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Winter Chill:: Collar Jacket & Pink Skirt

Winter Chill:: Collar Jacket & Pink Skirt

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive and holiday season!

I have been away from uploading my blog for past two weeks now as my dad is not well. I’m spending all of my time going to the hospital or running after the doctors. Hope all this sort out fast and he gets well soon. Parents play a very important role in everyone’s life and if any one of them is not well, you cannot feel like doing anything.

We have shot this outfit a week ago in a super chilly afternoon. The sun was there, with no warm rays. So, I decided to prepare an outfit that will suit this winter season which will help us go out and enjoy the weather. In winter, to keep us warm, we should cover our the head and feet. In this pairing, I did the same. Playing with the soft colors, I can feel fresh and light.

IMG_5169-1 IMG_5229-1 IMG_5137-1 IMG_5138-1 IMG_5270-1 IMG_5220-1 IMG_5348-1

We will soon be back with our next post. Till then enjoy our previous posts. Like always, thank you so much for reading.


Jacket: Local Store

Skirt: Zara

Top: Black Sweater – Forever21

Bag: Handmade DIY 

Shoes: Old

Accessories: Hat & Necklace: Sarojini Nagar Market

FashionAndYou launches its new TVC

FashionAndYou launches its new TVC

Hi Everyone!

We recently attended an event by Fashionandyou, India’s leading online flash sales site where they launched their new advertisement campaign exhibiting the three core USPs of the brand – Fashion, Freshness and Value. The TVC establishes as a favorite amongst diverse group segments of consumers from teenagers to fashionistas and manages to break the clutter in the e-commerce space by firmly establishing its identity as the largest flash sales portal in the country. We had a splendid time with my fellow bloggers and with the Fashionandyou team at the Sutra Gastropub. Fashionandyou organized fun dancing contest, prizes, food and drinks.

_MG_8741 ES1A9966 _MG_8776 (2)

Aasheesh Mediratta, CEO, FashionAndYou said, “The new TVC firmly establishes our brand identity and highlights the brand’s three key USPs i.e. Fashion, Freshness and Value. We are the leading flash sales website in the country and with the new TVC; we aim to reach out to a wider segment of customers that FashionAndYou caters to. We believe that the larger share of Indian online shoppers have an impulsive shopping behavior in terms of the deals they expect. Incidentally, that’s the very core DNA of our business model that drives impulsive buying accredited to great discounts we offer across fashion & lifestyle categories. With this TVC we intend to highlight our strength as the only website in the country that offers great brands at great discounts, every day at 9AM.”

FashionandYou created some awesome ads for their viewers. The advertisement will be seen on all major Television channels along with other mediums such as Outdoor hoardings, Cinema placements, Livemedia at Café, Gyms, Offices etc and Digital video advertising.

ES1A9996 ES1A0063

My friend won the BEST DANCER MALE. So Proud **Hugs**

You can check FashionandYou for the great discounts on fashion & lifestyle categories in apparel, designer wear, handbags, footwear, watches & jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics & fragrances and home & living. It showcases more than 20 new mega sales, upto 80% off, starting every day at 9 AM.

So, do not wait and logon to FashionandYou to grab some of the amazing deals online. Thank you so much for reading!

Back Again: Leather Detail Skirt & Jacket

Back Again: Leather Detail Skirt & Jacket

Hi Everyone!

Last week I took a little break from writing a blog post, but I’m back now with an all black outfit post. Black is always my favorite color and I think it look pretty on me (you can tell me is that true?). Well, so I thought why not a comeback post with all black this time.

The weather is completely changed here in Delhi. Suddenly it started raining and brought immense cold and when we think of cold, then nothing is better than leather!



I tired the messy bun hairstyle for the first time after looking at a YouTube tutorial. It looked very fancy and easy, so I have to try it. It went very well with my collared jacket.


IMG_4931-1 IMG_5039-1

We managed to take these pictures just before it started raining. I’m already down with cold and I do not want to get wet and fall ill. I got so inspired by the outfit that we decide to shoot this no matter what!

IMG_4909-1 IMG_5089-1 IMG_5124-1

I hope you like this post. Thank you so much for reading.



Top: Fashion&

Jacket: Zara

Skirt and Boots: (Here) and (Here)

Bag: (Here)

Accessories: Earcuff: (Here), Bracelet: Forever21

Splendid Experience: Nomadic Spalon at Home

Splendid Experience: Nomadic Spalon at Home

Hi Everyone!

