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Lookbook with Breathe Out – Look 3

Lookbook with Breathe Out – Look 3

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday, I posted two looks with products as to celebrate their Collaboration with Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014.
Here’s presenting you the third and the last look created by me with Jabong products. They have an amazing collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and what not. In process of making these looks, I saw some amazing products which directly went to my wishlist :)
The below look is a very classic and on the go look. I have named this look ‘expirer’ which is french for ‘Breathe Out’.
Top look3 blog
leggings1 look3 blog
Bag full look3 blog
For this easy and relaxed look, I have selected a jersey crop top with a printed legging. To accessories and to give it a stylish look, I paired it with studded boots, bag, earring and bracelet.
I love this look because this is a boyish style and a very comfortable pairing to wear. You can wear this look for a coffee date or shopping, while going out for a fun day with friends or going for a road trip. Over all this is a very relaxed look in which you can have fun.
boot look3 blog
Earring look3 blog
brac look3
Here is a collage of the whole outfit together.
look3 blog
Buy this look here:
Crop Top ( Here ), Legging ( Here ), Boots ( Here ), Sling Bag ( Here ), Bracelet ( Here ), Earring ( Here )
I hope you liked all the three looks. Tell me which one is your favorite by leaving your comments below :)
Thank you so much for reading.
Lookbook with Mono Chic – Look 2

Lookbook with Mono Chic – Look 2

Hi Again Everyone!
So, in continuation to my first post which was posted this morning, I present you the second look to celebrate the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 and collaboration.
For this look I have selected everyone’s favorite monochrome pattern dress. The amazing print in this dress makes it a stand out piece. Pairing it with bright color gives it a very chic and modern look.
dress full look2 blog
clutch look2
I have chosen the bright pink shoes, necklace, ring and bracelet to pair with this dress and the black glittered clutch. You can wear this look for get together or formal parties. I love this look because the geometrical pattern in this dress gives it a very edgy look and a dash of colors makes it very poppy.
Shoe look2
necklace look2
braclet look2
ring look2
Here is a collage of the whole outfit together.
full look2 blog
Buy this look here:
Dress ( Here ), Shoes ( Here ), Clutch ( Here ), Bracelet ( Here ), Necklace ( Here ), Ring ( Here ), Lip shine ( Here )
The last look will be uploaded tomorrow. So, do not forget to check the final look with outfits.
Thank you so much for reading.
Lookbook with The Biker Girl – Look 1

Lookbook with The Biker Girl – Look 1

Hi Everyone,
Lakme Fashion Week is around the corner and I’m very excited to see the new trends and new color palate which will be ruling the coming season. This year our favorite online shopping website is one of the Co-Sponsors of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014. To celebrate this wonderful collaboration, I have decided to create three looks with’s products and show you guys my own fashion trends before everyone gets busy with the exciting fashion week.
For my first look I have selected a beautiful leopard print top and to team up with I have paired it with a leather jacket and black pants. I have named this look ‘The Biker Girl’.
leopard top full look1 blog
jacket full look1 blog
pant full look1 blog
To accessories the look I have added the brown boots, cat-eye sunglasses and a studded black clutch.
boot look1
cateye look1
bag look1

This look will give a very strong and at the same time a very stylish look. You can wear this look on a night out with your girlfriends or for a rock concert. I love this look because it shows how strong you are from inside, and that no one will dare to take you lightly, yet it has a feminine touch to it :)
Here is a collage of the whole outfit together.
jabong look1
Buy this look here:
Top: ( Here ), Jacket ( Here ), Pant ( Here ), Booties ( Here ), Sunglasses ( Here ), Clutch ( Here ), Nail Enamel ( Here ), Lipstick ( Here )
Thank you so much for reading. Stay tuned for the next two looks coming up here.
Candy Colors: Flare Skirt and Celadon Green Pumps

Candy Colors: Flare Skirt and Celadon Green Pumps

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the Sunday.
Playing with candy colors are always fun and it lighten up the mood. Today, I have paired the two lovely candy colors celadon green and tea rose pink.
I paired the dark green top with the lovely tea rose pink Skirt which I recently bought from Zara. The flared combination of the skirt and the top gave the whole pairing a very relaxed and airy look. I also added my Celadon Green Pumps and the necklace with this pairing to give it a more light and vibrant color.
I got this beautiful necklace from W (WforWomen) as a valentine gift. The beads in this necklace reminded me of the tasty candies we use to have in school. The lovely color of the necklace matches my shoes very well.
Thank you so much for reading!
Top: Nun ( Here )
Skirt: Zara ( Here ) ( Here )
Bag and Shoes: Heels
Necklace: WforWomen ( Here )
Weekly Tip: Smart Eyewear

