OMG, I have not seen such vast range of filters in one website. This is actually making me feel like talking to a sales person in any store who notes down your requirement efficiently and then show the products. This makes the website very user friendly as well.  They also have a live chatting system where you can chat with their executive, if you are facing any issues with anything.


Their product range starts from Rs. 100 till Rs. 15000 and above. takes between 4-10 working days to deliver the ordered merchandise from the time we place the order on the site. The reason it takes this much time is that due to the nature of the business they place an order with the manufacture only after the sale is closed and after that it takes between 2 to 3 weeks for their suppliers merchandize to reach the warehouse. Post this do a quality check on the merchandize and then ship as per the order and destination. Mruga ensures that the best courier company is in place to get the orders to deliver as fast as possible from the warehouse. So, now we know how much effort is doing for us to get the finest products to our doorstep and if it will take a little time to reach we do not complain!

  4 provides free delivery on all items above Rs. 500, otherwise Rs. 75/- is charged as delivery charges. Also, their international shipping rates are half then other similar sites.

So, go ahead and check out this awesome website and I bet you would not regret. Thank you so much for reading!

Three Picks: Nine West Collection Review

Three Picks: Nine West Collection Review

Hi Everyone,

We have been recently invited to Nine West who are a famous international shoe brand and are also very famous in India. They are born in the streets of Manhattan in 1978 and now they are the trusted global footwear brand. When Nine West invited us to join their bloggers contest, we were very excited to be a part of it and try their products and check out their new collection.



I love the collection the store offers with a great variety of shoes and handbags. The brand asked us to pick any three shoes what we like from the store and share with all of you. Well, we had actually a tough time selecting any three because everything there is so trendy and stylish that I want to pose in every one of them. Their shoes are so comfortable to slip in and bags are to die for.  They have boots, flats, wedges, stilettos, sneakers, etc. in their collection, you name them and they have it. IMG_9007-1

Finally, I did choose three shoes which I would like to feature. As the sun rays are rising, I think breathable shoes are what we need now.

collarge 1-1

So for my first choice, I went with these lovely peep toe heels, which does not have too much heels and are very airy and comfortable. With the beige color, I think it is a must have in everyone’s closet, which we can wear with any pairing.

collarge 3-1

My third pick was this classic pumps with metallic front cover. I picked the color red because I’m looking for a red pumps since really long and I think this just suit me right.