Lately, I have been so in a need to go to a spa and relax myself. Working full day in office, gyming, and then working on the blog after coming back home, trust me it is no easy. I was trying to free myself a little for a salon trip for my manicure and pedicure when Nomadic Spalon offered me to try their services and I jumped at the opportunity.

The most amazing thing what I really like is their concept of the spa & salon. It is an exclusive personalized Spa & Salon service offered in the comfort of your space, time and convenience. Yes, you guessed it right, their team of professionals will come to your home and give you the service. So, no matter how busy you are, you just need to book an appointment with them according to your convenience and their team will come and give you, your ordered services.


I booked an appointment for my manicure, pedicure and foot massage.  Seema Nanda (Owner of Nomadic Spalon) personally booked my appointment and helped me select the treatments. Their team came to my home and gave me spa feel. They set the mood with the spa aroma and music. Their staff were so friendly and cooperative. I loved the experience of the spalon in my home and would love to experience it again. I would highly recommend everyone to try their service!

To understand more about this concept, we asked Seema some fun questions, lets see what she replies to them:

FBR 1. Tell us about yourself and the brand?

Seema: I have the knowledge and experience of Spa and Salon, I am a spa consultant turned entrepreneur, and I believe in making room for magic by not only creating but also making you experience it.

My yearning to give a professional touch to the spa and salon services offered at home led to the very idea of The Nomadic Spalon. The term Spalon is a mix of Spa & Salon services with a personalized touch.


FBR 2. This is a unique idea of the Spa at your doorstep. Tell us more about this concept and how did this idea hit you?

Seema: “For many people managing pain involves using medical treatment, for me massage if done properly can relieve your body from all kinds of pains, cramps and above all helps you keep calm and composed.”

I have learnt it all overlooking from my mother’s shoulders as a kid. Moms entrepreneurial stints in creating and blending various rituals into signature therapies, her dealing with business issues and ethics, always adhering to new  practices got my roots fixed too in the belief that  massage affects the body as a whole; it particularly influences the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Running the family portfolio of Spa & Wellness, spending a lot of time learning about aroma oils and therapies, I decided to start on my own. A large part of my career has been working with the finest chains of Hotel & Resort Spas in the country, leading conceptualizing and setting up spa centers across India, taking on hotel spa operational projects and training the finest team of professionals.

The core value of the Nomadic Spalon – Your time, your place and your convenience……in the comfort of your space. Luxurious, comfortable and most importantly – So Affordable!


FBR 3. Tell us, how this whole thing works if we book an appointment?

Seema: Step 1: The Client can either book online from our website or call 8010135135.

Step 2: The Spalon manager hears the requirements of the clients and guides them appropriately to the right services suitable for the client after a detailed consultation.

Step 3: The appointments are booked as per the clients convenience and time requirements.

Step 4: Our Salonistas carry all disposables, sealed kits, equipments and gadgets required for the rituals booked.

Step 5: The main aim is to make our guests feel pampered like a celebrity, reach and cater to their requirements on time, provide professional and hygienic rituals in the comfort of their time, place and convenience.


FBR 4. What is your tip for a healthy skin and how can spa therapy help?

Seema: Your routine should remain consistent for at least three months to allow the products you use them to produce their desired results. The skin regeneration cycle lasts 28 days, and the skin needs at least three consecutive cycles to show improvement.

Spa therapy makes your skin well-oxygenated. Skin becomes healthier skin and contributes to better overall health with regular spa upkeeps. It also helps the immune system, diffuses redness, and calms the complexion.


FBR 5. As a specialist, tell us what should be the 15 minutes before-bed routine?

Seema: Never sleep without the cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing Routine.

The combination of a healthy diet; supplementation with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals; a balanced lifestyle, plenty of water; great topical skin care products, and preventive treatments can be the complete formula to combat the signs of aging and a healthy lifestyle ritual.

FBR 6. One beauty tip you think is a complete must?

Seema: Recipe for a facial cleanse to help hydrate your skin. You can whip up this mixture at home for your face and body, for silky smooth skin.

2 tablespoons oatmeal (to calm the skin)

2 tablespoons milk powder (to naturally exfoliate the skin)

Mix ingredients together and add to a simple, nonfragrant body wash. The combination of milk powder and honey leaves your skin youthful and glowing.