Weekly Tip: Smart Eyewear

Hi Everyone,
We all love wearing sunglasses to protect ourself from pollution, sun rays, harsh wind and it makes us look stylish at the same time. Celebs love to wear sunglasses all the time as a right pair of shade pulls your look together. So, today I will show you what they have wore till now and looked fabulous and trendy.
Retro circular frames, favored by Beyoncé, complement angular features in an ultra-stylish way.
The latest cat-eye designs are a decidedly modern accessory for those with oval faces, like Olivia Palermo.
Aviators are a chic choice for those with heart-shaped faces.
This Bumbulbee sunglasses look amazing on Victoria Backham
So, when you are going to have a fun day out, do not forget to take those stylish sunglasses with you.
Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day ahead!
Cadet Training: Grey Tee and Black Cargo Pants

Cadet Training: Grey Tee and Black Cargo Pants

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday, I was watching Cadet Kelly where Hilary Duff had to go through tough military training. I was a tomboy when I was in school and always dreamt of joining Army. Watching Cadet Kelly brought those old memories back. So, today’s post is inspired by the military training uniform and I kept the whole outfit very simple and comfortable.
I paired a basic grey tee with the cargo pants. Cargo Pants also called combat trousers, after their original military purpose emerged in the 1930s. These pants are loosely cut pants which are designed for tough, outdoor activities. These stylish, comfortable pants are a perfect choice when it comes to comfort wear.
IMG_2340 IMG_2365
I salute to our army who protects us and works so hard to keep us safe.
Thank you so much for reading :)
Tee: Reliance Trends (Bare Denim)
Pants: Incense (Old)
Jacket: Max Fashion ( Here )
Shoes: Converse ( Similar Here
Watch: Fastrack ( Here
Wallet: SreeLeathers ( Here )
Weekly Tip: Clear Cap-Toe Pumps

Weekly Tip: Clear Cap-Toe Pumps

Hi Everyone,

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you guys must be thinking must be thinking what to wear in this special day to make it more special. I want to make it a little easy for you.

How about keeping the dress simple and add that extra style to your feet by these amazing and stylish looking ‘Clear Cap-Toe Pumps’.



Classic pumps are forever the most sophisticated pair of shoes. Over the years, a lot of new versions are made for this gorgeous shoe and out of them Clear Cap-Toe pumps are the trendiest right now.






Brooklyn Decker Isabel Marant jacket and Christian Louboutin cap toe heels summer 2012

When it comes to high heels, celebrities are obsessed with the clear cap-toe pumps. They wear it on the red carpet, at basketball games and even in streets. For a girls night out or a romantic dinner date, these pumps look chic and stylish everywhere.






ibSp5 (1)


redleather- Emma Stone


These shoes have transparent detail in it which covers your cap and the toes only, showing your full feet. Is not this sexy!

So come on girls, show your beautiful feet to the world.

Thank you so much for reading. Wish you a happy valentine day in advance :)



Owls Nest: Brown Peplum Jacket and Long Sweater

Owls Nest: Brown Peplum Jacket and Long Sweater

Hi Everyone!
I hope you guys are enjoying this warm Sunday!IMG_2150
Delhi’s weather is so unpredictable! Few days ago it was quite warm and I started to feel that winters are over but it started to rain again and the cold breezy winds are back. Not that I’m not liking it but it gets difficult when you have to go out for a shoot. A good shoot needs good lighting and yesterday we some how managed to click some good pictures with the available natural lights.
I got this necklace as a gift. When I thought of pairing it, I wanted to give life to the entire look. So I kept the owls nest as a theme and paired the outfit in brown to give it a nest feeling. I paired the long sweater as a dress with the brown peplum jacket.
Thank you so much for reading!
Sweater: Old
Jacket: Globus 
Handbag: Bags and Bags
Shoes and Ring: Janpath Market
Necklace: Gifted